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"You are so messed up!"

"Me? You're calling me messed up?"

"Anyone with eyes could see that!"

"NATSU YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S FREAKING MESSED UP!" Lucy screamed at him. They have been at it for almost 2 hours. Something made them both snap, ever since Natsu 'accidently' poured some expired juice on her making her smell horrible.

Nothing had made them like this, and it worried everyone. "Says the girl who can't finish a stupid chapter!"

"At least I can read, and write correctly."

"Hey, I can read and write correctly!"

"Raised by a freaking dragon, you can read and write?"

"Igneel was one great teacher!" Lucy snorted crossing her arms. "L-Lu-Chan, shouldn't you go change and stop this now?" Levy asked feeling worried about her best friend.

"Oh yes, I forgot." Lucy said turning around and making her way towards the door. Natsu took a deep breath in before shouting, "AT LEAST I'M NOT WEAK!"

Lucy stopped in her tracks a hand on the door and her eyes wide. Did he seriously, just say that to her?

The guild people gasped and looked between Natsu and Lucy. Lucy turned around and faced him, eyebrow raised and staring at him in disbelief. "Did you just..?"

"Yes, I did. Everyone here knows, we all know you're weak, Lucy."

"And you know? I know I'm weak, but I don't give up. Even if I'm not much of a good fighter, we all know I can kick your ass and make you squeal like a little girl." Lucy said before turning her heel and walking out the door.

"She got you," Gajeel snickered. "Shut up metal head! Nobody's talking to you!" Natsu said before stomping out the guild.

He hates when he fights with Lucy, it gives him a weird feeling inside that he doesn't like. But Lucy started it, and he started defending himself and it turned out this way.

The longest they've gone without talking to each other was about 2 days, and they apologized to each other. Let's see how long this one will go.

It has been a month since Natsu and Lucy have fought and they've talked. Everyone was worried; the two ex-teammates avoided each other.

When they see each other, they walk the other way. When they come close, they immediately jerk away. It was impossible for them and everyone knew they didn't like it.

It hurt them as much as it hurt them. Natsu never came to Lucy's house anymore and it somehow made Lucy feel empty. Nobody liked it when they fought, especially them two.

Lucy sat at the bar with Mira and Wendy while Natsu was all the way across the guild, sitting at the table with Gray and Gajeel.

Lucy sipped her drink as she rested her aching head on her hand. "This is boring," Lucy commented, sipping her drink lightly.

"Lucy-san, why don't you go on a job?" Wendy suggested.

"I would, but there are no good jobs. . ."

"Want me to pick you a job?"

"I'm fine, Mira." Lucy waved her off. Lucy sighed as she looked across the guild towards Natsu, he was chatting with Gray and Gajeel, looking a bit glum and pissed off. Is he as sad as she is?

Lucy sighed and looked back at her two guild mates, looking at her sadly. "Why don't you just go make-up?" Mira said.

"Because, I want him to. He started it, and I'm not apologizing for anything."

"Lucy-san, Natsu-san isn't feeling good if you keep avoiding him."

"Me? Avoiding him? He's avoiding me and how do you know that?"

"I could sense it in him and you Miss Natsu-san don't you?" Lucy was silent, admitting defeat. It was true; she missed that loud and reckless pink haired teen.

He always made her day just by giving her a grin. Lucy heard clanking of armor, knowing that sound; Erza was coming. Lucy looked towards the red head and smiled about to greet her.

"Hey Er-"Erza grabbed Lucy's arm and started dragging her somewhere. Lucy squeaked and Erza's grip tightened.

"E-Erza! Whatever it is, I didn't do it!" Erza was silent, taking her across the guild. 'If she's thinking I'll make-up with that idiot, she's got another thing coming.' Lucy thought as Erza stopped in front of Natsu's table.

"Yo, Erza!" Gray greeted. Erza's hand suddenly became tighter and Lucy winces, hissing in pain. "Erza, it hurts!"

"Natsu. You. Follow. Me. NOW." Erza said as she turned around and dragged Lucy with her. Lucy heard some shifting and then footsteps coming behind her.

Erza dragged them outside, letting go of Lucy's arm and facing the two. Her hands on her hips and somewhat glaring at them.

The two felt chills going down their spines. "You two will make up, or I will have to go to further circumstances."

"I'm sorry!" Natsu and Lucy both squeaked but didn't look or face each other. They were looking the other way. Erza huffed. "That wasn't a proper apology."

"Erza, as much as I think I'm digging my own grave right now; I'm not going to do what you want." Lucy said taking a step back from her.

Erza glared at her. "Both you, give me your arms."

"What are you going to do..?"

"Cut them off?"

"No, now give them to me before I really cut them off." Erza threatened. Lucy and Natsu both extended their arms out. Lucy's right with Natsu's left.

Erza got something out of her pocket, but by plain sight it was nothing. Lucy and Natsu saw her tying something, it was invisible. Nothing was there to be seen!

"Erza, what are you doing?" Lucy asked. Erza pulled on something on Natsu's wrist and sighed. "That will be good enough."

"What will?"

"These magical string."

"WHAT!" Lucy shouted. "You're bluffing. I don't see anything."

"Oh yeah? Why don't you start walking away from each other now?"

"Fine," Natsu walked towards the guild doors. As soon as he touched it he felt a tug on his wrist, making Lucy fly towards him.

"Erza! What is this?" Lucy asked. "It's called magic string. It's invisible and you cannot see it only the person who cased the spell on the string. It cannot be cut, burnt, or taken off unless the caster takes it off. It is practically invincible." Erza said.

"Why did you do this?" Natsu asked. "To get you two making up. You cannot be apart for more than 5 feet or the string will bring you two closer like before."

Natsu and Lucy looked at each other since a month ago, horrified faces showing one another.


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