Hola people! First off, I do not own DP, and I never will! :'( Second, this is my twelfth story- YAY! Twelve is one of my lucky numbers- which makes this a lucky fic! And since it's related to math… Hehe… I am such a nerd sometimes… therefore, I properly introduce you to the twelfth creation of mine- the one shot, 12.

"Da-nny. Earth to Danny!"

"What?" I exclaimed, jumping out of my seat. "The answer is 23!" Sam looked at me in shock.

"Wait…you were actually paying attention for once? Wow, that's a first. So what's number 3?" Sam asked.

"I actually got that right?" I asked, surprised. She snorted.

"Uh, yea! You were paying attention…right?"

"Eh…" Sam face palmed.

"You mean you got that right by pure dumb luck?" I smiled.

"Hey, I have my days!" I mumbled. Sam rolled her eyes and continued to work. I, on the other hand, had problems. And not with math, either. Had I really just daydreamed and zoned out about Sam- in front of Sam? That's just pathetic! I mean-

"DANNY! Stop zoning out on me!" She smiled at me. "Now that I think about it, why do you keep zoning out? That's the 7th time today! Why?" My face turned a slight red.

"Um…" How was I supposed to say this? Uh, Sam, I was zoning off because I was thinking about you in an overly friendly way? Ha. Yea, right! Plan B.

"I-uh-just got distracted." I stuttered. There ya go Fenton! You stumped he-

"By what? Valerie?" spat Sam.

"Uh-nope!" Sam looked shocked.

"Are you serious?" Then her face darkened again. "It's Paulina again, isn't it?" My blush got even redder.

"Nope!" I squeaked. Her mouth dropped.

"Then who?" Time seemed to skid to a stop. Should I tell her the truth? Or should I say- I've got it!

"My pencil! Isn't it obvious?" Sam snorted.

"Your pencil? Yeesh, I have to bring you to a therapist or something, cause your crazy!"

"Over you," I mumbled. Wait- crud. Did I just say what I thought I said- out loud?

"What did you just say?" she said after her laughing abruptly stopped. I gulped.

"Uh-Sam, I- um, well- " I mumbled, "I'm crazy for you." Sam appeared to be ticked off, or was.

"I can't hear you! Speak up!" My voice began to crack.

"I'm crazy for you Sam!" I quickly said and turned away. Nice job, Fenton. You just blew one of the only friendships you had right out the window!

"Danny?" I turned around, not daring to look into those gorgeous eyes. She tilted my head up.

"I'm crazy for you too." Then, the most wonderful, unexpected (Yea right! XD) thing happened. She kissed me. I was shocked at first, but I slowly melted away into my dream kiss. After what seemed like a million years, we finally broke apart. Sam smiled at ne.

"Soo…" I said hazily.

"Yea…" agreed Sam. "Want another?"

"What do you think?" I asked smiling.

"I think Math is my favorite class now."

Yes. I actually did a fluffy fic… ON MATH CLASS! AGH! XD Anaways, review!