Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Alternate World

Chapter 23-Finale-Wolves in Japan

The dogs watched as Akakabuto's body fell to the ground, blood pouring from where his head once was. Riki and Gin sighed, "It's over…" said Riki in relief. Gin stared at the body, "But…what about the rest of the bears? What will happen to them?" she asked.

"We humans will take care of it." said Daisuke's father walking up. The other dogs got around Riki and Gin and started to growl,

He put his hands up, "Easy, I'm not going to hurt Riki or Gin." he looked at them. "If you feel like seeing us, any of your are welcome." he said leaving. Smith smiled, "So he's the one who kept you safe?" he asked his leader. Riki nodded, "Yes, his son helped Fuji deliver the pups safely." he said.

Smith smiled, "I see that the demon bear is dead finally…what a relief." he turned to look at Gin, who turned away. She walked over to Akatora's body, "Oh god, Akatora…" he said in horror. He understood why Gin was so upset. Riki sighed, "What will we tell Chutora?" he said.

Gin sobbed for a while…"What will I tell my pups in the future?" she thought.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Chutora's face grew pale when she saw Kurotora carry Akatora's dead body on his back. "No…brother…why?" she cried. Cross put his paw on her own to comfort her. Gin walked over to her pups and licked them, bringing them closer to her body. Riki looked Chutora in the eye and said,

"I'm so sorry, Chutora." he said looking away, disappointed in himself for not protecting him. Chutora said, "Brother was always reckless…he wouldn't want us to be sad, he would want us to carry on his legacy." she said looking at his pups. Gin was nursing them, smiling at their eagerness to nurse.

Kurotora nodded, "I won't stop until Japan itself is rid of those bears!" he yelled. Riki looked him in the eye, "Let's wait until we bury the dead before we go after the rest of them…" he said.

Gin watched as her father walked away. She looked at her pups and licked them, "My babies, you're all I have left of him…" she said.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Ken cried out when he saw his father's body-his stomach had been torn out. Miney couldn't even look at his body. Terra shook her head, "He was a good platoon leader." she said beginning to dig a grave for him. Daia sighed, "I feel bad for his kids. They're so sad…"

Terra nodded, "From what they told me, Sniper and Ben fell down here, and so he must have killed them." she said growling.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

"So, Akakabuto has failed, I see…" said a dog-like figure. He grinned, showing his sharp teeth. He looked down at the servant that had delivered the news to him. "You may go." he said sending him off.

"Father…" said his daughter lying next to him. "We wolves must act if we are to survive. Our numbers are too thin." she said. She held some scars on her face, possibly from a bear of some kind.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

One month later…

Gin looked out at the sky and smiled, "It's so beautiful outside today…" she said looking at the dogs training out in the fields. Some of the soldiers had gone home after the war had ended, but most stayed at Gajou as they felt that they had no reason to go back home.

She looked to see he father standing nearby. "Hey dad, why are you standing there?" she asked curious, evident by her wagging tail. The brown Akita smiled as he looked at her,

"I wanted to make Akatora the next king, but now he's dead…I don't know who to pick. Rules state that the next has to be the chosen mate of the princess…." he said sighing. Gin nodded, "So you would have chosen Akatora if he hadn't died…" she said.

The two stood their for a while enjoying the breeze.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '


Lucy smirked as she trained her sons and daughters train in the barren outlands she had been exiled to by Riki. "Soon…my dear…soon we will be home…."

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

The pink haired wolf stood on the edge of Ohu's forest and howled, sending a message to the kingdom. She stopped a few seconds later. Her father-a brown wolf also bearing scars on his face walked up. "Good, Rose…good. They'll come in time…" he hissed.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Gin and Riki whirled around when they heard the howling. Riki's eyes widened, "Wolves…here? But I thought that they died out here in Japan. So some managed to survive the humans…" he muttered. Gin began to run toward the howling

She ran toward her friends, "You all heard that right?" she asked. Cross and the others nodded, "We all did. Shall we go investigate?" he asked getting up. Kurotora nodded, "I won't the peace that my brother sacrificed himself for be ruined." he said. The group ran after the noise…

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Rose stood at the edge, watching the dogs running toward them. "It's now or never…" she thought. Her father and the rest of her pack grew ready to fight.

"What is your business here, wolves?" asked Riki annoyed. Rose spoke, "We wish to take over your home to keep our family safe." she said coldly. Riki growled, "The humans should have killed you…how did you manage to survive?" he asked.

Rose's father spoke up, "We went underground into the caves to survive. No human could reach us there." he said circling Riki. Gin circled around Rose.

"We would rather die fighting against dogs than be shot by humans. So get ready, we will not die that easily!" he said attacking him. He bit into Riki's neck. He reacted by biting back and the two fell to the ground fighting.

Gin tried to help her father but Rose blocked her and the two began to fight. Rose waved her paw into the air and smacked Gin in the face. "You don't understand, the humans drove us to do this. If they had left us in peace, we wouldn't have to invade your home." she said with a hint of sadness.

Kurotora growled, "Then why not leave Japan!" he yelled in anger. Rose paused, "Leave…?" she said as if she didn't understand the meaning behind that word. Gin nodded getting up, "There must be wolves elsewhere in the world…you could join them!" she said, trying to plead with her. She looked at her father.

"Rose…do we have any other choice?" he asked. Rose looked away, then back at Gin and Riki. "If…you could help us leave…we won't come back here again…" she said.

' ' ' ' ' ' '

Riki stared at the large object in front of her. Rose and the others were sitting in the cages waiting to be taken on the ship. "Gin, thank you…our pack won't die out." said Rose's father in gratitude. He bowed his head.

"You will truly be a great leader in the future…I can see it." said Rose. The humans walked over to their cages, "Thank you!" yelled Rose as the cage was moved. Gin barked her last goodbyes and left for Gajou.

' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '

Riki looked up at the sky. "I need to find a mate for Gin…but where?" he asked himself. Little did he know the very thing he was searching for was being raised by his worst enemy yet….

' ' ' ' ' '

Lucy smiled at the child in front of her. He was a German Shepherd and Mastiff mix that was made from the union of Lucy and his father John Sr. She smiled, "Your training shall begin soon, my son…" she said grinning. John Sr.'s body was lying next to them as Lucy had killed him earlier.

Lucy led her son to her home to prepare for the future…