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Embry POV

It had been just a few days since the decision about Jake had been made and things were quiet, but the pack knew that trouble was brewing. We had gathered once again at Sam's for a pack party; Bella was tucked into my side and my arm was curled around her waist when Jake showed up. He was pissed, so I knew then that he had been told about the decision to strip him of his alpha title and send him away. After sending Bella inside with Emily and Kim, we confronted him. Sam, Jared, Paul, and I had decided that he would suffer pack punishment as well.

United the four of us stood as Jake stepped forward, his face was contorted in anger. He took a lunge at me, swinging his fist towards my jaw.

"You did this, you fucking bastard. It wasn't enough that you stole my girl! You had to turn my own father against me, too!"

I dodged his punch and side-cocked him in his jaw. Sam jumped in and started beating his ass and then the rest of us just followed suit. He threw punches, but it was too much. He went down and we stopped after a few kicks to his side. All of us were panting for breath as Jake lay on the ground moaning in pain. Emily had already called Sue, as planned. We might have been pissed at the stupid asshole, but we weren't going to be so cold to not allow him medical attention.

After Sue arrived and took Jake home, we moved the gathering inside. None of us felt much like partying anymore, but we stuck around, all of us quiet and lost in our own thoughts. Sam put "The Hangover 2" and we watched mostly in silence. Bella lay her head on my shoulder while the movie played. I was only half paying attention, my eyes were more on my imprint and how beautiful she really was. She caught me watching her and smiled softly.

"Let's get out of here, Baby", she said, her warm breath tickling my ear and sending a shiver down my spine.

I couldn't be more in agreement as we both said our goodbyes and headed back to my house. My mom was at work and wouldn't be home for the rest of the evening, so I led Bella to my room, stopping occasionally to kiss her soundly. I wanted her, my throbbing hard-on making it very apparent. I continued my sensual kisses as I lay down with her, my arms holding her close to my body, needing to reassure us both after everything that had happened recently. My tongue grazed her bottom lip and she moaned, parting her lips to allow me access. We had fooled around before, but we had never gone past second base, but I could feel her need mingling with mine and driving us both forward. My tongue slid into her mouth and I began to plunder every crevice, her taste driving my senses wild, my wolf rising up with a growl.

I whispered huskily against her throat as I panted breathlessly, "Fuck Bella, I want you so damn bad!"

She whimpered and whispered in a silken tone that made my already hard as hell cock even harder, "Then take me, Embry."

I searched her eyes for a moment before capturing her lips again in a hungry all-devouring kind of kiss. My hands slid up beneath her shirt to slowly remove it from her sweet body, breathing out when I looked at her laid out before me in a lacy bra.

"You're so damn beautiful, Bella."

She blushed before running her fingers over my chest, causing a growl to rumble out of me at her touch. The need to taste her drove my fingers to make quick work of the removal of her pants. I slid my hands beneath her body and removed her bra. My mouth was feathering hot open-mouthed kisses against her flushed skin, eliciting mewling moans of pleasure. Her back arched when I flicked my tongue across her perfect rounded breasts and I couldn't help taking her up on the invitation when I circled her nipple, lathing it with my tongue before wrapping my lips around it. Pleased with her reactions, I flicked my tongue over it before tugging it between my teeth gently. She gasped and grasped at my short hair, the reaction forcing growls from deep in my chest as I kept up my loving attention. I needed more though, so with light kisses brushing down her stomach, I slid her panties down her legs and brushed my fingers very lightly over her mound. My eyes were on hers as I watched her body arch and a startled gasp slip past her lips.

"I have to taste you, Honey" I told her.

With little warning I parted her outer pussy lips, thanking the gods that Paul thought of his conquests while patrolling. I couldn't help the growl that I let out when the scent of her arousal heightened, my tongue darted out to swipe in a slow teasing lick across her folds and over her nub. I plunged my tongue into her sweetness, swirling and tasting what she had to offer, while my thumb rubbed her clit in a slow circular motion. I looked up at her, and could not help the grin when I saw her parted lips breathing out soft moans, her eyes hooded.

I removed my tongue from her and slowly slid my middle finger into her; the tightness of her walls forced me to wonder how I was going to fit myself inside her. She whimpered and arched, a silent plea for more as I begin to move my finger in and out, lowering my mouth over her now swollen clit. I drew it into my mouth, sucking gently. She cried out with desire and I could feel she was already getting close when her walls began to pulse and quiver against my finger.

"God, you taste so damn good, Bells", I told her.

All she could do in response was shudder and moan even more as her orgasm washed over her. I slowly withdrew my finger slowly and brought it to my mouth, sucking her sweet juices off of it. Taking a swipe over her already sensitive nub, I moved up her body and kissed her deeply. With a groan, I pulled away when I felt her hands pushing my cutoffs away, helping her; I slid free from my cutoffs and kicked them off. My straining length stood at attention and I watched her reaction as she stared at it with wide eyes.

She looked up at me and spoke in a lust filled tone, "I want you to make love to me, Embry."

My breath was shaky as I took myself in my hand and guided the head of my cock against the entrance of her core. I slowly pushed forward; her walls were so damn tight against me that it was almost painful. I met her gaze when I met barrier, whispering to her, 'I love you Bella', before I moved forward, seating myself all the way in her. Her gasp of pain and the tears that gathered in her eyes as I paused to allow her to adjust made me want to tear up, too. I hated to cause her any sort of pain. She drew in a breath and shifted her hips to let me know it was safe to move. I watched her face as I hesitantly rocked my hips forward before withdrawing almost all the way, only to plunge forward again.

