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Summary: 'Harry, my boy, Severus and Lucius are spies for the light, along with young Draco here. Also, Harry and Draco….you each share a sister and she is very much alive.'

Pairings: Severus/OC, Lucius/James

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Harry Potter sat starring and gaping at the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore. His hand threaded through his already messy raven hair. Draco Malfoy, on the other hand, was looking between his father and his school rival, stormy grey eyes clouded by confusion. It couldn't be possible. How could he and Potter share a sister? His father was married! There's no way….is there?

"Sir, I don't understand. I am the only Potter left. Sirius told me so, you even told me so! Did you lie to me?" The young raven asked, standing from his chair. Severus appeared indifferent, yet surprised at the same time. The older Malfoy was in utter shock and not even attempting to hide it. He shot up from his chair, the furniture crashing to the floor.

"She's alive? Daralis is alive? Where is she? Is she okay? What has the Dark Lord done to her?" He inquired. Albus held up a hand. Dumbledore knew this would happen. Lucius had been looking for her since she was kidnapped from Hogwarts.

"Daralis is alive but…her wellbeing is unknown at the moment. Her magic has only now been discovered, and I can tell you it has either been blocked for some odd years or she's simply been hiding it. I called you all here to help her, to bring her back to where she belongs. You all are connected to her in the different ways. Harry and Draco, you two are her half siblings. As you can tell, Mr. Malfoy is her father. Now Severus has a special relationship with her, but, if you all succeed, I'm sure she will be more than happy to answer all your questions." The eldest wizard explained. Opening a drawer, he took out a silver coin.

"This portkey will bring you all back to my office. I wish you luck with helping her, but you must leave now. They are deep within the forbidden forest. She was on her way here when she was caught by a group of Death Eaters sent out by Voldemort. She sent a patronus message when she decided to finally use her magic. I'm sure Severus can tell you exactly where she is. All I can say is hurry." The men nodded and turned to each other. The-Boy-Who-Lived sighed and offered his hand to men before him.

"A truce is what we need. One person connects us all and it will take teamwork to help her. What do you say?" Draco huffed, but placed his hand on top of the other boy's. The Gryffindor had a point. They were seventeen now, their rivalry was immature. Plus, he had been waiting for a reason to make friends with Harry ever since the day he saw him in Hogsmeade.

"You're right, Potter. I agree to a truce with you. I apologize for the past." Harry smiled.

"All is forgiven. I apologize also." The young blonde nodded and looked at his father and godfather.

"Mr. Potter, you are right. I apologize and agree to your truce with my son." The aristocrat said, placing a white gloved hand over his son's. Severus put his hand over Lucius', nodding in agreement with his brother in all but blood.

"If you'd all put your hand on the top of my cane, I'll gladly take us away." Lucius said, the snake head of his cane also doubling as a portkey to the entrance of the Forbidden Forest. The potions master glanced back at the young Gryffindor, expressionless. All he knew was that Daralis was alive. Lucius' daughter was alive. Potter's and Draco's sister was alive. His mate was alive. 'If only they knew how she turned out to be their sister, I'm sure they wouldn't be too friendly.' Snape thought to himself. With a sharp tug at their navels, the room disappeared around them. Instead, a dark and eerie forest materialized around them.


"Lower your wand, Dara!" A black cloaked figure ordered.

'How the hell did she even get her wand?' He cursed to himself. The young woman before him scowled. She was of slender build and her pale skin screamed fragile. Her eyes of blue faded into green around her pupils and waist long platinum blonde hair danced around her body. The way she held herself said aristocrat, her shoulders squared and head held high. Years of learning prepared her for this moment. Death Eaters were surrounding her, cornering her, thinking she would give up. She looked up at the voice. Gripping her wand, she felt the power she had been missing for so long; power that Daralis had put barriers on by herself, just so no one could find her. Now it was time to signal her arrival. She wanted away from the side of dark. She wanted her freedom. Most importantly, she wanted her family back, the family the Dark Lord thought she knew nothing about. The eleven inch willow wand with unicorn horn and phoenix feather core was going to grant her everything she had wanted when she found out her master's plan.

"Do you all really think I'm going down without a fight?" Immediately, she flung hexes at the men around her. Shouting and bright lights invaded the area. Death Eaters were dropping like flies and Daralis was dodging every spell and curse she heard. Reaching a particular person, she smiled as she aimed the killing curse at him. He released a cry of pure fear before the spell had him crumpling to the ground and vanishing in a mist. Satisfied with her job so far, the blonde didn't hear a whispered cutting hex. She cried out when it connected with her shoulder. The thick red liquid seeped through her dark cloak. Dara turned and fired more dark curses, the very same she had felt over the sixteen years she had spent with Voldemort. She wasn't afraid, how could she be?

