Drum Roll please... I now present the sequel 'A Change of Heart'. Things are definitely going to get interesting for Laney. In my last story I tried to stay as close to the plot lines as possible, but this story is going to change a little. There are going to be a few other view points, and some changes to the plot (hey that's the beauty of fanfiction!) I love to hear from you guys so any reviews and messages are always welcome =). I hope you really really enjoy this story =)

He was sitting doing crosswords. They always kept his mind at ease. He tapped his pen loudly several times on his desk trying to concentrate. There was this one riddle that he had yet to solve. He stared at the cap on his pen briefly before slamming it down. There was a knock on his door, and one of the guys came with stacks of folders. He started flipping through each folder one right after the other.

"Talk to me," he said to the young man.

The young man was clearly nervous to be standing in his presence and had to clear his throat a few times. Four to be exact.

"8 of them sir. Possibly one hostage."

He flipped back to the first folder and was staring at the face of the mastermind behind the whole scheme.

"That's Michael Scofield, 5 years for aggravated robbery."

He put that folder especially to the side. If Scofield was the mastermind behind the whole thing then he would have to get a little more personal with Scofield. The next folder had the picture of a strong looking black man.

"Benjamin Miles Franklin, discharged from the military, and arrested for illegal sales in the black market."

No problem there. He quickly flipped over to the next folder the most infamous inmate.

"John Abruzzi, life in prison for various counts of murder and kidnapping. A know affiliate of the Italian mob."

That one could prove to be trouble. Abruzzi would have ways of disappearing. The next folder showed a picture of a deranged face. The other guy snorted a little before continuing.

"Charles Patoshik, life for killing off his family. Ordered criminally insane."

He had to hide back his grin. This guy wouldn't be difficult, and he wouldn't be surprised if Patoshik did something to get himself caught. He flipped over to the face of a younger looking Latino.

"Fernando Sucre, 5 years for aggravated robbery. He was Scofield's cell mate."

Again, he didn't figure it would be a problem. The only thing interesting about this guy was his affiliation with Scofield. The next folder was probably the youngest inmate.

"David Apolskis, in for grand larceny. Word is he was quite close with the known hostage."

He actually felt a little sorry for the kid. He was probably scared out of his mind. The picture revealed a face of pure evil. Even the other guys was briefly silent just looking at the picture.

"Theodore Bagwell, life sentence for multiple counts of rape and murder," the guy choked out.

That one would go on a priority list. He needed to find Bagwell before he could kill anyone else. The next folder felt like it weighed the most. Inside was probably the most easily recognizable face of the bunch.

"Lincoln Burrows, scheduled to be executed next week for murdering the Vice President's brother. He is the known brother for Scofield."

He thought that was very interesting. The mastermind behind the escape had a brother who was scheduled for execution. He had to smirk to himself for already starting to understand this guy. The last folder wasn't a large one, and it held the information for not an inmate.

"That is Laney Collins, the suspected hostage. She was sent undercover to get some information about Abruzzi."

He stared at her picture briefly. She was the daughter of Agent Collins alright, he could tell by her eyes. He quickly shut the folder and stuffed all of them away. He wasn't entirely sure that Laney was indeed a hostage, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what she was doing. He looked up to the other guy and narrowed his eyes.

"Get me everything on Michael Scofield," he ordered.

The guy nodded his head.

"Yes Sir Agent Mahone."