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Chapter 17:Her last hours


'Sis!' Mika thought. There could only be one person who would call her that! However, the voice that said the words certainly didn't sound masculine at all. In fact, it sounded feminine. The hand on her shoulder felt smooth and gentler than a man's would have. Mika dared to see who stopped her by turning her head slowly.

Sure enough, it wasn't the person that she thought it was. Her heart could start beating again, but certainly not at its normal pace. The person who stopped her was a little taller than her, had long flowing black hair, and was wearing a tight, black, Chinese dress that had red trim, and she also had black high heeled shoes. She was beautiful, but Mika refused to recognize that. She was too nervous, confused, and scared to care.

"Umm. D-Do I know you?" The person smiled half heartedly and let go of Mika so she could turn around and face her.

"You do not know me. My name is Shenhua Jiang, but you can call me Jiang. Under different circumstance I would be happy to meet you, me being your brother's girlfriend and all, but today is a grim day." Mika recoiled a bit at her introduction – well beginning of it anyway. Her brother's girlfriend? It has been getting way too close for comfort lately with all this talk about her brother. Now, though, her brother could be literally down the street from her and she wouldn't even know!

"My brother's girlfriend! Does that mean he's here!?" Jiang had a slight look of sorrow in her eyes for a split second, but she put on a mask of her happy, smiling face.

"Yes, yes he is. We just wanted to meet up with you – the both of us – and he wanted to bury the hatchet and become a good brother to you." Emotions and thoughts raced through Mika's head. All of them seemed to be in a hurry to go somewhere because as soon as one popped in, it left and was replaced by another. Sam is here, but instead of being the vicious boy she remembered he wants to be friends? This seemed too good to be true, so it probably was. However, Mika had no reason to not believe Jiang. It's not like Sam has done anything to her in the past twelve years or so.

"I-I don't know if you're telling the truth or not, but I'll trust you for now." Jiang smiled at her as she offered Mika her hand. She grabbed hold of it and they walked down the street, looking at shops and people chatting to each other. Mika was avoiding her gaze from Jiang. She merely had a hunch that it was okay to trust this woman who claimed to be her brother's girlfriend. However, Mika rustled up the courage to ask Jiang a question a few minutes later.

"Umm, what did Sam tell you? Like, about who he is and who I am?" Jiang showed a warm smile to Mika.

"Hm? Oh, yes I think I know what you're wondering about. Yes, I do know who you are. You," Jiang leaned in to whisper. "Are Monkey D. Namika. Your father is the Pirate King, and Sam also told me that you were sent flying from former Shichibukai, Bartholomew Kuma, at the Sabondy Archipelago around twelve years ago.

"Your brother, on the other hand, was sent flying with your dad to Amazon Lily. The place where the Shichibukai, Boa Hancock" She seemed to spit that name like venom, which confused Mika. "Lives and your father left him there with that whore who, as far as I've gathered, loved your father. So she now thinks of your brother as her son. I don't really know much about you though. Care to fill in some blanks?"

Mika was thinking about telling her where she was for the past years, but thought better of it when she reminded herself that she had just met this woman not more than 15 minutes ago. There was practically no reason to be sure that she was telling to truth or could be trusted at this point. Jiang took her silence as her answer.

They walked for a few minutes before Jiang heard Mika's stomach growl. She looked at her and had to stifle a laugh when she saw Mika looking away while whistling.

"Ha! Are you hungry? We could stop at one of the restaurants and grab a bite to eat. Do you want to?" Mika continued to whistle and look in just about every other direction except for Jiang's. She did, however, manage to let out a mutter.

"No, no. I'm not hungry! Besides, I don't have any money!" 'Alright,' Jiang thought. 'She is either broke, she just doesn't want to pay, or she is a little bit nervous. Probably the latter two…'

"Wow. You're a terrible liar! Come on, I'll pay. Everything is going to be fine." Jiang led Mika into a nearby bar and they sat down at the counter. They both seemed to notice the curious gazes and drooling mouths of some men – and women – that were in the bar and even looking through the doors and windows. It was pretty weird from Mika's perspective, but Jiang looked like she was used to it because she twirled around in her chair, stretched her arms back, and puffed out her chest. Mika could have sworn she saw a couple people pass out from blood loss. She just shrugged it off nonchalantly and turned back to the counter.

"Yo! What can I get for you two pretty ladies?" A handsome man – well compared to the other people around here - who was about 6'2" tall, had dark brown hair with a patch a blonde on the right side, had sky blue eyes, and was currently wearing jeans and a white t-shirt that had a dragon design on the back. Mika looked at the man and grinned.

"Hi, I want meat, and lots of it!" The bartender smiled at her and looked at Jiang for her order. She was stunned at what Mika said due to her dirty mind, but within seconds she understood what she really meant. Jiang shook her head to rid herself of her thought and looked at the bartender.

