The Meaning of Love

A Harry Potter and Queer As Folk Crossover Story

Chapter Two

Author Note/Disclaimer: I do not own anything from Harry Potter; the creative and awesome writer J.K. Rowling created the novels. CowLip, Showtimes and Paramount own Queer As Folk. There also may be slight crossovers with other television series further in the story.

In 1971, Brian Fallon Kinney is born into the world to Joan and Jack Kinney. He has seven older siblings, Torin Jackson Kinney (14 years older, he was born in 1957), Aliana Sarai O'Connell nee Kinney (13 years older, she was born 1959), Keagan Eames Kinney (11 years older, he was born 1961), Connor Uilliam Kinney & Murphy Doran Kinney (9 yrs older, the twins were born in 1963), Lily Jana Potter nee Evans-Kinney (6 years older, she was born in 1965) and Clarity Roisin Kinney (4 years older, she was born in 1967).

Brian often spent most of his childhood being abused and neglected by his parents. This lead to him doing after school activities or sports, as well as hanging out with his best friends or other friends, to get away from his parents.

Harry Potter was born July 31st, 1983. The Harry Potter series takes place 1994 to 2001. Lily Jana Potter nee Evans (Kinney) was born 1965; she would be eighteen when she had Harry. And would have died when she was nineteen. Everyone else was born a few years later than in the original timeline. Any other questions will be answered if you send a message to me.

Summary: After the death of his big sister, Brian Kinney continues to fight for custody of his nephew Harry Potter, but is always turned down. Years later Harry searches for his Uncle and finds him. He learns that family doesn't always have to be about blood.

Pairings (Many of these pairings will be mentioned and/or appear in the story at some point): Brian Kinney/Justin Taylor, Melanie Marcus/Lindsay Peterson, Melanie Marcus/Leda Selwyn, Michael Novotny/David Cameron, Michael Novotny/Ben Buckner, Debbie Novotny/Carl Horvath, Ted Schmidt/Blaze Wyzecki, Emmett Honeycutt/Ted Schmidt, Emmett Honeycutt/Drew Boyd, Emmett Honeycutt/Calvin Colpepper, Vic Grassi/Rodney, Hunter Montgomery/Callie Leeson, Craig Taylor/Jennifer Taylor, Tucker Macmillan/Jennifer Taylor, Blaise Zabini/Daphne Chanders, Justin Taylor/Ethan Gold, Brian Kinney/Original Male Characters, Brian Kinney/Regulus Black, Brian Kinney/Charlie Weasley, Brian Kinney/Lorcan D'Eath, Brian Kinney/Oliver Wood, Brian Kinney/Cassius Warrington, Brian Kinney/Will Graham, Brian Kinney/Will Graham/Hannibal Lecter, Brian Kinney/Kevin Walker, Brian Kinney/Neal Caffrey, etc.

Sirius Black/Cynthia Fawley, Harry Potter/Daphne Chanders, TJ Hammond/Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass, Harry Potter/Parvati Patil, Marcus Flint/Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory/Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom/Hannah Abbott, Rolf Scamander/Luna Lovegood, Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger, Viktor Krum/Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley/Padma Patil, Ron Weasley/Lavender Brown, Susan Bones/Hannah Abbott, Susan Bones/Romilda Vane, Theodore Nott/Tracy Davis, Cedric Diggory/Cho Chang, Fred Weasley/Alicia Spinnet, George Weasley/Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan/Katie Bell, Percy Weasley/Audrey Sayre, Percy Weasley/Penelope Clearwater, Bill Weasley/Fleur Delacour, Charlie Weasley/Aidan Lynch, Michael Corner/Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy/Astoria Greengrass, Blaise Zabini/Draco Malfoy, Dean Thomas/Seamus Finnegan, Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks, Terence Higgs/Pansy Parkinson, etc.

Setting(s): Harry Potter books take place during the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh books and Queer As Folk is from all seasons.

Rating: NC-17 or M at times

Song: Bother by Stone Sour

Warnings (Including but not limited to): Violence, Strong Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Sex, Alcohol Use, Mention/Show of Martial Abuse, Mention/Show of Child Abuse, Drug Use, Mention of Drug Use, Overdosing on Drugs, Mention/Show of Suicide, Suicidal Thoughts, Mention/Show of Rape, Nudity, Fights, Homophobia, Bisexual Characters, Heterosexual Characters, Homosexual Characters, Bisexual Relationships, Heterosexual Relationships, Homosexual Relationships, Attempted Murder, Murderous Intentions, Supernatural Creatures, Criminals, etc.

2nd June 1996

Harry followed after his Uncle in a silent daze. His mind was still reeling from all that had happened. He had finally met his Uncle Brian and had discovered from him that he had actually fought for custody of him for years. Before finally having to give up, as he had been basically told he would never get custody of him. It would have been unbelievable for Harry to believe that Albus Dumbledore and the Ministry would do such a thing, if he hadn't realized early on that Albus Dumbledore was not as he was perceived on the surface. Bright green eyes glanced up to stare at his Uncle Brian with a searching look.

Brian Kinney was a man that nearly all women, and men, would swoon over. He had a strong jaw and high cheekbones that enhanced his beautiful hazel green eyes. His lips were full and a light rosy pink. Tan skin nearly glowed in the dim hallway lights, a natural tan and not one a machine or can makes. The supple chocolate brown leather jacket enhanced his long lean form. The form fitting jeans enhanced his long, muscular legs and both his assets in front and in back. Even his hair looked carefully styled to look like he didn't style it at all, and it just begged to have hands run through it.

Harry, being only twelve, nearly thirteen-years-old, didn't recognize any of this, but he could tell that his uncle had the look of a model and the charisma of someone that anyone would listen to.

Brian looked like the type of man girls from his school would gush and drool over, and possibly some boys would have a hard time keeping their eyes off him. Harry wondered if he would ever look as handsome as his Uncle, and be as tall as him when he reached Brian's age. Harry always felt small and unattractive, a nobody that everyone seemed to overlook.

"What has you lost in the clouds?" Brian glanced at Harry with a raised eyebrow and an amused glint in his hazel eyes.

"Oh - uh -" Harry stuttered with a shrug. "I was just thinking about, um," Harry wasn't sure he wanted to finish his thought, but somehow he didn't think he should be embarrassed to mention to his Uncle what he was thinking, "how the girls at my school would think of you as drool worthy." He finally stated with a small shrug, and staring at anywhere but his Uncle.

Brian gave a small chuckle as they stepped into the elevator. "Well, I am fucking amazing." He said with a cocky smirk. "Though many hearts would be broken," He mockingly continued. "They're not my preference and the age is a big difference." Brian leaned against the railing of the elevator. His arms crossed over his chest as he turned a curious gaze at his nephew and godson, wondering where this conversation was going.

