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Baby we'll dance through the night

Cuz no ones got what we got going

Happiness never held onto me

Until your helped me see

That together we're just better off

Dress and Tie- Darren Criss and Charlene Kaye

Chapter 7

Feliciano POV

"Francis?" Ludwig looked at Feliciano with a questioning glare. Oh no…had he done it again? Feliciano looked down at himself. The scars on his wrist looked like they had been stitched closed, but were slowly coming undone. Ludwig stood, towering over Feliciano as if he were 10 feet tall, and the Italian had never felt so tiny.

"Why, Feliciano? Why do you always think of him instead of me?" Feliciano didn't know what to say. He didn't even know what he had done. What had happened? Then he remembered their passionate reunion.

Don't touch me Francis!

Oh yeah, he thought as he continued to stare up at Ludwig. Ludwig shook his head in disappointment and turned away. He walked until he completely disappeared and Feliciano was left there with nothing. He looked back down at his wrists where the stitches had come fully undone and blood was pouring from the wounds. He watched, but did nothing. Why should he? He had nothing left to live for. He lay down on his side and felt the iron cross jingle around his neck. He reached up to hold it to his chest, not caring that the blood was staining his shirt. He held it over his heart as he drifted off into the bright light.

Feliciano shot up in bed. His heart was racing and he could feel the sweat that was streaming down his back. He still held the iron cross in his hand hoping that the pain in his heart would go away soon. What would it take? He thought of Ludwig and how he must be better off without him. He knew Ludwig could find someone better than him, but he still hoped that Ludwig would come home to him. That he would hold Feliciano in his arms and make the pain disappear.

His heart burned with the ache of need he felt for Ludwig. He just wanted it to go away. The Italian looked down at his wrist. The red lines shone out at him, beckoning him to create just one more. What harm could it do? He only wanted the pain in his chest to dissipate for a while, and that's what those little scars had done. They had made what felt like the most intense pain, slight in comparison.

He found the box cutter and went back into the bathroom. He lay down in the tub and turned on the water, letting it run over his skin. The warmth seemed to be absorbed into him as he opened the box cutter and placed it on his wrist in the small space directly below his palm. He wasn't worried about cutting too deep; actually he didn't think he would mind at all. The Italian pushed down on his skin. The blade sliced through the skin easily but it wasn't enough. He pushed down harder and watched as blood poured down his wrist and mingled with the bath water. There was so much blood…..

Feliciano knew he'd hit his vein. He knew he could bleed out then and there. He also knew that meant he would never see Ludwig again. He looked down at his wrist once again. The liquid pouring from it seemed to be never ending. He sat in the tub as he lost so much of his blood and drifted off into a deep sleep he wasn't sure he'd wake up from.

Ludwig POV

The German ran into Feliciano's house. He looked around the living room for his Italian lover but he wasn't there. Then he heard the faint sound of water running upstairs. He walked up the stairs to Feliciano's bedroom where the door was slightly ajar. He opened it and saw the bed wasn't made and the Italian's room was filthy. Ludwig knew something was wrong because Feli always cleaned. Then he looked to the bathroom door.

Water was seeping out from beneath the door soaking the carpet. Ludwig tried opening the door but it was locked. He knocked a few times. "Feli?" he called. "Feliciano?" he called again, but there was no answer. "Feliciano, mein liebe! Bitte answer me!" he screamed. Again there was no answer. Ludwig finally kicked the door open and charged into the bathroom.

Germany looked through the steam at the tub. There lay his lover, unconscious, his wrist laying over the edge of the tub was slit and deeply from what the German could see. He rushed to the Italian's side and shut off the water. He was still clothed but his tan skin was extremely pale. Ludwig shook him but no matter what he did, Feliciano would not wake. The strong man picked up the small frail boy and carried him down the stairs, grabbing a shirt he found along the way and wrapping it around his lover's wrist to stop the bleeding.

Tears were already streaming down his face as he ran out the door and down the street to the nearest hospital. When he got there nurses rushed to his aid. They took Feliciano deeper into the hospital to try and patch him up. All the doctors were speaking Italian and Ludwig used what little he knew to decipher Feli's condition.

One of the doctors said he had lost a lot of blood. Another said something he knew meant critical. Ludwig sunk to the floor and just cried. He may never get to see his Feliciano again. Then he realized he should be there with Feliciano. He stood up and stormed to the ER bypassing anyone who tried to get in his way. One doctor stopped him. "My good sir, we cannot allow you into the operating room." Ludwig just stared at the man with burning eyes. "That man in there is mein lover and I will do whatever it takes to be with him." He marched past the doctor and as soon as he walked into the room….the line went flat.

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