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Part 1:

Piper and Noah


Piper stared across the beach at the little girl sketching. (Julia) Her baby. She was beautiful, her body was slender, like hers. She even bit her lip when sketching, just like Piper. It was on impulse that she had followed them here, and now she couldn't find it in her to leave. Some would call this creepy, hell she found it creepy.

"It's not creepy, your just curious." The little voice in the back of her mind whispered. The mother part of her.

The girl was sketching and wanting to capture the moment, Piper pulled out her own sketch book and began capturing the moment before her. She moved quickly wanting to get details before the girl went to go play or worse left. At that thought she looked up too see the both of them very content in their activities. She looked from father to daughter and smiled, they were a cute pair. A happy pair, that deserved to stay happy.

After each few passes with the pencil she would look up at her subject, glancing from one to the other. She didn't know when it happened, just that it did, the father, Noah, was shirtless. Her pencil stilled for a moment. She had seen men shirtless, that's not what appealed to her. Maybe it was his toned body, or his boldness. Maybe it was his fatherly love and parental skills. In all honesty she didn't know what it was, but he was defiantly a sight for sore eyes. For a split second she was tempted to add him into her sketch, deciding against it she returned to her drawing.

A few moments later she was done. Adding in a few details here and there, she jumped when she herd the little girl cry out. Turning to face her she saw why;The wind had picked up the girls paper and was running away with it. The paper flew further and further from the girl and closer to Piper. Her squeal of "Stop" and "No, come back." got Piper to her feet and moving to catch the run away paper. After catching it she looked up to find that not only was the girl running towards her, so was her father.

"Shit." She whispered to herself as the girl approached. Piper quickly placed a small smile on her face and tried to look friendly. Breath, she reminded herself. She held out the paper for the girl and was awarded with a smile and "Thank you." Her smile grew a fraction bigger.

"Well that was a near death experience, thanks." Her father said, a smirk crossing his face.

"No problem." She replied, hoping to god no one noticed her drawing, unfortunately she wasn't so lucky.

"Wow you draw really good rocks. There better than mine." The girls said a slight hint of jealously in her voice. Piper winched slightly, so much for luck.

On impulse Piper asked, " Wanna know why?"

"Sure." The girl replied.

"I can show you, you just need to deepen you shadows. See." She said as she picked up her pencil to show the girl. "Never be afraid to be bold." She added. A piece of motherly advice. The voice spoke up again.

"Wow." She said again as she picked up her paper and began running back to her blanket. "Thank you." She called over her shoulder.

"That's a nice subject." Her father said pointing to the picture.

"Oh yeah, hope you don't mind, I'm not a perv or anything I just needed practice drawing children." She said in what she hoped was a convincing voice.

"Doesn't look like you need much more practice." He replied impressed with her work.

Wanting to keep the picture but at the same time not wanting to draw attention to that fact she asked, " You want it?" She could always draw another one from memory later.

Looking down at the paper then back at her he said, " No, not really." And began walking away.

She scoffed and stared at his back a bit confused. She looked down at the drawing, there was nothing wrong with it. She had captured everything in perfect detail. It kind of stung that he didn't want it.

"I'm kidding." He said as they turned back to face each other. "I'm kidding, I'd love it. If you don't mid parting with it of course." He continued as he walked back towards her, smirk in place.

"What's her name?" She asked, knowing but still wanting to hear him say it.

"Julia." He said with all the love in the world. " She is another artist, sometimes I feel like the only person in the universe that still paints by numbers." He explains laughing at himself.

"She must get all her artistic talent from her mother then?" Piper asked causally. Turning back around to hand the paper to him, she looked at him directly for the first time, her breath slightly hitched he was very handsome. He fixed her with a piercing gaze that held her in place when she would of turned.

"Yeah who knows." He said his voice trailing off, his eyes breaking contact. "Thank you very much, it's beautiful." He continued, fingers tracing the picture.

"She's beautiful." She replied her voice filled with emotion.

"Yeah, I'm sorta partial to her a little bit." He joked talking a few steps away. "My name is Noah by the way." He added almost as an after thought while he was walking back to her. Extending his hand. Grasping it she smiled.

"I'm-a Anna." Piper lied quickly. She didn't know why, and she wouldn't come up with a good answer until later.

"Anna, pleasure to meet you, especially since we've established your not a perv. Take care." He gave her a smile and waved as he ran back to Julia.


She watched them for a minuter longer before she gathered her things and began walking toward her bike. She smiled to herself, Julia now had something of hers with her. Her smile faltered, Julia was happy and Noah was taking amazing care of her, did she want to walk in on that? Piper still didn't know where Julia's mother was, Was she at home? Or work perhaps? Was there a mother? Her thoughts were a jumbled mess as she rode her bike home.

Noah watched as the woman Anna, he reminded himself, left on her bike. She was a small thing, her head barley reaching his shoulder. She had a soft but firm handshake he remembered, it fit her. Everything about her was soft and screamed "Female".

"See dad, she was right." Julia said bringing his attention back to his daughter.

"About what sweetie?" He asked. Smiling at how kind Anna was toward Julia. Not like the other woman he knew.

"My shadows, look at how prettier my picture is!" She exclaimed happily She picked up her picture and the one Anna had given them. "Almost as pretty as hers!" She continued.

Looking from one picture to the other he marveled again at the talent they had for art, for finding the beauty in simple everyday things in plain sight.

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