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Love You, Hate You

Chapter 1

'Why? Why would he do this? How could he do this to me?' Harry thought while running through the halls of Hogwarts with tear-filled eyes. Passing by portraits that look after him in worry and statues that have to quickly move out of the way to avoid him when he comes around corners. He just runs, not really paying attention to where he is going; though, his legs seemed to know where to carry him.

Harry couldn't believe Draco could be so cruel to do something like this to him. After everything they had done together. After Harry had professed his love for Draco and he does this! This— this unforgiving thing.


Harry had been walking, well more like running, through the halls trying to find Draco. They had been meaning to meet each other at the Entrance Hall while the other student's went down to Hogsmeade, but he hadn't shown up.

"Where is he? He was supposed to meet me half an hour ago." Harry had mumbled to himself trying to think of what could be keeping Draco.

Harry and Draco had been together since the end of fifth year. That was over a year ago, and Harry had fallen for Draco. He'd fallen really hard for him and now this, not showing up to meet him.

At first, Harry hadn't thought they would last, but after weeks of nothing going wrong between them, he realized that they would last. But now he wasn't so sure of their relationship for Draco had stood him up, again. It had been the second time that week that he had done this. The first time Draco's excuse had been Professor Snape had to talk to him. But Harry had known that was a lie because Professor Snape had been walking down the hall towards the Great Hall when Draco was supposed to meet him there.

Harry had started to worry about Draco. All week, he had been acting strange toward Harry and it had become worrisome. Now, with this happening for the second time, Harry didn't know what to do or think. On one hand, Draco could be planning something special for him. Or it could be something else. Something bad.

'No.' Harry had shaken his head to rid himself of those kinds of bad thoughts. He couldn't think about something like that.

'Draco loves me; he wouldn't do something harmful to me.' Harry had thought trying to reassure himself. Harry had been so sure of Draco's love for him, even though he had never said it to him. He believed that Draco loved him.

He had turned down the hallway that lead to their secret room. They had found the room mid-way sixth year by accidently stumbling upon it when they had been trying to find a place to hide. They had been trying to hide because they were about to be caught by some Slytherin student's that happened to be coming their way. That was when they had stumbled across the room and they had been using it ever since.

Harry had finally arrived to the entrance of the room, which appeared to be just a wall but once the password was given, then a door would appear leading into their room. Harry had given the password, 'The Raven and Dragon,' and went inside. When Harry had walked into their secret room, he thought to find Draco lounging on the couch that they had there. Instead, he had found Draco laying on top of Pansy Parkinson, making out with her.

"Dra-co…wha…why?" Harry had barely choked out, causing Draco and Pansy to separate from their lip lock.

"Yes? What do you want Potter?" Draco had drawled looking at Harry coldly.

Pansy had sneered at Harry and said snottily, "Get out of here, Potter. Why are you even in here? You're disturbing me and Drakie-poo."

Draco's eye had twitched at the 'endearment,' but then his face went back to its cool mask. He raised his eyebrow at Harry expectantly, waiting for Harry to say something.

Instead, Harry had just shook his head and looked down. When he had looked back up, his face had been blank, without emotion. And his eyes, oh his eyes; they were like icy, cold emeralds. Absolutely no emotion could be found.

Draco had just blinked his eyes, showing that nothing had bothered him about Harry's carefully cold mask. Pansy, on the other hand, had gasped in shock and a little bit of fear. She had never seen Potter look like that before; he was always so happy or just plain depressed. It had taken her a moment but she had gotten a hold of herself before scoffing and sticking her nose up at Harry.

Harry had given one more sweeping look around the room, and then he had turned around to stalk out of the room. If he had looked back one last time, he would have seen the pain and sadness in Draco's eyes. Alas, he had not and so our story carries on.

**End Flashback**

Now, Harry was running down the hallways and staircases, past students towards the lower dungeons. Away from their secret – 'no, not theirs anymore.' Harry thought to himself angrily.

'Just the dungeons are my safe haven now.' Harry thought a moment later when he came to a door with a portrait of a great black, with blood red feathers on its head, basilisk. The guardian of the door looked down at Harry with its big, yellow eyes that if it was real would kill Harry instantly. Instead, all it did was send a shiver down ones spine, letting them know that if the portrait was real, they would surely be dead.

However, Harry just hissed the password, 'Lily's son,' through his tears and hurried inside without even paying attention to the basilisk. As the door swings outwards to let him in, Harry runs in. Right into the arms of one, Severus Snape.

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