"Oh - you - you don't like...women like that?" Harry questioned with apprehension. His head tilted like a curious bird as bright inquisitive eyes looked up at him. They were so much like Lily's; they were almost too painful to look at. Brian looked away from his young godson and nephew momentarily, forcing away the sudden lump in his throat and tightness in his chest.

He looked back at Harry and answered simply with "No."

After a moment's pause, Harry asked hesitatingly "It's not a bad thing...right?" He raised a pale hand, brushing away stray strands of raven black hair from his face. He had never had any sort of talk about same gender relationships, or even different gender relationships with anyone. He knew his "Uncle" Vernon couldn't stand anything abnormal, and gays were clearly abnormal. Actually, to his "Uncle" Vernon, what wasn't abnormal?

The older auburn haired man shook his head and gave a tired sigh as he looked to his nephew from the corner of his eyes. He uncrossed his arms to place one, hopefully, comforting hand on Harry's shoulder before answering. "Of course it isn't. People are just ignorant and scared. Half the time they can't get over their simple minded views or their own insecure sexuality, so they take it out on any one that's different." Brian stated.

"One thing you need to learn is not to listen to all the bullshit and nonsense that everyone rambles on about. On how fags -" He spat the word like it was acid on his tongue. "Will burn in hell because we have the same sex preference. Like what I do in the privacy of my own home is any other their business. Like who I," okay, he needed to edit this just a little, he wasn't sure about Harry's experience or knowledge in sexual relationships, "sleep with or fall for affects anyone else except the person I'm with. People don't like things they don't understand, it scares them, and what scares them they automatically hate." Brian stated firmly. If there was ever a topic he could get angry and defensive about it was bigotry, homophobia, and child abuse.

"The only thing you need to worry about is your own opinion and what you think is right and wrong, not what everyone else thinks." Brian said. If there was anything that got under skin, it was the way people were simple minded and ignorant asses.

"So, if someone likes both genders, it's okay?" Harry asked again with a furrow of his eyebrows as his twelve-year-old mind tried grasping what his Uncle was saying to him. It was going to be hard for him to wrap his mind around what Brian was saying, after being surrounded with such prejudice for so many years. Though Europe was generally more accepting towards homosexuals, they still had those individuals that thought it was wrong.

Many would assume the Wizarding World would not accept homosexual relationships, but that wasn't the case. Many Purebloods accepted gay relationships without a second thought. So long as the family was able to continue their line: they saw no reason why they shouldn't be accepted. It was mostly the Muggleborns and many of the Half-Bloods that saw the problems in it. As Harry looked at his Uncle Brian, he realized he was the type of person he could look up to. It was better than the Dursley's or anyone in the Wizarding World.

"Absolutely." Brian moved away from the wall as the elevator stopped on the ground floor. He wrapped his arm around Harry's shoulder again, silently moving him out of the elevator, while providing additional support just in case he needed it. "If you like both females and males then good for you. As long as everyone is in agreement in whatever… relationship… you choose," Harry didn't know where that pained look came from, but he was glad his Uncle continued, "then it doesn't matter. I've known I was gay for a long time, and I know I don't like women like that. I definitely prefer men." A smirk graced his lips as he walked towards his Jeep. Clicking the beeper of his car, he guided Harry to the passenger door as walked around the front and slipped into the driver side.

Harry buckled his seat belt and sighed. "What if someone's not sure?" Harry asked. It was a relief for Harry to finally talk to someone about this. He had never been able to trust anyone enough. Sure, the Weasley's were like family to him, but they could be rather over bearing and pushy. The Granger's were kind enough, but he didn't feel comfortable enough around them to ask questions. But with his Uncle Brian, he felt comfortable, and more relaxed then he had ever felt in his life.

Brian pulled out into the street and headed towards the shopping district. His eyes flickered back and forth between watching the road and glancing at his nephew.

"Have you ever checked out a boy or girl while at your school?" He inquired to his nephew. The silence coming from his nephew gave him the answer. Well, three possible answers, either Harry was scared to admit both, too confused to figure it out right now, or he didn't like either and wasn't sure how to explain it.

After thinking for a moment, Brian suggested the only thing he could think of. "Experiment." Harry jumped in surprise, as the silence that had fallen over the two was broken.

Harry thought about that for a moment. Coming up with nothing, he had no choice but to reiterate… "Experiment?"

"If you're not sure if you like males or females or both, then give them both a try and see what you like the best, or if you like both. I'm sure you have enough girls and boys at your school willing to give you a few lessons on making out." He stated with a sly smile and sparkle in his beautiful eyes.

"Hell, you could even try it here." Brian added as an afterthought. After all, if Harry was going to stay with Brian, and Brian definitely hoped those papers would determine just that, then Harry should be prepared to get involved with someone here. However, Brian couldn't force Harry to stay here if he didn't want to, who knows how many friends Harry might have left behind. "That is, if you plan on staying, instead of going back to England?" Brian questioned, changing the subject now that the crisis of how to deal with Harry's sexual orientation was over, for now.

He knew that no kid really was secure in his or her sexual orientation as a teenager, especially not before puberty, and during puberty it was even worse. He wasn't sure if telling Harry to experiment was the best advice, but he sure as hell wished someone had given him advice when he was twelve. Course being raised in a house with a frigid religious fanatic of a mother and a drunken abusive asshole of a father, any advice from them would not have been welcomed.

"I - I don't know. I'd like to go back, but I also want to stay here. But I don't want to stay in the Wizarding World after I graduate. I wouldn't mind getting a normal education, if…if I stay." Harry explained, unsure about so many things right now. He wanted to stay, but maybe his Uncle didn't want him to stay, but that didn't make sense, since he was prepared to sign those papers without a second thought. He was also thinking about what his Uncle told him about liking boys or girls, or both. He adjusted his position in the seat as he anxiously tapped his fingers on the passenger door.

Brian made a noise in the back of his throat at Harry's reply. He took a right turn and pulled up to the curb, in front of a store that housed clothes that were for teenagers.

"Well for now, how about we stop worrying about all that, and get you some new clothes. Not only do you need them, but if you're worried about me spending the money, don't. I have more than enough, and my nephew is going to look good, no matter how long you're here for… Hell, if you need to, consider this twelve years of birthday presents I was never able to give you."

The shopping would be good for the boy, as well as for himself. He thought to himself as he once again looked over what was called 'clothing' to Harry. They were hideous. He was not going to allow his nephew be seen in rags. Harry deserved much better than that. He would not turn out like he had. Brian would give Harry what he should have always had when he had been his age, and damn what anyone else thought.

