Miki: The second story in the series.

Nate: (walks in with plushy) Well this should be interesting.

Miki: Yep… Giving that to Faith?

Nate: It is Faith.

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Tainted Rose Rage Awakened

Chapter 0

Watched and Watcher

Amy Rose… Betrayed war hero that is quickly bringing about just what we want… Tainted Rose that doesn't realize what she's doing… My… Mother…

You're playing the game of fate just right. You pushed me away when I told you what would happen. You listened but didn't believe. It's awfully saddening for me to realize that I to have the blood tainted quills just like you. After all I am your offspring.

With that statement I throw of the hood that covers my head which lets my quills flay out. Blond quills with blood red highlights, the mark that I have because of being her child. Amy you've played the game right so far so keep playing it.

As I watch her I smirk at how clueless she is. I then realize that I've been spotted.

Maria what a surprise to see you here. I thought you and your friends disappeared after your lie about what would happen. Now where are your two friends anyways?

Gone, Amy. They went back to our home timeline. And also who says it was a lie. After all as far as I see it did happen.

Really? They left?

Yes they did. You didn't listen to the warnings that they gave you. Well of course you didn't. You're just the stubborn little girl that you've always been. But do you believe me?

I glance at her face and smile as I see her expression even though she is wearing a hood.

Really Maria? You're really pushing me.

I'm not looking for a fight Amy. After all if I planned on fighting I couldn't because I have to leave soon.

Leave to where?

Back to my home time. By the way the Blue Typhoon is currently at Seaside Hill.

Why tell me that Maria?

I'm a loyal daughter.

Still pushing it Maria.

Well I am! Oh well… Goodbye, Tainted Rose.

With that statement I open a time rift and walk through leaving Amy standing there alone.

Maria! I want answers and you're going to give me them!

With that statement Amy runs forward towards the time rift. She is backwards and away from the rift right when she touches it. As she gets up she watches as the rift closes.

Blast it! Seaside Hill ehh… It's time to pay Sonic a visit.

Amy then warps away. She lands in her room she realizes something.

Did Maria call me Tainted Rose? I'm the only one that has called myself that and that was when talking with him. I'm the only one that has ever called myself that…

So Maria has to have known me…

Oh crap…

Maria… Is my daughter…?

Amy promptly hits her against the wall in frustration. She keeps repeating herself.

Dumb Amy. Very dumb Amy.