"Oh yes, Embry!" she mewled as she begin to move with me.

It felt so damn good and I knew, it being my first time, that I was not going to last very long. I kept a steady pace, thrusting as deeply as I could into her. I could feel my tip brush against what Paul had called the g-spot and damn if it didn't elicited a response from Bella that was almost my undoing. She squeezed my length, crying out, and I spurred forward, my movements becoming erratic as I felt my balls tightening with the need to release within her. I could tell she was getting close too, so I reached down between us and began rubbing her clit. Her body arched up under mine as she screamed in release, her walls clenched so damn tight around me that I followed suit, my whole body going rigid as my hot cum filled her and I groaned out her name.

"Fuck Bella!"

I slowly withdrew from her and wrapped my arms around her body after we both had started to come down from our highs. I nuzzled my face against her neck, her scent relaxing me so much.

"I love you, Bella."

She hummed at my words and spoke softly while running her fingers gently against my scalp.

"I love you too, Em."

Her words made my heart soar to new heights. This woman was my everything, my very heart and soul, and I would do my damnedest to make her happy every moment of the rest of her life.


A couple of weeks had passed since Jake had been sent to stay with his sister Rebecca and her husband in Hawaii. Things had gotten better since he left; Bella and I both were graduating in a few days and we spent all of our free time together. I couldn't stand to be away from her. I had plans to ask her to marry me on our graduation night. I knew that I wanted to spend every day with her, to wake up with her in my arms every morning. The pack was surprised that we had heard from Jake after everything that had taken place, but it seemed that being in Hawaii had done him good. Apparently the day after he arrived, he imprinted on a local girl who was a friend of Rebecca's. That was a shock for all of us, but we were pleased finding her had made him understand just how hard it was to be apart from one's mate and had given him a better understanding of the true nature of imprinting.


Graduation night for Bella had arrived and I was nervous about proposing to her. I had the ring in my pocket and I had already spoken to Charlie. He had after some persuasion given his blessing. I was going to meet her at her ceremony and we were going to have dinner together. I sat with Charlie and Billy during her graduation, a huge smile on my face as I watched my beautiful girl get called to walk across the stage. I was extremely proud of her and when it was over I hugged her tight, whispering in her ear.

"I love you Bells. I am so proud of you, Honey."

She smiled and whispered back to me, "I love you, too."

After saying goodbye to her dad and Billy, we left to go spend an evening together. I was taking her to a restaurant in Port Angeles and our reservations were for 8 p.m.; we couldn't be late. We arrived right on time and the hostess seated us immediately. As we sat together, I couldn't help but stare at her, a goofy grin on my face. We placed our orders after choosing carefully, she was having a chicken Caesar salad and I was having a medium rare steak. I was sweating from nerves when I took her hands and got down on one knee beside her. My voice trembled a little when I spoke.

"I know that we have only been together a few months, but each day with you is one of the best of my life. I want to wake up with you next to me. I want to fall asleep with my arms around you; I want to come home and kiss you senseless. I want us to raise a family together and most of all; I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me Bella Swan?"

I could feel tears moistening my eyes as I stared up at her, her own eyes were misted as she whispered a resounding, "Yes!"


We had settled on an engagement that lasted a year and half. It was so hard to wait, but it was worth it when the day finally came. Today was the day, Bella Swan was going to become Bella Call and I was ecstatic. It was going to be a small ceremony of just family and friends. The real shocker was that Jake and his imprint were coming. They had decided to move back to La Push just a few weeks ago. Things with Jake were getting better; he had apologized for his past actions. His imprint was quickly becoming good friends with Bella and Jake was happy about that.

I was dressed in a white button down dress shirt and black dress slacks. Both Bella and I wanted to keep it simple, so we opted for a more informal gathering. I was trembling slightly with nervousness as I stood on the beach with our guests. Sam was my best man and Billy was officiating the ceremony. I stood at attention when I felt Bella making her way down to the beach with Charlie beside her. Emily, her maid of honor, came down the make shift aisle in front of her. I barely noticed what Emily had on as she made her way down the pathway. My eyes were only on my Bella as she began walking forward, her eyes meeting mine. She was so damn beautiful. She had a flowing simple white dress. I couldn't manage to tear my eyes away from her and part of me wanted to sprint to where she was and scoop her up, ceremony be damned. Finally she made it to stand in front of me, Charlie placing her hand in mine and joining us together. I mouthed 'I love you' and smiled a huge smile when she mouthed it back. I was so focused on her that I barely heard a word Billy said, only catching enough to recite my vows. I heard a few chuckles finally and looked around as Billy nudged me and smirked, repeating himself.

"You may kiss your bride."

I felt my copper skin heat with a bit of a blush and lowered my lips to Bella's in a slow, passionate kiss. I could barely believe that she was now my wife.

We danced together on the makeshift dance floor at the council hall, our eyes never breaking apart. I held her close as we moved in a slow dance, whispering in her ear.

"I love you so much, Mrs. Call."

I saw her smile as her fingers brushed my cheek and she breathed out in a breathy whisper.

"I love you too, Mr. Call."

This was perfect, I felt nothing could top the night but I was wrong, what happened next was just icing on the cake, metaphorically speaking. She pulled me down so she could whisper in my ear.

"I have a little surprise for you, Embry."

I was taken aback and stared at her as she led me away from the dance floor to just outside the council hall, so we could have some privacy. Her next words were the beginning of our bright future together. She smiled and took my hand in hers, resting it on her stomach.

"I'm pregnant."