Brian got out and walked to the store, knowing Harry was following, locking the Jeep as they walked. Brian hoped that Harry would enjoy this shopping experience as much as Brian. He loved shopping, always had, and he had no problem admitting that clothes were his one obsession, bordering on addiction. He couldn't wait to get Harry out of those rags and into something that most teenagers would be envious of, and would more than be suitable to be seen with Brian.

It was time to shop.

Forever 21

Harry followed Brian into the store, his eyes wide, as he looked around at all the beautifully colored clothes. Most of his clothing was boring and dull colored, not to mention hand me downs from his much larger "cousin" and they never fit right. It was nice to see clothes with color. Brian glanced over his shoulder to watch his nephew gaze around in amazement. It was sad, that his nephew was amazed at something as simple as clothing color. With a shake of his head, Brian looked back at the clerk behind the counter. It was a younger man, around twenty or twenty-one, with messy brown hair and steel gray eyes that filled with desire as they landed on him.

A smirk flickered across his lips. He was always amused and proud at how he made most, if not all, men go lustful at the sight of him. Most would assume it was just his ego, but Brian knew better. He knew how handsome he was and he used it to his advantage, most of the time.

"Hey there." He spoke. His voice went husky as his hazel green eyes burned with lust as he looked over the clerk.

"Hey." The clerk, with the name tag Pierce across it, breathed out with a smile lighting his features. His light gray eyes slowly trailed over Brian's figure. His tongue licked his lips at the gorgeous male standing before him. It was like a dream come true, to have someone as hot as him in his store, especially at a dull time like this. The things the two of them could do to each other.

Brian cleared his throat, breaking the younger man's thoughts. He had a rather good idea of what Pierce was thinking. "I need your best...brands of clothes… for my nephew, here." Brian stated with a twinkle of amusement bubbling beneath the surface.

"O-of course. It's this way." Pierce blushed at the heated look in Brian's eyes. He slightly stumbled as he walked towards the back of the store, were the more expensive clothing was. Harry had watched in silent awe as his Uncle worked some kind of power over the younger male. Harry had never been shopping with anyone who could command the clerk to help them so fast and easily.

The two followed the clerk and stopped near expensive clothing. Brian may not like stores like Forever 21, but they would be good enough for his nephew, for now anyways.

"If we need anything, I'll let you know." Brian murmured with a wink. He turned away from Pierce who was still blushing rather heavily and placed his hand upon his nephews shoulder. He began to push Harry towards the stacks of jeans.

"How do you do that?" Harry asked lowly, his bright green eyes flickering up to his Uncle and then back to the pants that looked to be his size.

Brian shrugged. "It's a gift." With no other words spoken between the two, Brian began to grab dark blue, blue, light blue, black, gray, dark gray, white and tan pants in different brand types. Harry held the ever-growing pile of pants as he followed his Uncle through the store. He wasn't going to say anything, as he had no taste in clothing, while his Uncle clearly did. He watched as his Uncle grabbed long-sleeved, short-sleeved, tank tops, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts and coats of different colors, from blues, greens, reds, purples, grays, whites and blacks in multi-colored, plaid and silk. Harry grew red in embarrassment as Brian grabbed a couple packs of boxers and socks each before tossing them to Harry. "Go try those clothes on." He ordered in a rather gentle tone.

Harry gave a nod and quickly rushed into the changing room. He was ecstatic about having an Uncle that actually cared and was willing to take him shopping, even if it was so he looked good as well. He shook himself from his thoughts as his Uncle gave a sharp knock on the door. "You done day-dreaming in there? Or would you like some more time?" Brian asked on the other side of the door. He didn't realize that Harry would get that lost in this new clothes-buying experience. "Have you tried any of the clothing on yet? You've been in there several minutes and I haven't heard anything." He continued with a raised eyebrow.

Harry didn't know he'd been standing there for long at all, he felt like he was in some sort of dream. But this was real, and all these clothes were his for the taking, and he even got to try them on. "Right - sorry. I'm… I'll try some on then… um, I'll come out in a few minutes." Harry called out. "I'm just trying to decide which shirt would look best." He stated as he looked into the changing room mirrors. He didn't mention that he thought they all looked great, and that he thought they would feel great, too.

"You're worse than Honeycutt, Harry, and that's saying something. There's no bigger Queen out there than him." Brian stated with a roll of his eyes, even though Harry couldn't see it. Not to mention Harry had no idea who or what his Uncle was talking about. "Look when you finish trying all your clothes on, whatever doesn't fit, leave in the room, and whatever you want to keep take up the counter. Then go pick out a couple pairs of shoes that fit and I'll meet you up at the counter."

"All… all right!" Harry called out to his Uncle, stuttering a little at being told to get shoes, more than one pair, after he kept everything that fit, here. He didn't pay attention on the way to the dressing rooms and the store was huge, so he was glad he didn't have to go find his Uncle, as it sounded that he was going somewhere. Well, he guessed that if he was shopping with someone with as many clothes as he had he wouldn't want to wait in the changing rooms either.

Brian stepped out into the main part of the store and scanned the room. His hazel green eyes landed upon the store clerk leaning against the register counter with a bored expression on his face. He could change that. He would change that. With a smirk gracing his lips he walked over to the register with confidence.

Brian leaned across and gave the younger gentleman a playful tap. He watched as the man shot up instantly and turned his full attention to Brian.

"Anything I can help you with sir?" Asked the clerk.

Brian licked his lips devilishly and grinned. He enjoyed hearing those words fall out of men's mouths. He was like honey in a beehive. He knew how to seduce and after having so many broken hearted men run after him time and time again, he knew just what to do.

Brian leaned in a little more and maneuvered his index finger to invoke the man to come closer. "While you are free, how about you and I have a little fun to help you pass your boring work?"

The clerk was hooked. He couldn't stop looking into Brian's eyes while he watched his luscious lips move with confidence. The clerk could suck those lips any day of the week. He knew what Brian was doing, but he didn't care. He wanted him; needed him while he had some down time. "What did you have in mind?"

Brian surveyed the store and saw that no one had entered since he and Harry arrived. He turned back to the clerk and smiled. This was the opportune time. Harry was trying on clothing, no one had come in, and he doubted anyone would. "Why don't you take a lunch break and I'll see what I can come up with."

The clerk ran to the front of the entrance and locked the doors and flipped the sign to say they were closed. He wasn't sure what the customer had in mind exactly, but he had a pretty good idea and there was no way he was going to pass this handsome man up.

Brian led the way back to the restrooms, knowing full well that the clerk was following. He would have gone to the changing rooms, but he knew that Harry was in there, and no matter what anyone thought of him, or how he acted, he didn't want Harry to hear what he was about to do. Nor did he want Harry accidentally wandering out and seeing his Uncle fucking some guy in the store. And there was no way in hell he was about to head to the girls changing room.