"Umm, a chicken salad and some water is all for me." The bartender smiled at her then turned to a woman who could be seen over a counter stacked with bottles. She must have been in the kitchen because there were fridges, ovens, and other cooking necessities. She was about 5'4" tall; she had blonde hair that went to about her mid-back, sea green eyes, and was wearing light blue jeans and a white t-shirt that also had the same dragon design as the bartender.

"Yo, Lucy! Get me a Chicken Salad and a lot of meat!" The woman, now known as Lucy, looked over to him and smiled.

"Alright, Drake!" Lucy got busy cooking up food for Mika and Jiang. The bartender, identified as Drake, shouted back to Lucy.

"Thank you, your order will be out in just a minute!" He turned to the counter that was loaded with bottles and poured Jiang's drink for her. He set it in front of her and leaned on the counter.

"So, I haven't seen you two around her before. Are you tourists? Many people come to see the destroyed execution platform." Mika had her attention on Drake, as did Jiang. Drake saw the attention and continued with his thought.

"The current pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy," Mika tensed a bit, and Jiang looked over just in time to notice. "Was about to be executed by Buggy the Clown, a former Shichibukai but at this time he wasn't. Then, out of nowhere, a storm came and lightning struck Buggy's sword and destroyed the entire platform! One of the Captains, who used to work at the marine base here, Captain Smoker who is now Admiral Smoker, said that the same day Monkey D. Dragon was found to have been there and helped his son. It would be crazy if Luffy had a kid and protected them in the same way! Eh, but lightning never strikes the same place twice."

Mika had a look of panic in her eyes, a nearly unnoticeable shake, and she just kept staring into nothing. Drake tilted his head in confusion and was about to ask what's wrong when…

"Drake! Order's up!" Lucy shouted through the window. He turned around and picked up the salad and two plates of meat.

"Yo, alright thanks, Lucy. Ja Ne!" He set them down in front of the two women and was a bit taken back when all traces of Mika's previous mood vanished. She nearly inhaled the plates of meat; it even made Drake wonder if she took a break long enough for her to breathe! Jiang was a bit taken back too. She had seen Sam eat in a similar way, but she figured that his sister would have a little bit more grace. Needless to say, she did not.

"Geez, Mika slow down a little bit. It's nice to taste your food every now and again." Mika swallowed the food that was in her mouth and leaned back.

"Ah, that was tasty! Did you say something Jiang?" Jiang looked at Mika's plate and sighed inwardly when she saw that it was empty. She sure was a food eater. Jiang shook her head and looked to Drake who looked like he was about to say something.

"Yo, so I take it that you two aren't from around here. Where are you from then? Oh, and as you probably have figured out by now my name is Drake." Mika looked at Jiang to see if she was going to answer first, but Jiang gestured for her to answer. Mika had strangely grown comfortable with Jiang in the short time she has known her. Maybe it's just easier to not have to worry about it. She looked at Drake and grinned.

"Shishishi, I'm Mika! I'm from the East Blue, like you are. I lived with my aunt on Cocoyashi village for most of my life." Mika was talking to Drake, but she actually just decided to answer Jiang's question from earlier. Drake smirked at Mika and shrugged a shoulder.

"Huh, that's the place where Arlong took power at a little over a decade ago, right?" Mika remembered the stories her aunt Nojiko told her about when Arlong controlled her mother's home island. About how Nami had to make maps against her will for Arlong for eight years. The thought about how it must have been was terrible enough to make Mika not even speak her response, just nod her head. Drake narrowed his eyes slightly.

"I see, well that's probably one of the good things that the Pirate King actually did. He liberated that island from its oppression. Oh, and by the way I'm not from the East Blue. I'm from the South Blue." He turned to look at Jiang. "How about you, care to tell about yourself?" Jiang looked hesitant at first, but she motioned for the both of them to come close so that nobody could hear them.

"Alright, don't make any overreactions. I don't want to cause a scene or anything. Mika, I should have told you this earlier. I'm a Shichibukai." Both Mika and Drake recoiled a bit from this. 'A Shichibukai!' Mika thought. 'That means that she's like Sam too!' Mika slowly lowered herself off of the barstool she sat on.

Jiang was surprised at the two's reactions. They were actually able to hold in their surprise, even though her name was in the paper and known worldwide. The more she thought about it the more she wondered how they couldn't have known, but it's just easier to think that they aren't quite up to speed with current events.

"Shi..Shi… Well I think it's about time to go Jiang." Said person turned to look at Mika who was awkwardly scooting towards the door. "Bye Drake, thanks for the food!" She waved and scurried out of the door, leaving Jiang and Drake by themselves for a moment. Jiang looked around to make sure nobody was listening to them and leaned in towards Drake.

"Listen, I know who you are and I know you know who I am. I assume some higher ups told you about the plan to exterminate Mika, but I want you to ignore them. I will do it by myself. However, she has a crew in town here somewhere I want you and your men to detain them."

