"Does this mean they made up?"

"I think so, we need to see later. Anyways, I'm leaving before something else happens between these two couples." Erza said as she turned her heel and left.

Gray followed after and tried shaking that imagine off his head. Did he look like that when Lucy and he kissed before?

Lucy and Natsu came inside hand in hand. They made up and now were a couple. They walked towards Erza and stopped in front of her. "Good morning, Erza." Lucy smiled.

"Morning you two. Need something?"

"Yes, you forgot something." Natsu held his arm up with Lucy's. "Ah yes, since you two have made up looks like you don't need this anymore." Erza said untying the string from them.

Natsu grinned rubbing his wrist. "Finally! No more strings attached!" Natsu cheered. Lucy smiled. "Thanks Erza,"

"You're welcome, now you understand how bad I feel if you two fight?"

"Yes Erza." Lucy said. "Sorry about that." Natsu grinned rubbing the back of his head. "I hope you two learned a lesson,"

"Yeah, we did. Never fight in front of Erza." Natsu snickered looking at Lucy. Lucy smirked agreeing with him. Erza glared at them.

"W-We mean, fighting doesn't make anybody happy..?"

"Correct." Lucy and Natsu both sighed. "Anyways, Happy birthday Lucy." Erza said handing her a tiny blue box wrapped in a scarlet bow.

"Wow! You remembered and thank you!" Lucy said looking at her present.

Just then Natsu went blank. 'Birthday, birthday, it's her BIRTHDAY?' Natsu watched as Lucy opened the present and gasp when she saw the bracelet.

"Thank you so much Erza!" Lucy gave her a big hug. "Anything for you, Lucy." Erza smiled.

Natsu turned his heel as he ran out the guild. He forgot her birthday. He opened the doors as he ran. He smashed into someone and the two both fell to the ground. Natsu stood up looking at him. Gray Fullbuster.

"Gray! Come with me!" Natsu shouted grabbing him and running off.

"Wah-? Let me go flame head!" Gray shouted as Natsu abducted him.


"BWAHAHAH! YOU FORGOT YOUR OWN GIRLFRIEND'S BIRTHDAY? AHAHAHAHA!" Gray laughed as he slapped his knee. Tears streamed down as his face like he's never heard anything more funny then forgetting someone's birthday.

Natsu's face burned crimson as he glared at the ice mage.

"It's not funny, just shut up and help me look for a present!"

"And why would I do that?"

"Because, you're my nakama?" Gray stared at him raising a brow. Natsu sighed. "I'll buy you some shaved ice when we get back,"

"For the whole week,"



"Fine! A week!" Natsu shouted. Gray smirked. "I'll help you," He said. "Great, what did you get her?"

"A card with some ribbons. I'm planning on giving it to her at the party." Gray said. Natsu nodded. "What do girls like?"

"No, the main question is: What does Lucy like?" Gray corrected him. "Lucy liked many things,"

"Name some."

"Lucy likes sparkly things, stars, puppies, keys, clothes, shoes, make-up, ribbons, dolls, the color pink, jewelry, money, Fairy tail, looking cute, me, and much other stuff." Natsu listed things out.

Gray sighed as he shook his head. "Pick something out for Lucy, I meant." Gray said. "How am I supposed to know? I don't know what she likes!" Natsu shouted grabbing onto his hair and freaking out.

'Is he stupid? He just listed bunch of stuff that she likes.'

"O-Okay, then let's go to different stores looking for stuff. I'm pretty sure you'll find some here." Gray said as they went inside a store.

The two mages went to store after store looking for things but they failed. Gray got tired of this and started to shout and Natsu yelled back at him saying he's not a good nakama at all. Gray stormed off somewhere and left Natsu to think by himself.

Natsu went around looking around and sighing. There were many things he could buy for Lucy, literally he could just buy her a pair of socks and she'll love it.

But he wanted this to be special since they are boyfriend and girlfriend and especially he wanted her to know how much he loved her.

When he was going down the street something caught his eyes.

Natsu quickly entered soon coming out with a box wrapped in yellow and pink wrapping. Lucy was so going to love this.

Lucy was at her house getting ready for the big birthday bash Mirajane and Erza was telling her about. They wanted her to be all dressed up pretty to come and have some fun. The party was in 30 minutes and cancer has just finished doing her hair.

He disappeared and Lucy got dressed into a pink short dress wearing some black heels with her hair in curls. She looked ready to party.

As Lucy was about to head out someone came inside her house, a click of a window and a warm sensation. Natsu was here.

"LUCY! WHERE ARE YOU?" Natsu yelled as he searched her house. Her scent was everywhere; he couldn't find her with his sharp nose. "LU-!"

"Stop shouting!" Lucy came as she shushed him. Natsu looked at her and grinned giving her a soft kiss.

"Happy birthday, Luce." Natsu said as he dug into his pocket and handed her the box. Lucy gasped as she flung herself at Natsu.

"Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome, now why don't you open it?"

"What is it?"

"Open it," Natsu urged her to. Lucy carefully untied the yellow bow and opened the box. It was a celestial key wrapped in another little bow. "A key?"

"Yup! It's a Dragon! It's not really that strong but it can do stuff."

"Wow, Natsu. Thank you," Lucy smiled giving him another hug and kissing him. Natsu grinned. "Can you summon him? I want to see him!" Natsu said jumping up and down.

