Fan-fic numero quatro! :) hehe I'm so happy! Lol so this one is a GerIta of course (best yaoi pairing ever) but it does have some Spamano as well. Anyways, this one's dedicated to Iceland because she thinks she's so fly! Haha jk Iceland! ; P well, loves you guys! Reviews are totally welcome and I don't own Hetalia! *GERITA 4EVER*

baby we'll dance through the nightcuz no one's got what we've got goinghappiness never held on to meuntil you helped me seethat together we're just better off

Dress and Tie-Darren Criss and Charlene Kaye

Chapter 1

Ludwig walked into the room, and threw his bag down in a rage. Steam came out of his ears as he glanced over at Feliciano, who was fiddling with the iron cross around his neck. Feliciano looked up from the cross, a small tear in the corner of his eye.

"Gott verdammt Italien!" Ludwig yelled.

"I'm sorry Doitsu, but I just got out of control…." He paused and looked back at the cross dangling from his neck. The gift the large German had given him as a token of love, now felt heavy against his chest like it didn't belong there. Ludwig paused and ran his fingers through his slick blond hair. He chewed on his bottom lip to keep himself from crying. How could the one person he let himself love betray him like Feliciano had?

He looked back over at the small Italian sitting on the couch. Those large amber eyes were full of tears while some leaked down is face. Feliciano looked back at him and straight through his icy blue eyes into his soul. Ludwig had seen that horrible night himself. Little did Ludwig know that France had forced Italy into it, but Feliciano wouldn't ever admit to that. He'd rather lose Ludwig.

"It was my fault Doitsu, I'm sorry. Big brother France came onto me and pulled on my curl. I just go too crazy…"

Feliciano's face was buried in his knees out of shame, and his body was rocking from the sobs. Ludwig went to the couch and stood over the Italian that he loved so much. He tilted Feliciano's head upwards toward him, and looked deep into his big, beautiful eyes.

"Feli, I think we need a break. We aren't good together, and we are just going to keep hurting each other. It's the best for both of us."

"No! Ludwig, please! Don't leave me! You'll be just as bad as Holy Rome! PLEASE!"

Feliciano fell to the floor grabbing onto the Germans leg. Ludwig bit his lip again, trying to hide any sign of weakness. He shook the Italian that he loved off of his leg and walked toward the room that they shared when he was here to gather his things, listening to Feliciano cry.

When he came out, Feliciano was curled in a ball sleeping on the floor. Tears stained his sweet, tan cheeks and Ludwig could see that he still shook from small whimpers even as he slept. He bent down next to the Italian, and kissed Feliciano's lips gently.

"I will always love you, no matter what."

With that Ludwig grabbed his bags and walked out of the Italian's home, letting one tear escape as he shut the door.

Okay so there's chapter one :) I know it's short but I thought that was a good way to end it. I'm hoping to finish chapter two and get it to you soon, but no promises lol I really hope y'all enjoy my story and I'm praying that it ties together with the song like I want it to hehe Thanks for reading!