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Thunder rolled across the sky as he stepped onto the airplane. There was no turning back now, not after what he'd done.

The scars he inflicted upon her daily were partially her own doing. After all, he warned her she would never be one of those women; she would never be anything more than a friend. But those scars were healable. The right man would come along one day and wash those scars away as if they were nothing more than drawings in the sand.

And he wasn't looking for Ms. Right. She would be chosen for him. He was always looking for Ms. Right Now. He could live with all of that. What he couldn't live with was seeing the physical manifestation of those scars on a daily basis.

Soujiroh settled into his seat, quickly shutting the shade on the window to block out any view of the world.

"Would you like a pillow, sir? You look like you could use some sleep on your flight."

Soujiroh looked up at the young flight attendant, blinking as if his mind was slowly catching up to the question. He was aware of his exhaustion, aware of how the dark circles under his eyes only grew worse with every passing sleepless night.

"No," he snapped only momentarily feeling bad.

After all, she didn't know. How could she? No one knew. He couldn't close his eyes without visions of that horrific night replaying in his mind…without visions of blood mingled with tears.