"Dark mistress, please just lower your wand and return with us!" Another cloaked man called out. Waving her hand, the man was soon bound and gagged. Oh, how she loved wandless and wordless magic. More hexes flew from her wand. The Death Eaters kept falling, but the pain in her shoulder was starting to catch up, making her reactions slower. Another cutting hex sliced her left side. She yelped and clutched the wound.

"The only way I'll return with you is if I'm dead!" She shouted. Pushing aside her pain, she stood, sending out more and more hexes, curses, spells, and even jinxes.

'Please, Albus, please send help!' She chanted over and over again in her mind.


Harry stumbled as they landed, Severus' hand stabling him. The younger raven nodded his thanks. He turned to face Draco. He could see the boy was nervous; his shoulders tense and grip tight on his wand. Lucius seemed to also notice and placed a comforting hand on his son's shoulder.

"Nothing will hurt you while I'm here, Draco." The boy smiled weakly and nodded.

"Can you find her, Sev?" Malfoy senior asked his friend. The potions master met his eyes and smirked, a mischievous glint in his eyes that quickly vanished.

"Yes, I can find her. I do know my way with point me spells. Point me Daralis Potter-Malfoy." He said. Harry's eyes widened as he switched his attention to Lucius. This man and his….FATHER, not his mother, had a daughter? Said man noticed the attention and smirked.

"Finally caught on have you? I can't explain now, but as soon as we have her I will." Potter nodded and glanced over to Snape.

"She's this way!" He shouted. They dashed through the woods, swerving around trees and ducking under low hanging branches. As the group got closer, they began dodging stray spells. Trees began to fall. Once out of the thick of the forest, they entered a small clearing filled with both dead and living Death Eaters. Snape and Lucius set out immediately striking the dark clothed figures as Harry and Draco ran through the crowd, trying to reach their sister.

Severus cried out the killing curse and another man fell in the veil. Lucius was close behind him, firing off simple curses and hexes to at least stun them to get to Daralis. After a few minutes, most of the Death Eaters were either unconscious, dead, tied up, or they had fled. In the middle was the one they were searching for, her thin frame was casting a long shadow across the grassy field. Lucius stared in amazement at the daughter he hadn't seen in more than nine years. Merlin, she was beautiful. She had the perfect amount of her birth father's graceful posture and the air of power from himself. Harry took a step closer and she drew up her wand in the blink of an eye. He looked her over, impressed how much they looked alike yet so different.

"I warn you…I am not afraid to kill you." She hissed out. The look in her eyes was deathly; she would definitely strike him down in a moment's notice. The-Boy-Who-Lived slid his wand into the inner pocket of his school robes and raised his hands in surrender.

"We're not here to hurt you or take you to Voldemort. My name is Harry, Harry Potter." Instantly, she lowered her wand and slipped it inside the sleeve of her cloak. Draco stepped forward next, copying Harry's actions.

"My name is Draco, Draco Malfoy. We're here to take you back to Hogwarts." Lucius stepped out from behind them with Severus in tow.

"Daralis, do you know who I am?" The young raven wizard asked. She nodded, biting her lip as if not to cry. Snape moved before everyone, his dark eyes locked on the woman standing in shock. He opened his arms to her. She gasped and hesitantly took a step forward. When he didn't move or disappear, she lunged into his arms. The potions master embraced her tightly, even lifting her from the ground when she twined her arms around his neck. When she was put down, she smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"I missed you so much Severus." She spoke softly. He smiled and cupped both her cheeks, the pads of his thumbs wiping away the tears now streaming down her face.

"I missed you too. Merlin, I love you so much." He said. His voice was soft and tender as he leaned in and placed a matching kiss on her plump lips. Harry turned the other way. The fact he had a sister surprised him, but the fact his sister had a romance with Snape unnerved him. Draco, on the other hand, was speechless. This girl was his sister. That man was his godfather. Those two had an intimate relationship? The woman looked over Snape's shoulder and froze. There was a tall man with shoulder length hair so blonde it was almost white. A breath passed her lips as she pulled away from her mate's arms. Walking over to her father, she inclined her head in a respectful bow. To her surprise, she was wrapped in another pair of arms. Daralis flung her arms around his neck and sobbed. It had been nine years since she had last hugged her father. He pulled away and smiled. She had gotten taller, the top of her head right under the tip of his nose.