Drake nodded his head and motioned for Jiang to hurry up and leave. "Ja Ne! Have a nice day!" Jiang waved and hurried through to door before Mika could get very far away.

As it would be, Mika was nowhere in sight. 'What a headache this is going to be!'


Victor was aimlessly walking around Lougetown looking at anything and everything. He knew it was only a matter of time before something exciting would happen anyway. Things tend to go that way when you travel with someone like Mika.

He wandered into the central plaza. It was surrounded by two and three story buildings that had elegant balconies and columns on the outside. Towards the back of the plaza lay the charred remains of the execution platform Gol D. Roger was executed on over 30 years ago! It peaked Victors curiosity was peaked so he decided to walk towards it and read the plaque that stood there.

'The remains of the famed execution tower

where the first Pirate King, Gol D. Roger,

was brought to justice.

It was destroyed when former Shichibukai

Buggy the Clown nearly executed the current

Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy.'

"Huh, so looks like even the Pirate King had a rough start. Maybe there's hope for our crew yet, haha!" Victor chuckled to himself as another person walked up to the plaque. Victor looked over to see the spiky orange hair of someone who was a bit shorter than him and looked about 10 or 15 years older.

"Everyone has their rough starts no matter whom you are or where you came from. What made the Pirate King great is how he handled those rough patches and thrived coming out. Everything he went through only made him stronger. However, it is also due to the help of his crew that he was able to make it through all of his struggles. Without them I'm sure that he wouldn't have made it nearly as far as he did.

There's a lesson in there for you young man, you can never give up despite how bleak the situation looks. I heard you say that you're in a pirate crew. This is a very common place for pirates, but it is also a very common place for them to get arrested. Stay on your guard, because I have a feeling you'll need it soon." Victor was a bit caught off guard by this stranger's speech to him. It would be different if he at least knew him, but this was some total stranger that just came out of nowhere!

"Hey, um thanks I guess, but I have no idea who you even are. My name is Victor just in case you're one of those really polite people." Victor outstretched his hand and the man met it with his own.

"Oh, haha sorry about that. I tend to just start talking to people sometimes and completely forget to introduce myself. My name is Marcus. Nice to meet you Victor!" Marcus and Victor shook hands. Once they released Marcus was the first to speak.

"So you're in a pirate crew, what's the name of your crew? I might have heard of it." Victor smiled to Marcus. 'This guy seems alright I guess, a little straightforward, but alright'

"I'm in the crew known as the Halo Pirates! We're a pretty new rookie crew but that doesn't mean we aren't strong. We are probably one of the strongest crews in the whole East Blue!" Victor had a proud look on his face. Marcus had a small smile on his face.

"I see, then does that mean that you are THAT Victor? Victor Chambers with a €20,000,000 bounty? That's pretty impressive for a rookie in the East Blue who isn't even the captain!" Victor's ego was boosted all the way to cloud nine.

"So you know who I am, but all I know about you is that your name is Marcus. Care to tell about yourself?" Marcus thought about for a second before speaking. 'Well I don't think I can tell him the complete truth so I'll need to change some things.'

"Alright sure, my name is Marcus as you already know. I too am a pirate, but I'm more of a freelancer I guess. I work for anyone who is willing to pay if I think the job is for the right cause. I've worked with marines, pirates, and citizens about various things. That's pretty much all there is to me, I don't have a bounty at the moment either." Victor seemed satisfied with the answer.


"What the hell was that?!" Victor yelled to Marcus once the both heard a loud scream. Suddenly the two pirates saw Mika sprinting into the central plaza where they were with a sword that Victor had never seen before in her hand. She seemed to running from something, but whatever it had to be was beyond them two.

That is until they saw a fireball fly through the air towards Mika at an insanely fast speed!

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! AHHHHH!" Mika put her sword up to block the fireball. It really shouldn't have been possible but she's been doing it every time a fireball comes her way. The sword seemed to glow a little but each time a fireball hit it.

Victor had no idea where the fireballs were even coming from. The source wasn't in the plaza yet, not that that was a bad thing though. Whatever could shoot those was definitely something he did not want to see!

"Well, looks like its starting. I suggest you do your best to get out of here and to your ship before you get killed." Marcus said out to Victor while looking towards the chaos.

"What are you talking about? What's starting! And why should I leave!" Victor looked towards Mika blocking fireballs. "I need to help Mika! She is obviously in trouble! I'm not gonna be a puss and go hide!" He looked back at Marcus who was smiling a genuine smile.

"Well I heard the marines knew about your presence here and are trying to eliminate 'Guardian Angel' Mika before she can enter the Grand Line." As if by some magic coincidence, marines began marching into to plaza to help aid in the arrest or extermination of Mika.

To Be Continued

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Captain/Navigator- "Guardian Angel" Mika- €35,000,000

First Mate- Victor Chambers- €20,000,000

Cook- Nicole Kachida- none

Doctor (Surgeon!)-Verra J. Dawn- none

Assistant Doctor- Sokyo Rose- none