(Graphic Lemon Scene Begins Here)

Brian made his way to the last stall and turned to face the clerk, who froze under the intensity of the lust coming off this amazingly hot customer. Hot clerk had hot lips, and Brian had always been a sucker for soft kissable lips. Of course kissable lips usually meant cock-sucking lips and he was certainly looking forward to testing that theory.

Brian grabbed the clerk by his belt loop and pulled him forward. They met in a lip crushing kiss, mouth and tongue gravitating towards each other. Brian pushed and pulled until he had the clerk with his back up against the wall, refusing to break the kiss. The clerk was clearly very eager to keep things moving hot and fast as he reached down to Brian's pants and pulled the zipper down, shivering in anticipation when he didn't have to battle underwear to grab Brian's long, thick hard cock. Brian moaned into the clerk's mouth as the hot soft hand grabbed his cock and began to stroke. Much as Brian loathed breaking the fucking hot kissing, he wanted his cock sucked even more.

Brian broke the kiss first and pushed the clerk down to his knees as Brian leaned against the wall. The clerk smiled up at him, cheeks rosy, and lips red and swollen and wet, eyes heavy with lust, panting for air…just perfect. Brian smirked heatedly at him as those hot wet lips engulfed his cock in a tight sucking motion. "Fuck," Brian couldn't help but moan out, he knew those lips would be made for sucking cock.

The clerk moaned around this guys hot hard cock, fuck, he knew that some guys tasted different, but this guy was fucking delicious, musky and hot, sweet and salty, not a hint of bitter. He sucked and licked, using his lips, hands and tongue. He could feel himself painfully hard and leaking in his pants. He didn't want to come in his pants, but this guy would be worth it. He didn't know how close this guy was to coming, but he'd happily keep sucking this cock till the guy came.

As much as Brian was loving this guys mouth and he certainly had natural cock sucking skills, he had definitely admired the guys ass earlier, and would much rather come fucking him. With that thought Brian pulled the guy up and kissed him again, enjoying the taste of himself in this guys mouth. Brian pulled back, took a condom out of his pocket, ripped it open in his self-patented teeth rip, spit out the extra wrapper piece, and heatedly put it on his cock. He knew how hot he was, he knew he was known as the King of Liberty Avenue for a reason, and there were times he certainly appreciated the appreciation he received from others. He was enjoying the little show he was putting on for this guy. And this guy was very appreciative as he was starring at every move Brian made, practically drooling at the site of Brian, hot, hard, and ready.

"And now for the main event."

Good lord the man's voice was pure sex.

Brian reached forward to open the guy's pants, pushing them down to his knees, taking an admiring glance at the hard cock and nice ass. He turned the guy against the wall and prepared him quickly using the packet of lube from his other pocket. He pressed the guy harder against the wall, withdrew his fingers and thrust his cock in deep in one thrust. Both men moaned loudly at the tight, hot pleasure. Brian knew he wouldn't last much longer, and he figured the other guy was pretty damn close too. Brian began to pound harder and harder, grabbing the guy's hips and thrusting as fast and hard as he could. In and out, pounding over and over again, now almost desperate for release. He could feel the guy grab his own cock and stroke in perfect timing with Brian's thrusts, matching the pounding of his prostate.

"Oh god… I'm gonna…" He couldn't get out any more words; this had to be the hottest fuck he'd ever had.

Brian leaned forward, feeling his impending release, and whispered huskily in the guys ear, "Do it… come, now." The guy couldn't hold back any more, at that powerful command he came all over his hand and the wall as Brian came hard, hips jerking with his orgasm, grunting through his final release.

Brian waited a few moments till they got their breathing under control, pulled out and disposed of the condom. He cleaned up and was tucked back into his jeans by the time the clerk turned around, eyes dazed and clouded in a haze of lust and satisfaction. Brian smirked knowingly at him, "That was hot."

The guy couldn't do anything but nod, still appreciating the view. He smiled back at Brian as he pulled up his pants.

Just before they exited the bathroom, Brian grabbed him by the neck and gave him one last hard demanding kiss. "Now lets go see what my nephew is up to, shall we." Brian spoke with a calm, collected demeanor; none would know he'd just been fucking some guy's brains out just before, certainly not with the passion and fire that they fucked with. The guy, again, could only nod, realizing that he'd never be able to use that bathroom again without getting a hard-on. He was so fucking glad he decided to cover this extra shift today.

Liberty Diner

"So Brian suddenly called you a few hours ago and basically told you that he's adopting his nephew?" Michael rhetorically asked with surprise in his dark brown eyes. His face showed his surprise to what Lindsay and Melanie had just told him and their friends. Michael knew how much it meant to Brian to get custody of his nephew. To know that Brian had finally gained the ability to do so? Michael was happy for his best friend. He knew how hard Brian has taken it when he hadn't been able to fight against those that controlled whether he had the right to be the guardian of nephew and godson.

Emmett Honeycutt, a rather flamboyant gay man, gave a smile and leaned leisurely against the booth's wall. His light brown eyes looked over at his friends. "Well, I think it's a fabulous idea." Emmett announced while airily waving his hands in the air. "I think it's about time Brian finally gets something good in his life." The brunette haired male continued. Michael nodded his agreement, as did Lindsay.

"He could be doing this to get something in return." Ted Schdmit stated. He was a rather mundane looking man. He had chocolate brown eyes and curly brown hair that fell into a pale forehead.

"He did ask for me to look at some paperwork." Melanie muttered from her position beside her girlfriend of two years. "I figured I'd get my coworker to look over it." She remarked with a shrug. "Conflict of interest since I know him."

"Good for him." Emmett stated with a smile. "The man deserves to have his godson with him." He added as he looked to the brunette haired woman with a raised eyebrow due to her attitude over the whole thing. "He is the boys Uncle and Godfather after all."

"That's why you called Harvey?" Lindsay asked in chorus with Emmett when he was speaking. The blonde haired woman looked to her girlfriend with surprise. She knew that while Melanie and Brian didn't get along, they were willing to help each other when they absolutely needed to.

Melanie merely hummed in reply as she took a sip of her steaming hot coffee.

Even though Brian Kinney wasn't always the nicest person, Emmett knew that the Grinch had a heart. Even if it had been turned two sizes too small. Perhaps with his nephew and godson here, that cold black heart would grow two sizes bigger. Emmett knew that most of their group couldn't help themselves, and tended to gossip about the man behind his back. Emmett believed that Brian more than likely knew about it too, but chose to ignore it for the sake of his own temper. "I agree with Michael." Emmett stated with a nod of his head. "And why are we talking behind Brian's back...again?" He rhetorically questioned. His bright outfit of pink and yellow stuck out like a neon sign in the dark.

