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Sabondy Archipelago

"Run we gotta get back to the ship!"Luffy screamed to his nakama as they were attacked by Bartholomew Kuma, a Shichibukai, and Admiral Kizaru. They were being attacked because Luffy, being the good-hearted simple minded idiot he is, decided to attack a World Noble! This meant having the wrath of an admiral of the marines crashing down upon you.

"Yah I'd love to do that Luffy, but I'm having a bit of a probl-!" just like the Zoro was sent flying away by Bartholomew Kuma, the owner if the Paw Paw fruit. Luffy was running back to the Thousand Sunny as he started to see his friends, nakama, and family being sent flying to who knows where!

"Everyone we can't win! Don't even try to fight, just get back to the ship we need to leave NOW!" Luffy screamed at loud as he could to his friends just before Kuma started sending them flying. Luffy was sprinting as fast as he could and had the Thousand Sunny in sight.

Once he got on the deck he looked to see who else had made it. He turned around just in time to see Nami, the woman he loves more than almost anything in the world, about to be sent flying by Kuma.

"NAMI! Come on you can make it don't let him hit you! I LOVE YOU; I won't be able to stand you being away from me!"Luffy yelled very loudly.

"LUFFY! I LOVE YOU TOO! I won't be able to live without you! But please, make sure the kids stay sa-" Right then Kuma brought his paw hand down upon Nami causing he to disappear instantly.

Luffy was scared for once in his life as he stood there in shock before comprehending Nami's last words to him. He quickly turned around to the new section of the Thousand Sunny Franky had built, the daycare or children's quarters. He slammed the door open nearly breaking it off the hinges and look at the two small children sitting on the floor. Monkey D. Namika and Monkey were staring at their father in fear and confusion. Never had they seen their father look so scared and angry before in their 5 and 6 years. The closest time their father seemed this angry was when Samual and Namika would fight out of pure jealousy and hatred toward each other over the straw hat with a blue band around it that was given to Samual and Namika to look to when they were feeling lonely. They went to extents of killing each other before Samual would always win and before he could finish her off his parents would stop him and yell! Technically they are only around a year old and Three month old, but they had grown up much faster than normal due to their great grandfather kidnapping them and training them with the help of a machine that ate the Time Time Fruit.

"Mika, Sam! Look I don't have much time but I'm telling you now that were ever you end up if you are still alive always remember that I and your mother love you! Also, where ever you end up if it is a good place, stay there until you are old enough and strong enough to hold your own and leave!" Luffy brought both of his kids into a hug and tears flowed from all if their faces like waterfalls.

Suddenly, the wall and roof of the room the three were in suddenly disappeared and standing there was Kuma! With one swing of his palm he struck Luffy and Sam to make them disappear, Mika jumped out of the way just before she was hit.

"Please! Please! Don't kill me I'm too young to die! I want my Mommy, I want my Dadd-" Mika was shrieking with tears streaming down her face as Kuma swung at her with her Palm down upon her sending her flying.

East Blue: three days after the separation

Cocoyashi village has been a very peaceful place ever since "Straw Hat" Monkey

D. Luffy freed the citizens of Arlong's tyranny. Nojiko was working in her Mikan orchard enjoying the nice weather. Whenever she would harvest mikans she would always allow her mind to wander freely, most of the time about Nami and Bellemere. She began remembering what Nami had done for the village and wondered how she was doing if by magic her curiosity was satisfied as a paw print of air with what looked like a small body inside it fell to the ground some distance in front of her. She ran to where she thought the object landed and was correct in its location which was about fifty feet in front of Bellemere's grave. Her eyes widened as she gasped loudly to see a little girl no older than maybe 7 or 8 lying on the ground unconscious.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw the little girl star to stir and then slowly awaken and look up at her. Nojiko felt as if she had seen this girl before but she brushed it off.

