Real friends are forever.

Chapter one.

"Leah hurry up! We're going to be late!" I yelled to my best friend Leah Clearwater. We were on our way to school and Leah was dreading it. You see, Leah is overweight and she gets teased for it. She also has glasses and braces. So naturally, she is the perfect target for school bullies. I get bullied too because I hang out with her. My name is Isabella Marie Lahote and I am five foot four and have long black hair. My skin is tanned and I have brown eyes. I have a twin brother named Paul Nathaniel Lahote and my parents names' are Charlie and Sarah Lahote. My brother is one of those people who loves cars and has a hot-temper. I am the exact replica of him just in girl form. I am bitchy and if you mess with me you're going down. I love to work on cars just as much as my brother does and nobody doubts I could beat the crap out of them. Not even Paul doubts it. That's why he bullies us at school because I won't beat him up. I usually wait until we get home to do that. Don't get me wrong, I love my brother. He's like my other half. But sometimes, he's really just a jerk. That's how everyone knows we are twins. We look and act exactly the same. That's why I think my brother is the best brother in the world. He tries to stick up for me if other people mess with me, but he's always too late. The person that was messing with me is already on the ground before he can get there. That is pretty much all the reasons I love Paul.

Leah looks like me too except she is overweight. I try helping her get back into shape, but she says she doesn't want any help. I just recently found out that she has been cutting herself. Let's just say that you were glad that you weren't here when it happened. I completely flipped. The weird thing was, I started shaking really hard when I found out. I have been trying to get her to stop ever since I found out. Every time I think she has stopped, I find her in the bathroom, doing it again. Sometimes I get so mad, I don't talk to her for a week or so. Then I start to feel bad because I know that besides Seth, her brother, and Embry, my crush, I'm her only friend. Every time I do that, I realize how much she means to me and how much I love her. She's my best friend so I always end up talking to her. Gotta love my friends.

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