"I'm honestly not surprise." Michael stated. They all knew that Michael would always support Brian in whatever he decided. Unless it was harmful to himself or anyone within his immediate vicinity. The brunette thought it was good that he was maturing like the rest of them. Though it was doubtful he actually ever would be a complete adult. He was always a bit of a child at heart. Due to the circumstances of his own childhood, in which he never really had much of a childhood to speak of. "Brian can make his own decisions and this will be good good him." Michael added as he took a drink of his coffee.

"I seem to recall Brian saying that he had tried to get the care of his nephew, but had never been able to because of the government in England." Lindsay remarked near the end of the table.

"Speak of the devil." Ted muttered aloud so those around the table could hear.

All turned to look at the doorway of the Diner to see the imposing and handsome figure of Brian Kinney. He was dressed in his usual outfit of comfortable dark blue jeans, button up black silk shirt that looked painted on, supple leather jacket that just made him look and smell more exquisite, and leather shoes that, of course, matched perfectly. He had the look of someone that had just happily fucked their brains out. The group sighed and rolled their eyes in unison. Brian was always getting his need sated one way or another, and that look was nothing new for the gorgeous brunette.

They looked away from Brian and at the boy that stood behind him. He looked to be twelve-years-old, perhaps younger. He was on the shorter side, with short raven hair and emerald green eye's that sparkled brilliantly in the light and were unmarred with glasses. He wore form-fitting blue jeans with a dark red short-sleeved shirt, black jacket, and black boots.

Silently the group watched the two walk forward.

A Few Minutes Before

After nearly two hours of shopping, Harry was about ready to drop. Harry had noticed that his Uncle Brian looked content, more so than before. The young pre-teen wondered what he did to look like that. Shrugging his shoulders at the thought, Harry decided he just wanted to collapse into a chair or booth and eat. An amused chuckle echoed in the jeep as Harry turned tired green eyes to his Uncle.

"Are you sure it's okay that you bought all these things for me?" Harry inquired as he looked to the backseat, filled with bags of different colors from different stores.

"Of course I did. No one related to me was going to be walking around in rags like some homeless person." Brian said with a look of distaste gracing his features. "No offense Harry, but if there's one thing about me that you'll learn, it's that Brian Kinney always looks good, and his nephew will be no different." As almost an afterthought, but not said too loudly so it wouldn't sound obviously sentimental, Brian added, "and you deserve it after all the crap you've been through."

Harry gave a smile, a warm feeling filling his stomach at his Uncle's statement. Even though he and his Uncle had only known each other for a few hours, Harry felt like he was already loved and cared for. Even though his Uncle didn't exactly say it in so many words. Brian Kinney didn't seem the type to express his feelings through words, but through gestures and presents, and Harry could live with that. "Thank you, again. Even if it is to just make you look good, knowing you paid for it means a lot."

Brian didn't reply to Harry's reply, only giving a short nod. With a sharp turn to the right, Brian pulled the jeep into a parking space a little ways away from Liberty Diner. "Listen Harry… when we get in there, we'll see my friends inside. They're good people but can be assholes too" Brian gently said. "Everyone around here knows I'm an asshole, and I don't give a shit, and you shouldn't either. They're words are meaningless." He was reassuring Harry more than himself. He could see that Harry was much more emotional than he had ever been at that age. Of course, nearly having the shit beaten out of him every night and abused practically every other way, besides sexually, would make it difficult for any person to express their emotions. Harry had been abused both emotionally and mentally.

Many emotionally and mentally abused children and even adults reacted more harshly to hurtful words, whether to themselves or those they cared about, than someone actually hitting them.

"One more think Harry, this may seem harsh or rude, but trust me, here, on Liberty, it's your best defense, trust me… anyone says or does anything you don't like, stand your ground and say 'Fuck off!' I guarantee it'll work. You probably won't need it with me around, but I want you safe."

Harry nodded hesitantly, followed by a quiet "Right, okay." The nearly thirteen-year-old followed after his Uncle as he confidently walked in front of him. Pulling the door open Brian stepped into the doorway of the entryway, Harry a few steps behind him.

"Brian!" Michael called with a bright smile and a wave. Brian gave a smirk as he walked forward; Harry still remained behind him and acted like his shadow.

"No need to shout Mikey. I can see you clearly." Brian stated dryly with a roll of his eyes. "Everyone, meet my nephew and godson Harry Potter. Harry, meet everyone." He remarked. "The Queen in the corner is Emmett Honeycutt," He began, pointing to the brightly dressed pink and yellow gay male.

"Why hi there honey." Emmett gave a friendly smile. Harry gave a small smile and wave. "Aren't you just the cutest thing." The flamboyant man cooed.

Brian rolled his eyes. "Beside him is Ted Schdmit, not important enough to truly know." He stated dryly and with a hint of teasing.

"Asshole." Ted muttered with a roll of his eyes. "Hey." Ted gave a small smile and wave at the shy boy who waved back.

"Beside him is Michael Novotny, my best friend." Brian continued.

"Hi." Michael stated with a wave and friendly. "It's nice to finally meet you Harry." The older man greeted with a smile.

Harry gave a shy "hello" in response and another wave.

"Across the table is Lindsay Peterson and Melanie Marcus." Brian stated. "The resident lesbians in our fucked up little family." He continued.

"Hello." Lindsay politely stated with a smile.

"Hi." Melanie replied with a nod as she adjusted her position beside Lindsay.

"Now that this lovely," Brian said sarcastically, "Meet and greet is over; Harry and I will be at a separate table." His eyes told his friends that he wanted to be left alone as he got to know his nephew better. They all nodded in understanding and agreement. Before the two could walk away, Lindsay spoke up.

"Brian, did you think about what Mel and I asked?" Lindsay inquired before he could leave. Her blue eyes shinned with hope.

Brian looked to his best friend since college and gave a small nod. "I did, but we'd have to talk more about it later." With that said, the two 'Kinney' men walked away from the table and over to the empty table in the corner. Sliding into the booths, the two sat across from each other. Brian purposefully taking a seat with his back facing the diner so Harry could face the dinner; there was nothing that could make you more nervous than being in a strange place and not being able to see it.

"When the fuck did you get here?" Debbie Novotny demanded as she stepped up to the table. Her outfit was as bright as always. Her t-shirt was a dark blue with the wording "Friends don't let friends line dance" across it. A vest, in colors of green, blue and orange held a wide assortment of buttons and pins across it, some saying words others with only pictures across it or signs. A bright purple scarf- like headband was wrapped around her hair, keeping the strands of curly red hair back. An apron covered her blue jeans.

"Nice to see you too Debbie." Brian caustically replied.

"Waiting for an answer, asshole." Debbie questioned with a raised eyebrow. Her hands remained on her waist as she looked at the twenty-five-year-old.