"It's wonderful to see you again. I just can't believe you're here." Lucius said, nuzzling the top of her head. She pulled back and smiled broadly. Lucius took in the breathtaking smile, two straight lines of pearly whites showing her absolute happiness.

"It's quite amazing that I've made it this far, don't you think?" He chuckled.

"Not at all, you are my daughter. Merlin, if only James were here. You've grown so much." He carded his fingers through the bangs covering her right eye. Daralis smiled knowingly at this.

"How about we head back to Hogwarts?" Snape asked, his dark eyes not leaving his mate. Daralis smiled, sauntering over to the potions master. She flung a hand out to Harry and Draco each, who both took the offered hands.

"Well, I'll take them with me. Severus, do you mind taking Father to the gates?" The elder raven male smirked and nodded. Daralis smiled to her brothers and nodded her head farewell to the elders in her family. She knew the minute she walked into Hogwarts, people would pounce for answers. She also knew she would have to explain a lot to Harry and Draco. Instantly, the large gates of Hogwarts towered over the siblings.

"So, are you going to tell us what happened to you? And how we're all related?" The blonde asked. Harry quickly nodded in agreement.

"What do you two know about me and our relationship?" Harry linked arms with the blonde woman and dragged her through the gates.

"Well, we know that Lucius is definitely your father. I'm also guessing that since your name is Potter-Malfoy, my dad is also yours. But, how did that even happen? I didn't even know two wizards could have a child together." Harry said. She laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll explain once Albus sees me alive and well so he can stop flaring his magic around searching for mine. He'll be intrigued to find out he'll never be able to." Harry looked at his sister in disbelief.

"You can hide your magic?" Daralis laughed, the sound high pitched and airy like bells. Draco felt all tension flow from his body at the sound. The raven watched in amusement at his expression. The female blonde walked through the gates and large oak doors of Hogwarts. Immediately, it seemed as though the castle sung from her entrance. She smiled and flicked a few strand of platinum hair back over her shoulder.

"It seems the school is happy you're back." Harry stated. Daralis chuckled.

"It would seem so, huh? I can feel her presence here. As soon as I'm done in Dumbledore's office, it seems Umbridge and I will have our reunion sooner than I thought." Her brothers wore twin looks of confusion.

"Ah, you two will find out soon enough." The young woman walked through the main halls of Hogwarts and stopped before the large gargoyle that was posted in front of a large set of wooden doors.

"Hmm…well if it isn't you again. Still don't believe I know the password? How about…Burberry sizzlers?" The gargoyle glared, but moved aside as the doors opened. Inside Albus Dumbledore along with her mate and father were sitting and talking cheerfully. The old wizard bolted from his desk. He looked over the young woman's figure. She was clad in black spaghetti strap tank top underneath a clingy quarter sleeve jacket with a pair of dark wash jeans, and a pair of black trainers, all under an open hooded black cloak.

"It's really you. You can still guess my passwords correctly too. I've always wondered how you're able to do that. Merlin, you've grown up nicely Daralis. Now, I'm sure Harry and Draco here would like to know how exactly you've come to exist so I'm going to stop rambling about. First, I do think it would be appropriate if we removed your blocks though." The old wizard moved closer to Daralis, a smile broke free across her face as she finished the healing potions that Severus had fixed for her.

"That would be really nice, but I think that we might want to wait to do that. Most of them weren't placed by the Dark Lord. I needed something to hide my power so he wouldn't get so enthused about having me as a slave. Even with my blocks, he was still impressed though, but with two legends as my fathers I think it would be expected." She replied, bowing slightly out of respect for the elder.

"Before you begin your tale, can you please tell me why, with you standing in my office, I cannot feel your magic?" Daralis laughed.

"Like a true magician, I'll never tell my secrets." She said with a wink. "Anyways, we can talk later. I think I need to tell them everything, don't you?" Albus smiled and waved his hand, signaling her to go on. Daralis turned to the others and pulled herself up on the Headmaster's desk, her legs swinging back and forth.

"You've waited long enough. Thirty years ago, two men met at Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry, determined to be rivals. James Potter was a Gryffindor who was noble and confident in his abilities, a brilliant seeker, an amazing man, and with his two pals, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, a troublemaker. Lucius Malfoy was a Slytherin who was true to his house's name. He was sly and cunning, intelligent beyond measures, a born aristocrat, few faults, and always seen with his brother in all but blood, Severus Snape. They were thought to be destined to hate each other…but that changed when they entered their sixth year. Lucius was constantly at Severus' side, protecting him from the bullying of what he thought was James. That was until one day he learned the truth."

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