"Sure, I need to make a contract with him anyways." Lucy said as she put the key to the air.

She started to talk and soon a magic circle appeared below her. Soon a big poof came. A tiny purple Dragon appeared in front of her.

"My master, hi." He said. His high pitched voice sounding very cute and squeaky. "So adorable!" Lucy squealed. "He's purple!"

"Master, nice to meet you."

"Oh, please. I'm not your Master, I'm your friend." Lucy smiled crouching down to his size. "My . . . friend?"

"Yeah, my friend! You're a living soul, and you're no shield. I'm Lucy; hope we could be good friends." Lucy said. Suddenly the purple dragon cried jumping on her. He was heavier then Lucy thought he was.

"I-I've never thought this day will come! A celestial spirit who actually cares about her spirits!" he cried. Lucy smiled as she pet the dragon.

"So, do you have a name?"

"Y-Yes, I'm Hitachi."

"Hitachi. Hi, so what days are available?"

"Anytime, but just don't summon me during the nights. I go to sleep early!"

"Hm, not passed 8?" Lucy said. Hitachi nodded. "Great! Nice to meet you, dear." Lucy smiled sweetly. "Me too! I get to meet your spirits when I leave! I'll say hi to people!" Hitachi said before he disappeared.

"He's so awesome!" Natsu shouted. "He's so cute, Thank you for the wonder gift." Lucy said. Natsu grinned.

"That's not all; now let's get to Fairy Tail!" Natsu grabbed her wrist and they all ran out. The two couple ran out to Fairy Tail, coming and getting greeted by everyone.

The party started with drinks and shouting, fighting and yelling. It was a typical Fairy night; just it was Lucy Heartfillia's birthday.

"Lu-Chan! Happy birthday! Here's your present!" Levy handed her a rectangle shaped wrapped present with something on top.

"Thank you Levy-Chan!"

"Open it!"

"Okay!" Lucy ripped open the wrapper as Natsu, Levy, Erza, Gray, and Mirajane watched her. It was a diary with a pink fluffy pen.

"The pen is a everlasting pen that never runs out of ink. You can use it forever!"

"Thank you so much Levy-Chan! I love it!" Lucy said giving her a tight hug. She received so many gifts, maybe that's a good thing to have so many people loving you.

She got ribbons, cards, money, shoes, jewelry, papers, inks, books, clothes, keys, foods, and a lot more. It was the best birthday she had in her whole 17 years old of living. Now 18.

Lucy loves Fairy Tail with all her heart and would do anything for her precious guild. Who can treat her better? She has Natsu, her boyfriend and all her friends.

They were protective, yeah but they were also times when they had fun moments all together. It's just that, no strings attached.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to give you your present." Gray dug into his pocket. "You already did. The set of ribbons with stars on them. By the way, I love it!"

"Yeah, you're welcome. But I've got a little something for you and loud mouth over here."

"Me too?" Natsu asked. "Yeah, ah here it is." A white folded card with colorful letters in front. It says I love you on the front.

"Here," Gray said. "Coming from Mirajane, Erza, and me. Enjoy,"

"Eh, knowing it came from Erza and Mira I don't think I want to see what it is. . ."

"Nothing explosive, destructive, scary, or pop out."

"Lucy, open it. I want to know what it is since it's for me too," Lucy nodded as she opened the letter up, gasping and blushing deep red.

Gray snickered as Erza and Mirajane smiled giggling. "Lucy, what is it?" Natsu asked. He couldn't see what was so surprising to his girlfriend.

Lucy started shouting at the three snickering mages while Natsu picked up the card that Lucy had dropped.

He pulled it up as he saw a picture of them on the bed. It was just a couple days back when they were fighting. There was another one with Happy in the middle, Lucy holding him tight and sleeping.

They looked like a family together and it made Natsu grin. He couldn't help notice, what a great family they'll make one day.

"You two! That's why you were in my house that morning!"

"Lucy you can't deny it, both of you was destined to be together."

"But..! Stop taking pictures of us when we're sleeping!"

"Awe, come on Lucy. You two look great!"

"I never met anyone so . . . so . . . so weird!"

"Because we're Fairy Tail! We're never meant to be like another other guild." Gray smirked crossing his arms. "Why you-!"

"I like it," Lucy stopped shouting as she froze. Gray, Mira, and Erza also froze as they heard the familiar voice. The four looked back at the fire dragon slayer holding the birthday card in his hands. "What?"

"I said, I like it." Natsu said looking up at his friends. "You. . . like it?" Gray asked. "Yeah, I mean we do look great together." Natsu said pointing at the picture. Lucy blushed as she looked at him. "You seriously like the picture?"

"Yeah. There's nothing not to like, I love it. Thanks." Natsu grinned at his friends. "Natsu, you idiot." Lucy scolded as she grabbed the card from Natsu.

"You don't like it?" Natsu asked. "I've never said that, it's just. . . it's embarrassing. . . " Lucy said looking at the floor. Natsu grinned at her.

"Don't worry, as long as you're in Fairy Tail and with me, you'll experience far more embarrassing things than this."

"You got that right,"


"Oh yeah. Especially Team Natsu." Lucy pouted as she looked at all her friends. She hates it when their right. "Guess you're right,"

"Of course I am, when am I never?" Natsu asked smirking and grabbing a hold of Lucy. Lucy glared at him and hugged him back.

"I love you,"

"I love you too."

The end!

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