"Been shopping, with my nephew." Brian replied with a shrug. "He's Lily's son." He continued, as he had more than one nephew. He leaned back against the booth. His arm lay atop the back of it, his ankle lay atop of the other as he looked to the mother of all gays that needed her help. She was like a shelter for the poor gays. Brian found it unsurprising, as she had taken him in when he was a teenager.

"Did you finally get custody of him then?" The red haired woman looked between Brian and Harry with a raised eyebrow.

"Not yet, but I will. He came looking for me this morning and had some paperwork with him." Brian sighed. "I gave it Melanie to look over, who gave it to her co-worker because of conflict of interest." He added with a shrug. Harry looked at the brightly dressed woman. She almost reminded him of Molly Weasley, expect for the overt, outgoing personality and dressing as vibrant as that one man, Emmett Honeycutt; as well as her cursing. She did have the same motherly vibe as Mrs. Weasley though. "If we're done with the Spanish Inquisition, we'd like to order our food now." Brian stated with sarcasm thick in his voice as he displayed the same sarcastic smile across his lips.

Debbie ignored him and looked to Harry with a gentle gleam in her eyes. She knew an abused child when she saw one. Though he didn't seem as damaged as Brian had been when she first met him at that age. "Aren't you just the sweetest thing?" Debbie suggested with a sweet smile. "What's your name hunny?" She questioned. She ignored Brian's annoyed glare and over exaggerated sigh.

"Harry Potter." Harry murmured with a light flush of pink gracing his cheeks. "It's nice to meet you ma'am." He politely stated with a smile.

"And polite too." Debbie crowed with a laugh. "Well, you're a hell of a lot better than this asshole." She pointed her thumb towards Brian. "The asshole wouldn't know the meaning of manners if it bit him in his ass." She continued with an amused expression as her eyes sparkled with amusement that showed she was just teasing the man she considered a second son.

Brian rolled his eyes and gave a look of disinterest as he finally spoke, noticing how withdrawn Harry was becoming at the attention that Debbie was giving. She was a bit too outgoing for his shy nephew to meet so suddenly. "Deb, give it a fucking break. The kid barely got here." He stated with a shake of his head.

Debbie turned away from Harry, who had slowly been sliding down the seat to hide himself from the many looks that he was being given. The young teen supposed it had to do with whom he was sitting with. "Fine asshole. What do you want?" She demanded.

"Drinks would be nice. That is what a waitress is supposed to ask the customer." Brian stated sardonically.

"Wise ass." Debbie said with a fond smile. She may call Brian insulting names, but it was all meant to be in an endearing term. Brian wasn't one for caring and sharing emotions, so she showed it any other way she could, and this was one of the ways. "What would you like to eat sweetie?" The woman turned to Harry who was looking at the menu in front of him. His head shot up with wide, surprised eyes at Debbie's question. He seemed surprised that he was being asked for what he wanted, instead of being ordered for already. When Debbie turned to question why Harry looked surprised at ordering for himself, Brian made a sound in the back of his throat. The older, motherly figure glanced towards Brian. The handsome male's jaw was clenched and his beautiful hazel eyes were clearly screaming not to ask why.

Debbie gave a small nod. She knew when to keep her mouth shut, and this was one of those times. Harry almost reminded her of Brian when he was that age; of course, Brian had been a bit more cold hearted, cynical, sarcastic, and satirical when it came to how he was treated. He still was, if not more so than ever before. "I'll have a - uh - Dr. Pepper?" Harry asked more than stated with a furrow of his eyebrows. He didn't know what a Dr. Pepper was, but it sounded interesting and he wouldn't mind trying it.

"Comin' right up sweetie." Debbie replied with a smile and wink. "Your usual coffee then?" She rhetorically questioned to Brian.

"And a water." Brian nodded in agreement.

"And what are you eating?" Debbie demanded with a raised eyebrow. "Your nephew is too thin to be healthy. He better be getting a big meal." She ordered with a protective glint in her eyes.

"I'll get my usual. A turkey sandwich with no mayo." Brian ordered.

"Uhm -" Harry glanced down at the menu. "Can I get a bacon cheeseburger with grilled onions, chips - fries I mean and a milk shake, strawberry and vanilla mix please." The young boy asked. A warm smile graced Debbie's face as she nodded. She was glad the boy was getting a big meal like she demanded.

"Not a problem sweetie." Debbie stated before turning and walking away. Harry watched the older woman walk away before turning to look at his uncle. A curious look graced his features.

"Why - uh - why are they - um - staring at us?" Harry whispered as he leaned a little over the table. His brilliant green eyes glancing around the diner with nervousness. Many eyes, mostly all men, were staring between Brian Kinney, the King of Liberty Ave. and the smaller boy.

"Fuckin' assholes don't know when to keep to their own business." Brian replied nonchalantly. He wasn't going to show his real annoyance to it. They wouldn't stop looking, even if he did tell them all to mind their own damn business. All the queers around were obsessed with learning anything new on Brian Kinney.

"Oh." He stated with a small sigh. His shoulders slumped as he anxiously played with the place mat. The silence between them couldn't exactly be called uncomfortable, but it wasn't exactly relaxed either.

"Like I said before we came here, they all think they know me, and while a lot of it is accurate, they don't actually know shit about me. Just ignore them and eventually they'll lose interest." Harry nodded slowly, trying to understand, and trying to ignore the stares. Brian relaxed back into the booth before his next topic up for discussion. "You know, Harry, if I'm going to take custody of you, we might as well get to know each other." His bright eyes looked across the table and over to the small teenager. There was an almost tender look in his gaze, as he looked at the raven-haired boy that was so like himself in ways, yet so different in others.

"Like what?" Harry questioned with a tilt of his head. Brian fought the urge to smile and rolled his lips together to keep it hidden. He had an image to keep up of course. Harry looked like a curious, yet adorable, little kitten. Not that he would ever admit to that thought. He perished the thought as soon as it appeared.

"Your interests, hobbies, friends from school, grades, that kind of shit. Things most ordinary people would know. People that aren't family." Brian stated. "I'm not really into the whole sharing and caring thing, but we have to at least get to know each other, especially if you're going to be living with me." He almost grimaced at the thought. He was use to for the last seven years, living alone and now he was going to suddenly have another person in his home. He was going to have to figure something out, with only his own large room in the loft, it wouldn't be enough space. Perhaps he'd buy the empty loft below him and the loft next door. They have both been empty for a few years.

"Well, I like drawing; sketching and painting. One of my dorm mates, Dean Thomas," Harry stated with a smile. "Taught me how to draw when we first became friends in my first year." Harry stated. "I was taught how to play the guitar and piano. My other friends started to teach me the drums and violin." The teen lazily drew invisible designs across the table surface.

Brian could feel the burning gaze of his friends on him, but ignored them for the sake of listening to Harry speak. "I like to also write, it doesn't matter what it is. Whatever comes to me at that moment, I write it down." He remarked with a slight smile.

