"Come on, Gibbs. Pick up" Abby said to herself as she listened to the phone ring.

The funeral was earlier that day, but Abby just couldn't stand to say good bye with everyone else there. It was now just about thirty minutes til midnight, but she needed Gibbs with her. He was literally her shoulder to cry during the service.

"Yeah, Gibbs," came a familiar voice from the other side of the line.

"Gibbs. I hope I'm not waking you, but I was hoping if you would come with me to visit Tony," she wanted to add that she probably would never leave if she went alone.

"Sure Abs. Don't worry though, you didn't wake me. I was just sitting with my boat. I'll be over in five to pick you up, okay?"

"Thanks Gibbs. I'll be ready" she couldn't hide her whimpers in her voice.

"No problem Abs." Gibbs heard the sadness in her voice. He hung up, grabbed his coat, and left.

Abby's Front Door

Gibbs knocked on the door to her apartment, but he didn't expect her to be right by the door.

Abby practically runs into Gibbs, wanting a hug, and nearly knocks him over.


"What is it Gibbs?"

"Ready to go see Tony?"

"No, but if I don't do it now, I never will."

"Then lets go."

With out releasing Abby, Gibbs shuts her front door, locks it with the spare key she gave him, and headed to the car.

They were both silent during the whole trip.

After Gibbs cut off the engine, he spoke, "Abs, were here. Want me to come with you?"

"No Gibbs. I know you are going to keep an eye on me though, but it would be nice if you can let me speak to him privetly" she didn't want Gibbs feel as if she didn't trust him, but Tony and Abby, they talked about things she would never say to Gibbs' face.

"Okay Abs. I'll be visiting another friend of mine if you need me."