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Ashley was wandering through the dark, as per usual, she was alone, and frozen, as even her thick cloak didn't protect her from the sharp, cold Earth air. She hugged her cloak tighter to her, in the light hope that it would offer her far more warmth than it was already doing.

However the cold hitting her skin was nothing compared to the icy bitter wall built around her two hearts. The ice was beginning to thicken with each passing day of her life. Seeing her parents just now, so happy, so care free, and so brilliantly alive had only increased that matter. She shouldn't have been there, and whereas her father should have shunned her, he had welcomed her. For a moment she though she should have told them about who she was because she had felt such a sense of true belonging with them, but even when she felt that she could practically hear the universe mocking her, and telling her that blissful happiness wasn't hers to have.

She can still remember being the puppet on strings that killed the greatest enemy of the Timelords _ The Doctor. Though she knew now that every bit of knowledge that she'd had put into her mind on that horrific day had been one big lie. Since her escape of Gallifrey the spell she had been under had broken. She no longer saw her father as the enemy but herself instead. Over the years that she has spent on Earth she's heard enough of the legends to know that her father is a kind hearted man that often got caught up in trouble. He was not a bad man, he had saved billions of lives, and thanks to her the universe would soon be without a Doctor. The version of her father that she has just seen wasn't a far off one than the one she killed.

Then there was her mother, River Song, notoriously known for murdering The Doctor, but how could that be true? She murdered her father, not her mother. There were so many questions that she wanted answers for, but she would never be able to get them, what with her father dead, and her mother who despised her for killing him.

As she walked through the pitch black she heard a noise _ a beautiful noise. It was wonderful, and exhilarating, and she knew what it was straight away. Along with legends of her father and her mother, there was also a legend about a big, blue police box, a box that wasn't a box, a box that was really a type 40 TARDIS. It was the TARDIS's engines making that wonderful melody.

Her hearts began beating incredibly fast. It was a sign that her parents weren't far away, but how was it possible? She had just left them at their wedding reception. This meant that another version of them were nearby_

She swallowed down hard, stuck between the decision of running away, and making her presence known. However she wasn't given a chance to make that decision as suddenly a bright flash of light appeared in front of her, causing her to stagger backwards.

Standing in front of her was an alien that she recognized as the Jadoon. They'd found her! She had been running away from the shadow proclamation for a while now. They wanted her trialed and killed for murdering The Doctor, and wiping out the entire Dalek race. Though the Daleks were pure evil so she doubted the latter mattered much to the shadow proclamation. She had hoped that by hiding on a level five planet that they wouldn't be able to track her down _ obviously she had been wrong.

" HO CHO BO CO MA HO!" The overgrown rhino grunted. It pointed a metal device at Ashley. The device glowed blue and beeped several times, " Ashley, you have been found guilty of The Doctor's murder. How do you plead?" The rhino growled.

Ashley exhaled slowly. Perhaps it was time, her time, time to pay for the terrible crime that she committed. She opened her mouth and the word slipped out, " Guilty."

" Trial is over. You will pay for your crime!" It reached inside it's leather holster and pulled a shiny red gun out.

Ashley lowered her head, preparing herself for her last moments of life. She felt the shot before she heard the high pitch squeal the gun emitted. She flailed to the ground, screaming in agony, curling herself up into a small, helpless ball. The second shot hurt more than the first, and the screams surged from her throat, loud, and bloodcurdling screams. Tears spilled from her eyes, tears of both physical and emotional pain. She deserved this, it was her punishment, her penance.

" Stop it! Stop it now!" A familiar voice echoed out. Ashley was too overridden by the pain to recognize the voice.

" Who are you?" The Jadoon asked from somewhere above her.

" I am The Doctor!" The voice exclaimed.

Doctor … where had she heard that before … Doctor? And then it hit her, like a ton of bricks crushing her from the outside.

" Doctor." She croaked brokenly.

He couldn't be here, he shouldn't be here. Why? _ What?

Everything was slipping away from Ashley's grip. She can't hold on for much longer. Death has it's filthy claws around her, and is dragging her away to a place of dark nothingness.

" Yes that me." The voice was closer now, but sounded nothing more than a whisper.

" Records state The Doctor is dead." The Jadoon said gruffly .

" I'm The Doctor. So what's it to you. " Her fathers voice hissed aggressively, " Leave. I think you've done quite enough!"

There was a brief moment of silence, and Ashley was certain that she was now dying. She felt cold hands grip her own, " Ashley trust me we're not going to give up on you. Regenerate. Please just regenerate." He was begging her, cradling her body in his arms.

" Sweetie. I think she's gone." That voice belonged to her mother.

What were her parents doing here?

Regenerate _ Regenerate _ Regenerate.

The word constantly nagged at her. The meaning of it was lost in her weakened state.

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