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Artemis Fowl, the second smiled as he looked at his laptop screen. There, the "mail" icon was flashing continuously. He clicked on it and his smile grew wider as he saw whom it was from. He read the email five times. He was happy now, ever since the return of his father his whole family was brought back together again, but the email gave him an even happier feeling that he, a genius mastermind like he, could have never thought up of, theorized, or dreamt of.

What made the day even better was that he was going home. He would never have to go back to Saint Bartleby's School for Young Gentlemen ever again. He could spend the rest of his life do a anything he pleased, never having to put up with those ridiculous psychologists, whom Artemis usually "persuaded" them to retired right after they met Artemis.

Artemis saved the email, along with the rest he had received from the same person. He closed the laptop and put it to his side. He was eighteen now, and anyone would have thought the twelve year old boy they new would change, but he never did. Still pale like he had been with his jet-black hair very neat. He still outwitted and outsmarted everyone he knew and had already finished his college degree, medical, law, graduate, Ph. d., Master, and the list went on and on.

Butler came into the car, quietly. Too quietly. With Artemis's peripheral vision, he saw that Butler had not conducted the bomb check under the car; he had not inspected his luggage or the trunk for any suspicious items either; and Butler had the strangest look on his face.

Remembering what Holly told him years ago, he looked into Butler's eyes. The iris of his eyes was a bit jagged. Artemis knew at once that Butler had been mesmerized.

"Butler!" Artemis ordered. "Don't start the car! Do not drive anywhere! I order you!"

Butler turned the key of the car without listening to his master. He paid no attention and kicked the accelerator to a quick speed.

"STOP!" Artemis yelled.

But Butler only went faster, and faster, and the school behind them grew smaller … and smaller in the distance.

Artemis Fowl stared out the window. It was useless ordering Butler to stop. At the moment, his attention span was less than a butterfly's, which can be a dangerous thing on the road. The first part they drove by was basically city; lots of houses, many stores, many cars, and anything else a noisy and busy city might have in the midst of Ireland.

Soon, the myriads of stores and cars turned into myriads of trees and countrysides. It would have been beautiful to look at the Irish countryside in the day, with the beautiful emerald green grass and the golden fields, with the lovely cottages, and the sapphire sky with the warm sun that made everything look like a fairy tale, but it look somewhat like a horror movie at night. They passed by a strange statue of someone who seemed very familiar to him. It was gray and dark, and for once in a long time, Artemis was frightened. Artemis grew worried by every turn of the wheel where they could be going.

Artemis began to think. Not like an ordinary 18 year old boy, but he began to think in his genius ways. Who could have mesmerized Butler? That was the first question. Obviously, the answer was a fairy. Artemis was used to answering his own questions. Every question could be answered, that's what he followed by. But why? Why Butler? Or was that fairy somehow trying to get to him?

Maybe it was LEP, the Underground elite branch of fairy police officers. Maybe they needed his help, but wouldn't Holly of told him? Was some fairy just after his gold? Or was it something more?

Finally, Butler slowed down to a stop in front of a large manor. "Let's go now." Butler mumbled as he slowly got out of his seat and opened Artemis's door. Artemis cautiously got out, and wished he had sunglasses so he himself, could be shielded from the mesmer. He turned around and gasped when he saw the manor.

It was his.

Every part of it, the color, the design, the architecture, the gargoyles! Everything! The lawn around it, a perfect replica or his manor? Or was it the real thing? For once, Artemis was stumped.

The door to "his" house opened, and out stepped /his/ family and Juliet. They were all smiling and they to them to embrace them all. But Artemis did not return the embrace, or the smile.

"Hello, my dear boy! We've missed you!" His father exclaimed.

"Yes …" Angeline smiled. "We just got some construction workers to dig out an artificial lake as a "welcome home" present!"

"Artemis! I made your favorite food! Shrimp Parfait!" Juliet squealed excitedly.

Artemis sighed. "This act is pathetic and poorly played." He glanced around. "First of all, there is no artificial lake in sight. My favorite food is /not/ Shrimp Parfait, it's caviar. /My/ mother would wear that dreadful color, orange, because that is the color of the repulsive /food/ the Mafiya fed my father when he was captured and it reminds her of that horrid time. /Juliet/, you are wearing a skirt that is made in India, and only India and is never shipped out of that country. We have no acquaintances from India, and we have never been there either, nor purchased such a skirt. And /my/ father has one leg, he lost on in an explosion." Artemis glanced at the two feet his /father/ was standing on.

"Ooh, you're a clever boy." "Artemis Fowl Senior" scowled. "Briar said we might have some trouble with you."

"Briar-" Artemis gasped, but he was immediately hit by a large club and fell to the ground. He groaned as he could feel a bump forming on his head. Then, his "father" took out a strange looking gun and aimed it at the mesmerized Butler. He shot.

Artemis would have screamed so loudly when he saw Butler fall, but Artemis's eyes closed, falling into unconsciousness …

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