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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy entry number 932,153,256: Historical note...

At the mythical planet of Magrathea, home of the Magratheans, who were the only planet builders in existence, there were always an assortment of fabulously luxurious and very famous vessels in the usually full spaceship parking lot. However, one day, there stood only a single, solitary vessel -if you can call it that- in the parking lot. That vessel was very unusual in that it only took up one parking space, unlike the vast majority of other spaceships, when the largest on record took up half of the entire parking lot. And that's saying something, seeing as most of the surface of the planet was long ago converted into a parking lot. The rest of it was converted into tourist attractions, but that's another story. The other thing odd about the vessel was that it took the form of one of the most improbable things to be on Magrathea- a 1980's blue police box.

Inside the planet, the incredibly odd occupant of the police box was conversing with an only slightly less odd designer of planets named Slartibartifast, who had an odd attraction towards fjords. The conversation went something like this:

"'Ello there," asked the occupant of the police box. He was wearing a plaid suit with a bowtie. "Could I interest you in making a planet?"

Slartibartifast replied, "The planet you want, does it have fjords? By the way, what's your name?"

The owner of the phone box replied, "No, and my name's the Doctor."

"Doctor who? And are you sure you don't want fjords?"

"Just the Doctor. No, I don't want fjords. Final answer, to use an Earth phrase."

"Aw. Well, describe the planet to me, and I'll get it to the planet making committee as soon as possible."

"Where to start? Ah, yes. Vast red grassy fields covering rolling hills, under three majestic suns, with occasional glass-domed cities sparkling in the distance...