"Where's DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked as he came into the office, clearly pissed.

"Haven't seen him since he went to the bathroom yesterday, Gibbs," Ziva informed the man.

"Neither have I, Boss," McGee added.

"Run a trace on his cell."

"Boss, the last known location of Tony's cell was here, in the building," McGee clearly have already ran the trace before he was asked.

With his coffee in hand, Gibbs left. The team knew he was going to look around for Tony, but what they didn't know was that Gibbs already of where he could be, or at least where he was last night and with that he knew what Tony did.

When Gibbs got to the men's restroom, he found it empty except for the last stall, which is what he expected.

"Tony, let me in," it wasn't a question.

"No!" came Tony's response, weak, but still forceful.

"I will come in, whether you let me in or not."

"Fine," Tony unlocked the door and exposed Gibbs to the bloody scene behind him.

"You've been cutting again," Gibbs stated. All Tony could do was look down, ashamed of himself. Gibbs got a handful f paper towels, soaked them wet with water from the sink before ringing them out so they were damp, but he could still clean Tony's wounds.

Once he got Tony cleaned up, he kneeled down to his side and stroked the younger man's hair.

"Tony, I am going to get you a change of clothes out of your desk and bring them here to you. I want to keep an eye on you, so you're staying here at work. All you need is to make yourself look busy. I will make sure that we don't get assigned a case."