Hello! Welcome to my fifth story and my first Kuroshitsuji ^^
It's just a oneshot to show you how I think Sebastian gets what he wants :P

Ways for Sebastian to get what he wants

Order 1: His butler 'fetching clothes'

'Sebastian, go and fetch my clothes' Ciel said whilst wrapping himself into the confinements of a soft towel.

'Yes my Lord' the obedient butler agreed. Walking into Ciel's room, the raven picked up the expensive clothes and slung them over his shoulder to go downstairs to resume his work in the kitchen.

20 minutes later an angry and a very much naked Ciel came storming into the servants' kitchen. Seeing his clothes around Sebastian's neck angered him more.

'Sebastian! What the hell? I told you to bring me my clothes over 20 minutes ago!' the cerulean eyed teen squealed with little dignity the Phantomhive was known for.

'I apologise for your embarrassment and distress my lord but you told me to 'fetch your clothes'. You said nothing about me bringing them to you.' Sebastian smirked.

'AHH! Well whatever, help me get dressed!' Ciel screamed infuriated.

'...is that an order?' His butler asked with mock innocence.

Order 2: His butler 'giving cake'

'Sebastian I want cake, go make me some and this time give it to me!' Ciel ordered.

'Yes my Lord' the butler agreed.

*knock knock*

'Come in' the teen replied without looking up from his work.

'I have brought you your cake young master' the butler announced as he approached the desk the boy was sitting at and climbed over it.

'Sebastian, why are you so close? What are you doi-' Ciel was cut short and couldn't finish off his question, not that it mattered as his question was soon answered as the whole cake was in his face. That was why Sebastian was so close.

'What the hell did you just do...?' Ciel hissed, not quite grasping the situation fully yet.

'I threw cake on your face like you asked.' Sebastian smiled.

'I did not ask you to throw cake on my face, I asked you to give me the cake as in leaving it on the table for me to eat myself!' the teen seethed.

'Well that would mean me giving the table cake and not you directly which is not what you asked for. Honestly master you should be more exact with you commands' the butler said devilishly whilst dodging the flying plate that was being aimed at his head.

Order 3: His butler 'following'

'Sebastian, I'll go in first and then when I give you the signal you follow me, whatever you do neverleave my side' Ciel commanded.

'Yes my Lord'

*13 days later*

'Sebastian, for Gods sake why are you following me everywhere? I mean I know you want my soul and everything but I doubt it's going to slip away whilst I'm going to the toilet!' the young master questioned viciously.

'Because you told me to my Lord' Sebastian replied seriously.


'When we were at the haunted manor' the butler answered.

'That was almost two weeks ago!' The boy spat.

'Yes' the raven agreed yet still followed the younger.

'Dear God Sebastian! Stop following me, go away and leave me alone!' Ciel fumed... then he realised his mistake.

'Yes my Lord'

Sebastian grinned as his suitcases magically appeared and he headed towards the door. For the past two years all he wanted was a little break away from his master but the only way to get one would be to annoy Ciel to no end until he would order the raven to leave by accident.

'Sebastian...!' The enraged teen screamed and stalked closer to the butler with eyes of evil that even and demon would fear. But that doesn't matter now; Sebastian WILL go on his holiday.

Well that's it; hmm I wonder where Sebastian was heading... Germany perhaps :P
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