Chapter 4


I watch my daughter like an eagle watches for prey. Fifteen years ago Shadow and I got married. Shadow insisted on naming our first daughter after Maria. I completely agreed with him. Maria has already gotten into more trouble than usual. We quickly discovered that she has Shadows chaos powers. We just recently found out that she has my time control powers. I feel sorry for her. Her quills have gained highlights. The thing is the highlights are even brighter red then her fathers. Which means they are stained by blood. That's something I brought on her. Also is the fact that four different fractions have appeared. And they all are locked in a war to control.

Shadow and I are the leaders of United ARK. We believe that the weak and simple minded shouldn't rule this world. We have most of Eggmans robots that had advance AIs. GUN believes that they are helping everyone. In truth they are just running they are running the world into the ground. Eggman is a dictator now. The people choose him and allowed him to become one. Sonic and his friends don't seem to understand that what we are doing is the best for everyone.

I sigh as I watch my daughter. She quickly picks up a card that was lying on the ground. The next thing I know is that the creature on the card is standing right in front of us. It nuzzles against Maria as is lays down at her feet. Maria quickly flicks her wrist and the creature is gone. Great it looks like our daughter has another power that we have to watch out for. She's becoming a more powerful as she grows up. I smile as I realize something. She will be a loyal daughter. She gave me her word for it.

I scoop up Maria and start walking. Maria yelps but then snuggles against my arm as I carry her. She is my little rose. And nothing can take her away from me.