"H-Hello?" Nojiko nervously asked as the girl stared at her with big eyes with small brown pupil. Her reddish brown hair slightly blowing in the wind (almost the image of Nami with reddish brown hair And Luffy's eyes). Then she grinned widely and laughed "shishishi Hello! Where am I...? And who are you?" Nojiko stared at her still in shock of a little girl falling from the sky unharmed. Then she said

"Oh... Ummmm... You're in Cocoyashi village, and my name is Nojiko." Nojiko stated as she finally accepted what had just happened. "What's your name little girl? And where did you come from?" Nojiko stated with a smile on her face being careful to not spook the little girl.

"Shishishi! My name is Monkey D. Namika! Daughter of the soon to be pirate king! But I prefer Mika more. And I came from sabondy archipela-" Mika suddenly stopped and gasped, wide eyed as she just remembered what happened three days ago. She started to yell and scream words that nobody could ever understand because she was talking to fast. Nojiko just stared wide eyed at the little girl who had just said she was the daughter of this town's hero, Monkey D. Luffy, as she panicked. She grabbed Mika by her shoulders to make her stop running around and screaming and said.

"Calm down Mika, calm down!" Mika calmed down and looked at Nojiko."Now did you just say you were the daughter of Monkey D. Luffy! Do you know a woman named Nami!" Nojiko couldn't believe what was coming out of the conversation.

Suddenly Mika's eyes went wide and she had a wide grin, just like her fathers, and said "Oh Nami, you mean my mom? And yeah Luffy is my dad shishishi!" Mika exclaimed like it was nothing, but to Nojiko it was everything. She couldn't believe her little sister had had... Relations... with a man like Luffy, although there was a lot to like about him. But to make things even more unbelievable was the story Mika was telling her about what had happened to her and why she was her age, where she was, and how she got here. It was almost unbelievable how many adventures and danger her step sister had gotten into. Yet she interrupted Mika's story saying quietly

"That means you're my niece... And I'm and aunt..." she then started talking louder saying "I'm Nami's sister! That means you're my niece!" she couldn't help but stare endlessly in front of her at Mika wide eyed and mouth slightly gaping.

Mika looked back in shock at what she had just heard and the said

"Aunt Nojiko... I knew your name sounded familiar"

Grand line: Amazon Lily three days after separation

Luffy and Samual, or Sam as he liked to be called, after being found by a lot of native looking tribal women and recovered from the poisonous mushroom they ate, found themselves awake in a cell being stared at like a zoo attraction. Sam said to Luffy

"Hey Dad... What's going on? Where are we?" he had a confused smirk on his face then looked to his dad who he noticed was naked, then looked to himself and found the same result. Luffy hadn't noticed this yet and just said while laughing

"Shishishi! I have no idea Sam, I have no idea." it was just now that he noticed he as well as his son were naked and yelled "Hey were are our clothes!" many of the women were started by this expression until they noticed his...balls... and asked what they were. Luffy told them they were golden balls and the all tried to touch them and asked if he could take them off which Luffy angrily disagreed to! They asked for their hats and clothes, which were now covered in flowers making them both very embarrassed, and then continued to be rude in the eye of the women of Amazon Lily, the Island in the calm belt in which no man is allowed.

The women, and they were all women not a man in sight, soon became angry with Luffy and Sam's behavior and slid back revealing the snakes around their necks to become bows. They fired upon the cage Luffy and Sam were in with arrows which surprisingly made the cage explode! No more than five seconds after the last bow was fired, a long foot and org stretched through the roof making a large hole for escape. That is exactly what happened. Luffy carried some on his back as he ran on rooftops dodging arrows filled with something called Haki. Luffy didn't know what that was and was too busy rung to care as he ran around the jungle at the bottom of the mountain, after scaring Sam half to death with the fall. Eventually he was forced to make his way back up the wall with multiple snake bites and many arrows nearly hitting him. At the top of the wall he realized that if he was going to get back to sabondy he needed to talk to someone important about a ship since he now knew where he was after talking to a woman named Margaret. She had blonde hair, brown bra and loincloth as well as a snake around her neck.

