Title: Three Scenes of Love
Pairing: Tiva, friendship
Summary: A writing prompt I found tucked away in an old, forgotten file. "Free write three scenes of love. (Any type: romantic, friendship, familial, etc.)"

A window painting could never looked as cliché as the day that put Anthony DiNozzo in such a good mood. The sun shone down brightly on him as he put on his dark tinted aviators. The breeze blew just light enough to fend away his thoughts of a jacket. Even the birds seemed to greet him as he walked into the stony building that housed his bullpen. The familiar Ding! of the elevator even seemed a little brighter.

"Good morning!" he tossed down his bags and looked up at his not-so-bright coworkers. He got more of grunts in response than actual words. "Why the long faces!"

"It's Monday," Abby said with a shrug as she walked towards him, timing her entrance perfectly. She tried to avoid the glares from McGee and Ziva as she smiled her greetings to the senior field agent. "Though I don't know why Timmy has the long face," she turned and faced him from the center of the room, "aren't you off for the next few days anyway?"

"Not for good reason." he replied with no tone in his voice and a deadpan expression, "chores, catching up on paperwork and showing my sister's new boyfriend around town… not exactly what I would call a fun-filled vacation." And with that he grabbed his own gear bag and headed for the elevator.

Tony turned his attention to the gloomy former Mossad agent. "And what's got your pants in a bunch?" He still said it with a slight smile. He lounged back in his chair, files only slightly noticed on his desk, staring at her waiting for a response. Abby walked up behind her and tried to look at her screen. Immediately Ziva exited any program that may have been open.

"Nothing," Ziva replied curtly and stood up and left.

Tony looked up at Abby with a quizzical look. "Family problems? Guy problems? Do I need to beat someone up?" She replied with a shrug.

"This one is a complete mystery to me," Abby took one last look around and wandered down to her lab, seemingly emerging only to say hellos and disappear back to her work.

Tony thought for a second and then headed for the elevator.


Ziva walked back to her desk with a scowl that seemed to be permanently stuck for a few days. She had only been gone for 10 minutes but the emptiness of the squad room after such a rare morning encounter with a cheerful DiNozzo left her skeptical. She walked back to her desk carefully as she rounded the corner and saw only Gibbs sitting at his desk, leafing through a thick file on his desk.

"Problem, Ziva?" he asked without raising his head from the papers in front of him.

"Where is everyone else?" She stood inbetween Tony's desk and her own, fearful that there maybe some prank awaiting her, no doubt it would be Tony's way to cheer her up.

"McGee took some days off and Tony is with Agent Anderson going over some cold case files." Again, there was nothing in his voice to hint there was anything more than daily routine, but still Ziva approached the rest of her steps to her desk with caution.

She sat and inspected her desk. In the middle sat a cup from the coffee shop down the street, markings noting it was her favorite tea blend scribbled on the side. Beside it lay a note, again scribbled but this time in Tony's boyish handwriting.

Cheerful mornings aren't as bright if there's no one to share them with. Hope your day improves. -Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo

She read the post-it note again, trying to find some hint of sarcasm, teasing or otherwise ill-will. She could find none. She raised the cup to her lips, touched at Tony's note, but even more his maturity to not pester her about what was wrong. She shook the feeling of guilt away, regretting doubting Tony's motives, and gently placed the cup back on her desk. She closed her email, her reports and the stressors of her morning. Enjoying the rest of her tea, she made a mental note to thank Tony for this. Not just the tea, but passing on the good will he had walked in with.

She smiled as she sipped her tea, letting her frustrations fade away.

On the back of the post-it, gone unnoticed was a hastily written note, one which Tony wasn't sure she would even see.
PS: Smile, Sweetcheeks, you never know who's day your smile may make.

A/N: Each chapter will be a stand alone story. Just my takes on different ways people express their care for someone. Hope everyone has a lovely day!