Title: Consequences.

Summary : Sequel to Truth. Veronica and Logan find out that a simple game of truth or dare has unexpected repercussions.

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Chapter 1

"Hey." Veronica heard the voice of her best friend Lilly Kane and turned her head from her locker to see her smiling.

"Hey," Veronica returned with a hint of surprised. "You seem awfully chipper for someone who was just about to get a major chewing out the last time I saw her." She observed. "So how did it go with your parents anyway? I would have called and asked sooner, but I'm grounded until prom."

Lilly scoffed. "That's not too bad. Proms only a few months away."

"My senior prom." Veronica clarified.


"So what about you?"

"I got a month." Lilly said with an insouciant shrug. Being grounded has never stopped Lilly Kane from doing whatever she wanted. "But Golden boy Duncan only got two weeks."

"That's not fair." Veronica remarked. She was happy for her boyfriend to not have to be under house arrest for an entire month, but she was also angry for her friend. It was completely wrong the way her parents–namely her mother, Celeste–treated the sibling with such disparity. They were always harder on Lilly. Granted Lilly did tend to get into a bit more trouble than Duncan, but in this case they had done exactly the same thing and Lilly still received the harsher punishment.

Not for the first time Veronica felt grateful to have the parents she had.

"Tell me something I don't know." Lilly said. "Anyway, forget about all that, I have something I want to tell you."

Veronica shut her locker and turned fully to her friend giving her her undivided attention. "What's up?"

"I'm gonna break up with Logan." She divulged.

Veronica's shoulders slumped at that piece of completely underwhelming news. Lilly dump Logan at least once a month.

"So what else is new?" She asked dryly. "What did he do this time?"

"Not a thing." Lilly stated. "Logan didn't do anything wrong. I've just out grown him his all. It's for real this time" she earnestly informed.

Veronica rolled her eyes. "Yeah right." she said in an 'I'll believe it when I see it' kind of tone.

"I'm serious Veronica." Lilly adamantly maintained. "Logan and I are finished, or will be once I tell him about it, I'm done with him. I've moved on."

"Moved on?" Veronica prodded. "What, like, with someone else?" She lowered her voice at the last part.

Lilly leaned forward, a small coy smile on her full lips, and mirrored Veronica's hushed tone. "Maybe."

"Lilly!" Veronica gasped shocked. "You're cheating on Logan?"

Of course, Lilly and Veronica had always joked about Lilly's love of the male of the species, and her vast experience with them. But, Veronica never actually thought that any of this "experience" was gained while she and Logan were in an on phase of their on again off again romance.

"Gawd, Veronica." Lilly groaned. "You make it sound so dire. It's not like we're married. We're in high school!"

"Yeah, but..." Veronica shook her head trying to find the right argument. "But, Logan loves you."

"And I love him." Lilly affirmed. "And I always will, in a way. But, I'm going to be going off to Vassar next year and he'll still be here. You and I have always agreed how foolish it is to try and carry a high school relationship into to college, especially long distance."

"Yeah, I know, but that's almost a year away." She argued.

Lilly shrugged. "Why wait. It's better this way, to get it over with now, so Logan can deal with it and move on already. This is the best way, you'll see."

Veronica shook her head. "I don't know."

Lilly sighed. "You'll understand someday." She said.

Veronica's brow pinched. "What is that supposed mean?"

"Nothing, never mind." Lilly hastened, then focused on something over Veronica's shoulder. "Hey donut!" She greeted.

"Hey." Veronica heard Duncan's voice reply, just before she felt his arm slip around her waist. "Hey, baby." He said to her and kissed her cheek.

She managed a smile for him and said, "Hey."

"Aw, isn't this puppy love precious?" A voice said and the three of them turned to see Logan coming there way. And the fourth musketeer was in place. He grabbed Lilly by the hips and swooped down to kiss her fully on the lips, with tongue and all. Lilly returned the action with fervor.

Veronica wondered how Lilly could still kiss him like that knowing she was getting ready to break his heart. Something about all this made Veronica not too pleased with her friend and she felt a wave of nausea wash over her.

"You okay Ronnie?" Logan asked, apparently her discomfort was showing.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She assured. She placed a hand on her stomach. "Something's just not sitting right with me is all." She said, looking at Lilly.

"Hey!" Veronica jumped back startled as Logan swooped into her path as she made her way to the bus depot.

"Hey, yourself." She returned, taking a breath and trying to slow her heart rate back to normal. Once she got that under control she was able to focus on her unease about encountering Logan. She felt awkward being around him now that Lilly had let her in on her plans. Obviously, gauging by the smile on Logan's face she hadn't broken up with, yet.

'Maybe she changed her mind.' Veronica thought hopefully, but there was something about the conviction in her voice that made her doubt that.

"What's up?" She asked him, hitching up her bag and trying to avoid his eyes. She started walking again, thinking that would make it easier if they were side by side.

"Um, I was wondering if we could talk." Logan ventured.

"Talk?" Veronica asked. Sure she and Logan were friends, but he never actively sought her out to talk. Not unless it was about Lilly.

'Crap, he must suspect something and he's going to ask me about it.' Veronica felt very angry at Lilly just then. She hated being in the middle of others relationship drama. She was scared that if Logan did ask her she might let the secret slip.

"Yeah, talk." Logan reiterated, "You know, chat, converse, gab, form words with our mouths. It works like this; I say something, you say something, and we continue this, back and forth, and before you know it," he flourished his hands in a 'Voila!' gesture, "we're having a discussion."

Veronica couldn't help but smirk. "Oh right. That talking." She paused and the momentary amusement faded. She cleared her throat, "So what exactly did you have in mind for us to talk about?"

Logan shrugged. "Oh, I don't know." he, "Just, you know, stuff."

"Stuff huh?" Veronica replied wryly. "Well, as scintillating as that sounds, I can't right now. I have uh, things to do." She lied. "Sorry. I got to get going or I'll miss my bus."

"Well, hey, why don't I give you a ride." Logan suggested.

'Crap. Okay Veronica I know you've got an excuse somewhere in that brain of yours to avoid this one.'

"Ooh, um not a good idea," she ventured. "I'm still kind of on the hook for our all nighter, Saturday. Me getting a ride from you might be seen as a violation of my parole and then my already hefty sentence will be extended."

Logan nodded in understanding, a small smirk on his lips. "Well, I wouldn't want to get you into anymore trouble with our fine local law enforcement. I know what a ball buster that sheriff is."

Veronica smiled over the grimace from the knotting in her stomach. She didn't like lying to Logan or blowing him off, but she didn't see she had much choice. Again, she didn't manage to hide her discomfort from Logan.

"You all right?" he asked a tinge of concern in his brown eyes that only made Veronica feel all the worse.

"Yeah, fine." She said. "I, um, gotta go. I'll see you later, Logan." She said, then bolted.

"Yeah, later." He called after her already twenty feet away before he could get the words out.