Luffy looked over the edge of the wall and found the tallest building he could find and jumped onto it, crashing through the roof! Inside he fell into a bath of water along with Sam. The both got up and saw a beautiful naked woman with long black hair and golden snake earrings and a mysterious tattoo on her back that looked like a dragon claw. She turned around and was horrified to not only see someone in her bathroom while everyone on the island knew that her bath time was sacred and private, but that they were men! She hated men and men were not allowed on this island, and if one was they were to be executed publicly unless the woman didn't get to her first. The woman with long black hair, known as Boa Hancock, the holder of the love love fruit which turns those who have lust in their hearts to stone, brought he hands up in the shape of a heart and yelled

"Mero Mero Mellow!" A pink beam of hearts flew towards Luffy and Sam. Yet nothing happened, the men didn't turn to stone! She was in shock as she did it again and again to only get the same result. She was furious and decided to hold a public execution in the arena of Amazon lily!

At the arena:

For the older man while the young boy, with dark brown hair and a straw hat along with large eyes with small black pupils (almost the image if a younger Luffy with dark brown hair), was chained to the wall next to Hancock and her snake-throne. Sam was to be used as a slave once Luffy died, and even worse he had to watch his father die right before his own eyes! As Luffy was recording his trial, which seemed over before it started, Margaret and two other women, one rather fat and one very tall, jumped into the area and said they were responsible for bringing this man to the island which was a crime punishable by death. Hancock turned them to stone and summoned a giant black cat to kill Luffy! Sam was worried out if his mind but was soon speechless as he saw Luffy deliver a single punch to the cat, breaking its teeth and knocking it into the stands unconscious. Hancock, stunned, ordered her sisters Marigold and Sanderosa to kill Luffy.

Luffy couldn't manage to hit either of them even though they both had the snake snake fruit only different models, anaconda and king cobra. When he did hit them though he couldn't do any damage either! Then something happened that made him get pissed off! Sanderosa was holding the statue of Margaret and threatening to break it. Luffy kept telling her to stop while marigold was holding him tight wrapped up in her tail. Luffy couldn't take it anymore and screamed

"Stop It!"All of a sudden a burst of what felt like an extremely powerful wind went throughout the entire arena. Everyone was speechless as people started fainting. Sam was wide eyed and gasped loudly and said to Hancock

"What was that? I felt really weak for a while there and I think I almost passed out!" Sam yelled this to her and she intern just stared wide eyed at him wondering who these people were and why this little kid didn't pass out. She turned and said to him

"That, you soon to be servant to me, was the Kings Disposition Haki... Tell me... Who are you..?" Hancock asked in nervously.

"Shishishi I'm Monkey D. Samual, and down there is my dad Monkey D. Luffy! You really should just end this now; my dad is very strong and is holding back right now!" Sam said with a wide grin on his face.

Hancock looked at Sam and started to worry and yelled to her sisters to stop but it was too late. The dragon claw tattoo the three sisters shared was exposed but Luffy quickly and to cover it up with his body and everyone left the arena. Luffy got off of Sanderosa's back and Hancock forgave Luffy for being on the island.

Weeks later, after Hancock had fallen in love with Luffy, Luffy had gone to Impel Down and also the Whitebeard War and was now out of his emotional breakdown state all thanks to Jimbei. Silvers Rayleigh decided to train with Luffy and Sam and teach them Haki after Luffy went back to Marineford and left a secret message to tell his crew to meet again in two years. Sam and Luffy were about to start training with Rayleigh when they went to the only safe place on the uninhabited island filled with dangerous animals they were on. There were two skinny rocks standing up and both of them took off their straw hats and put them on the rocks and at the same time they said

"Looks like we're taking a break from be pirates for the next two years." they both said simultaneously with a hint of a sadness in their voice yet happiness too because they were happy there were going to get stronger.

To Be Continued

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