Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Alternate World

Chapter 1-Gin is born

Gin is female in this story.

It was snowing lightly at the snow lodge where Fuji and Riki lived and made their home. Fuji was resting on a straw mat in a shed, heavily pregnant with Riki's pups. Riki walked in with a rabbit in his mouth. "Fuji. I brought you some food, dear." Fuji smiled at him.

"Thank you dear." She got up and took the rabbit from his mouth. She sat down and began eating.

"Like it?" Riki asked curious. Fuji nodded and swallowed her food, "Yes, it is delicious honey." Riki smiled and sat down. He stared out of the window, a serious expression on his face. Fuji grew worried, "Dear, what's wrong?" Riki shook his head, "Nothing, I was just thinking about my father, that's all." Fuji licked his cheek, "Shiro would not want you to worry about him, dear. I'm sure he is still out there."

Riki smiled, "Thank you-Fuji, what's wrong dear!"

Fuji looked up at him, her face in pain, "Dear, I think the pups are coming!" Riki's eyes widened, "NOW! Of for the love of-! They had to came NOW? Dear, I'll go get master!" Riki ran out the door. Fuji lay back down on the mat. "Oh boy…"

Meanwhile at the snow lodge…

"Dad, give me more rice, I'm starving!" Daisuke said he cleaned his plate. A man with shaggy black hair walked in carrying two bowls of rice. "Here ya go, son!" Daisuke picked up the bowl and began eating out of it.

"Bark Bark!" Daisuke swallowed, "Must be Riki. I'll go get the door!" Daisuke got and over to the door. He opened it to see Riki panting and barking loudly, "Riki, what's wrong?" Riki whined and turned his head to the shed. "Is something wrong with Fuji?" Daisuke got his coat, "Dad, I'm going to the shed to check on Fuji!" He said as he and Riki ran to the shed.

Back at the shed…Fuji was laying on the mat, panting heavily in pain, "AHHH!" She looked up to see Riki had returned. Riki licked her cheek, "I brought master, love. It will be ok now!" Fuji nodded. "Fuji, you're in labor!" Daisuke leaned down to check on her. "The first pup's almost here." He scratched her head. "It's okay, me and Riki are here." Fuji nodded. "Now Fuji, I need you to push! Got it!"

Hours passed as Fuji pushed the pups out very slowly.

"Son! Where are you? It's almost bedtime!" Daisuke's father opened the door…and saw Daisuke on the floor asleep, snoring loudly. He looked up to see Fuji nursing three pups. "Daisuke…you stayed here all night…For Fuji." He picked up Daisuke and looked at Fuji. "I'll check on the pups tomorrow okay?" He left and closed the door.

"Dear, look at them. Aren't they beautiful?" said Fuji with tears of joy in her eyes. Riki smiled, "Yes…yes they are." He looked at the pups to see them. A brown pup and a white pup were covering something. It pushed up, Riki and Fuji gasped, "A Tora-ge Akita!" they said at the same time. They looked at one another. "It's a girl. A female Tora-ge." Riki smiled with pride, "Just like my father. This pup will be a strong one, I can feel it!" Fuji spoke, "What do we name her and her brothers?" Riki thought for a moment, "We name her Gin. The brown one shall be named Hiyan and the white one shall be named Giyan."