"Sounds interesting." Brian offhandedly remarked. Harry just gave a short, stiff nod. The older male fought the urge to sigh.

"Here ya go." Debbie announced. Setting the drinks and food down in front of the two.

"Thank you." Harry politely replied with a shy smile.

"Thanks Deb." Brian nodded. Debbie gave a nod in return before turning on her heel and walking over to the table where the gang sat.

"So that's art and music, how about other interests, like sports?" He questioned before taking a bite out of his sandwich.

"I like sports. Not as much as other boys my age, but enough. Dean Thomas taught me how to play hockey because he said it was amazing when you're in a nice cold rink and that it's his favorite sport. Seamus Finnegan taught me how to play football, as he loves the sport." When Harry said football, Brian had a feeling he meant soccer. As Lily had tended to call soccer, football and would get offended when he called it something different. "Fred and George, Ron's older brothers, actually taught me how to play baseball and soccer, during the weekends and whenever the seasons were good enough." Harry explained. Brian had been sporty as well when he was a teenager; he had at least played each of the sports Harry had stated over his teenage years.

"Same here, for the sports, at least. I like playing them all, was best at soccer though. Anything else?" Brian inquired.

"Well - I like gardening and cooking - for pleasure - not when I'm forced to do it." Harry stated with a slight frown on his face. Brian felt the sudden urge to hunt Harry's soon to be former guardians and show them just how much he hated assholes that abused children.

"I've never been a big gardener myself, but I know a bit about cooking." He gave a shrug as he took a bite of his turkey sandwich. He felt somewhat comfortable sitting across from his nephew, learning about him. Brian Kinney wasn't one to care, but when it came to this boy, that he had fought for, for some years, he was willing to sit down and shut the fuck up without making some snide comment.

"Friends?" Brian asked, eyebrows rose with a smirk.

"Well - there's Hermione Granger, she's the smartest girl in the school and very motherly and bossy at times." Harry said with a warm smile. "She's my best friend." He stated. Brian nodded. "Then there's Ron Weasley, he's my best friend too, but not the brightest. He gets jealous and easily angered." Brian gave another short nod. "When we told him we were going to do a search for you, he was a little skeptical, but he promised not to tell anyone. It made it a lot easier to do a search for you, especially when we had Bill and Charlie helping us, they're Ron's older brother's." He had met Bill and Charlie when they had come home for the summer holiday's to see their family. It was with the help of Hermione mentioning some of the things they found, that Bill and Charlie began to get everything Harry would need to find Brian and get him to Pittsburgh. Harry took a few fries and dipped them into the ranch. He found he rather liked the flavor of the two together.

A look of slight disgust crossed Brian's face before his blank, disinterested look crossed his face. Before Harry could see. God knows the kid seemed to have worse self-esteem than Mikey and Ted put together. He didn't need any more drama queens. Those two and Honeycutt were more than enough for him to handle for an hour. "I also have Fred, George, Bill and Charlie as good friends. We all got to know each other better than before. It was nice." Harry smiled as he grabbed another fry and dipped into the ranch. "I have more friends at school, like Seamus Finnegan, Dean Thomas, Luna Lovegood, Neville Longbottom, and a few other people."

Brian contemplated perhaps not giving Harry an option to stay here or go to his school again. After all, the boy had all these friends that would more than likely be harder to find at Middle School and High School. Especially if he comes out as homosexual or bisexual, whenever he does discover what gender he likes. Brian sighed as he looked to his wrist and noticed the time. It was nearing four. He was surprised they had remained here for over two hours. At least he had the day off.

The Loft

18th June 1996

Over the last two weeks Harry Potter had never felt so happy. Ever since his Uncle had signed the papers, after Melanie's friend looked them over, and officially made him Harry's legal guardian, both in the Muggle and Wizarding world, Harry had felt an immense relief. It was like a solid weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. It was during that time that he and his Uncle had gotten to know each other even more. It was also during this time that Harry noticed how...protective Michael was towards his Uncle and how Lindsey seemed to love his Uncle Brian. It was also during this time that Harry learned from Micheal's mother, Debbie, that Lindsay had been persistently trying to get Brian to be the surrogate father for her and her girlfriend, Melanie, so they could have a child.

Harry could remember the conversation his Uncle Brian had had with Lindsay and Melanie. From the gossip that Harry constantly heard about his Uncle it was obvious that most didn't think him to be a "fatherly" type of person. Within the closed doors of the Loft, Harry had been shown a softer side to Brian Kinney. Brian was a rather caring person when he let his walls down, which was rare. But his Uncle Brian was willing enough to show a less sarcastic, rude, narcissistic and cocky individual. Harry knew his Uncle would make a wonderful father. He just wasn't sure his Uncle believed he would be. Brian had been taking amazing care over him. His Uncle had recently called a construction crew to begin remolding the loft next door and the one below them, that he bought. It would make it so the loft had four extra bedrooms instead of it's one, as well as breaking down the wall between the two to make it into a doorway for some semblance of privacy. The loft below them was going to have an entertainment theater, a library, office, and an extra room for whatever he decided to change it into.

Harry shook the thoughts away about thew new remodeling and focused back on the conversation between Brian, Lindsay and Melanie, it was a rather - heated - conversation.

The living room of the Loft was thick with a heavy silence as the three adults looked at each other. There was a hesitation to start a conversation between them. "Look, you came here for a reason. Just state what the fuck you want or you can leave and come back when you find the courage to actually talk to me." Harry, from where sat against the wall in the hallway, listened and watched as the three began to speak. "I know I'm irresistible, but you two aren't my type." Brian stated in a rather snarky manner.

"I find being in your presence rather sickening." Melanie remarked with a glare.

"The feelings mutual Melanie. I can almost feel my lunch coming back up." Brian sneered sarcastically.

Lindsay gave a pleading look between her best friend and girlfriend. "Please, can you not fight?" She begged with wide blue eyes.

Brian and Melanie shared a look, both disgruntled at the thought of being polite with each other. With rolled eyes and sighs, they nodded sharply. Melanie leaned back against the cushion of the couch. "Have you considered what we asked you?" Lindsey questioned with hopeful eyes from where she sat besides her girlfriend.

Brian crossed his arms over his chest and glanced at Lindsay. "I've given it some thought." Brian replied to her question. His lips thinned as he looked between his best friend and the Wicked Witch of Lesbians.

"And?" Lindsay asked eagerly. She leaned forward with her hands held in her lap.

"I'll do it." Brian agreed. Lindsay gave a squeal before leaping up from the couch and tackling Brian with a hug. "But, there are some things that I've decided will have to be accepted before we do anything." He continued.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Lindsay chanted with a giant smile.

