Elli had spent most of the night unpacking things and almost all day sleeping, but woke up due to hunger. She made her way to the food storage bunk, which also doubled as the kitchen and dining room. Elli saw Jason coming her way, "Good morning Jason," she beamed, smiling.

"Hey, Princesses. How's it going?" he said. He decided that would be her official nick name from now on.

Elli sighed as they both walked to the bunker, "I'm starving, want breakfast?"

"Sure. What're my options, chef?" he asked.

"Yes or no." He stopped with a confused look. So Elli continued, "Yes, you want to eat what I make or no you want to go hungry," she said, grinning. Then, out of nowhere Jason grabbed Elli by the waist and threw her over his shoulder.

"No, me man, you women. You cooks foods I wants," he said with a cave man accent.

Elli started to softly hit Jason's back while trying to stop her laughter. When they arrived at the bunker, Jason placed Elli back on her feet softly. While he tried to control his own laughter, Elli went to the food storage section to get some food.

She noticed everything was instant food, like popcorn, rice, and ramen noodle. She stopped at a section filled with tin cans, each filled with brown dust. She grabbed a tin and filled it with water, mixing it before grabbing a hand full. She walked over to Jason, sneaking behind him and smearing it all over his hair. She started to laugh hysterically; his face was priceless. Elli started to run when she noticed Jason starting to smile. The most feared thing on the planet: Jason smiling when he should be cursing. But, Jason quickly caught up, grabbing her by the waist and carried her off, kicking and screaming, all the while, laughing to the bathroom.

"You know now I need a shower. If I'm going to shower again, so are you," he said. The bathroom was more like a locker room with open showers, stalls, benches, and actual lockers.

"What! No! Jason, stop!" Elli tried to wiggle out, but it was too late.

Jason turned on the water.

"Jason!" Elli shrieked, "Jason, you idiot!" The two were on the floor, drenched with water and laughing hard. Finally breaking from Jason's hold, Elli managed to crawl over to a nearby bottle of shampoo. With a devilish grin, she poured the entire bottle over Jason's head. Jason grabbed Elli around her waist and pulled her into his now sudsy lap, no way would he let Elli out do him. Their laughter filled the bathroom as the shampoo bubbles multiplied. Elli and Jason began to grab handfuls of the bubbles, throwing them at one another. Somewhere, in all the bathy chaos, Jason did finally manage to get clean. "Okay, so I'll forgive you if you come with me to get take out," he said between laughs.

"Sure, anything for free food," Elli replied happily. "But, maybe we should get new clothes first…" she added. Jason nodded, turning the shower off, and they both left to their rooms to change.