Brian fought the urge to grimace and gag at the tight hug and chanted thanks. "Yeah, yeah. Can we cut to the chase now that we're done with the whole - thing?" Brian stated with a blank face as he looked at Melanie. The other woman gave a slight nod to Brian, silently telling him, that yes, she too wanted to get this shit done and over with.

"So, what did you want to negotiate about?" Melanie demanded. Lindsay had forgotten about what Brian had stated while she was eagerly thanking him. She looked to her friend with furrowed eyebrows.

"If I – we – we have any children, I'm not giving my rights away." Brian stated bluntly.

Melanie and Lindsay's eyebrows rose at this rather surprising statement. "Wait, what?" The two women chorused in unison as they look at the handsome male before them.

Brian sighed with a roll of his eyes. "I'm not giving my rights away. If I did, you'd all try and suck me dry with what money I have and give me bullshit excuses. No, I'm not giving my rights away." He stated firmly. "If you have a fucking problem with that, then is won't happen. If you both want to, you can have a child of your own some day and get your own parental rights. There's no way that I'm gonna be responsible to my own flesh and blood and not have the rights to see him or her and be there if they need me. I don't want to be just a sperm donor."

Melanie and Lindsay shared surprised glances. They hadn't expected Brian to be so mature over the last two weeks. Perhaps taking care of his nephew did do some good for him. They silently communicated before nodding slowly in agreement. "All right, we won't fight you with this. This can be a…probationary period where you can show us you can actually be a father for a child without fucking it up." Melanie stated. "I'll contact my friend, Harvey, about starting up the paperwork for this." She said with a small smile.

She may hate the asshole, but she knew she would never be able to give up a child of her own if she ever had one of her own. So, she was willing, albeit painfully, to let Brian keep his parental rights to whatever children either of the three of them might have. Lindsay nodded her agreement with what Melanie was saying. They wouldn't be so cruel to do something like that to him. Even though most of the things they did did at times seem like it.

Brian nodded. "So, when do you have to make an appointment for this?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

Lindsay cleared her throat and patted down her clothes. "We'll we made it for August 22nd." She stated with a smile. She felt eager and excited. She would finally get her wish, her dream. She will finally be a mother. Perhaps she could talk him into it in a few years again. A smile graced her lips at the thought.

"Good. Now that we're done here, I have some shit to do." Brian said as he stood up from the other couch.

"Oh right. Of course." Lindsay stood up from the couch. "Come on Mel." Together, the couple walked towards the front door.

"Thanks asshole." Melanie stated as she and Lindsay stepped out into the hallway.

"Always a pleasure Wicked Witch." He mockingly smiled at the brunette who simply glared at his remark. He knew she hated Wizard of Oz.

"Thank you again, Brian." Lindsay's blue eyes sparkled happily up at the taller man.

"Of course. Later Wendy." Brian gave a small smile at his best friend.

"I'll be seeing you Peter." With one last smile, the two women walked towards the elevator.

"So, how much did you ease drop on?" Brian randomly inquired, looking towards where Harry had been sitting silently.

"All of it?" Harry questioned with an innocent smile. He had become much more open over the last two weeks of being with his Uncle. "I think it's pretty cool." He continued when Brian didn't say anything. Bright green eyes watched his Uncle as he locked the sliding metal door.

Brian made a sound at the back of his throat as he made his way over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of ice tea. He uncapped the Arizona Green Tea and took a drink. If he wasn't drinking water, he was either drinking coffee, ice tea; Harry had gotten him into it, or alcoholic beverages. He also did some illegal drugs, but it was all for fun and medicinal purposes, nothing more. He wasn't an addictive type of person and he never did it around his nephew. In fact Harry only knew about it because he had seen Brian putting some small bags into a locked box in his room once and Brian saw him watching. He felt guilty for looking but his Uncle was really honest and told him what it was and that he knew exactly what he was getting into and he knew his own limits. He didn't think it was a very good idea, and he had no interest, after all, they couldn't be much better than some of the potions he'd heard about, and they actually sound worse.

"That you're going to be a Dad." Harry added when he noticed his Uncle didn't seem very excited, or even listening to him. "Aren't you happy about it?" His head tilted to the side curiously. Bright emerald green eyes looked up at his Uncle with furrowed eyebrows and a frown.

"Of course." Brian gave a smile that showed anything but excitement.

"Is something wrong Uncle Brian?" The almost thirteen-year-old took a seat on the couch and faced his Uncle.

"Nothing's wrong Harry." The twenty-five-year-old looked to his nephew before giving in with a sigh as the wide-eyed puppy dog look. Damn puppy dog eyes were going to do him in one of these days. He just knew it. "I don't want to end up being a shitty Father." The unspoken, "like my father" was felt heavy in the air. Harry knew his Uncle was talking about his grandfather.

"You're going to be an awesome dad." Harry promised with a smile. "You're already awesome with me and you hardly know how to handle a teenager." His eyes sparkled with mischief.

Brian gave a laugh and small smile. "Yeah, true." He conceded with a shake of his head.

"I'm glad you're not going to give up your parental rights." Harry stated. The relief he felt was strong. He was about as excited and anxious as Lindsay was at the thought of his Uncle being a father. He wanted a younger "sibling" as he would think of them as, to play with and babysit. He was already thinking of his Uncle as a fatherly figure. Harry wanted to be able to play and spoil the child, to be able to take care of the child when it came over to Brian's place.

"I'm glad too..." Brian muttered softly, eyes distant as he looked out at the wide opened window. "I'm not that heartless."

Harry snapped out of his memory as the Loft door opened with a low groan, before slamming shut with a thud. "Hi Uncle Brian. How was work?" Harry asked, glancing over his shoulder, not paying much attention to the commercials.

"Awesome." Brian snapped sarcastically. His foul mood could be felt in the air. "I'm heading out tonight Harry. I'll leave you money to order take out. Order from the same Chinese place we usually order from, they know the building and us; it's safer that way. I'll be back sometime later." He said as his hazel eyes flickered to the clock on the wall. 11:37. It had been a long day.

"...All right..." Harry didn't know where his Uncle went out at night, but he always smelt like alcohol, sweat and kind of like the bathrooms after playing football or Quidditch for hours, but stronger.

Brian didn't reply but just headed to the bathroom to take a shower before heading to the bedroom to get dressed. It was nearly twenty minutes later when Brian came back dressed in tight black jeans and a see through dark blue shirt. His shoes were black and he was carrying his jacket. "Money's on the counter. Save me some food, okay Harry?" He called out over his shoulder as he sauntered out of the front door, locking it with the alarm code before locking it with his keys.

Harry just sat on the couch for a few minutes before shaking his head. Adults sometimes could be so strange, he decided with a nod. He'd find out one day where his Uncle went, but for now, he was content with not knowing.

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