Gong Men City Chapter 3: The Pendent

5 Days after the take over...

It has already been 5 weeks since Shadow's recovery. He was now wearing a silver samurai uniform with a Ying-Yang symbol on the back. He was just resting on the grass in the shade of a tree. Shadow looked at the clouds in the sky, and recalled back at the orphanage Sakura and him would always count the number of clouds that were up in the sky. He than held up his good luck charm the Sakura had made for him. He held it by the string and held it up to the clouds. "Sakura..." he said with a deep sigh "If only you could give me some kind of sign that you are here." He than heard footsteps from the grass; Shadow quickly sat himself up only to see that it was Po. "Hey, how you doing?" Po said "Hey." Shadow replied as he turned back to look at the clouds. Po looked in the same direction that Shadow was looking in. "What are you looking at?" Po asked in confusion. "The clouds." He replied,

"Oh, you like clouds? I mean they kind of remind you of, you know, big puffy things, like pillows, and even dumplings."

"Yeah, and I was also thinking about someone."

"Oh, well, whom were you thinking about?"

"A really good friend of mine. She and I would always name the shape of each cloud."


"Yeah, and sometimes she would actually say to me that, she would sometimes see herself flying through the air."

"Yeah, sounded like she really wanted to be up there with the clouds than?"

"You could put it that way."

Shadow had paused for a minute and looked at Po with a suspicion look. "What? What's the matter?" Po asked "Is there something on my face cause if there is it's probably the cookies I had for dessert after lunch." "No, it's not that." Shadow said with a chuckle "Something tells, you didn't just come up here just so you could get to know me." "Oh yeah, I guess I was getting a little off topic." Po said as he put his paws together, and rubbed them "Master Shifu told me as long as your going to stay here, he put you under my watch, or technically everyone's watch, since uh you know-" "I get it." Shadow interrupted "So in other words, you and everyone else that I meet, are going to babysit me?" "Pretty much, I mean you could put it that way." Po said, "He also said that you could help us with our hero work as long as you are here."

"Really?" Shadow had asked. "Yeah, that's pretty much how it goes." Suddenly they both hear a familiar voice in the distance. It was Tigress coming towards them in a hurry. "Shadow! Po!" She called "What is it?" Shadow asked her as he got up. "Bandits!" she said, "They are approaching the musicians village!" "Danger." Po said with a serious look "Tell them to start some fighting music there cause it is on!" Po turns to Shadow and gives him a smile "Well it looks like we may see you in action after all!" He said. "Yeah, it's your lucky day." Shadow said smiling back at him "Alright let's go!" Po cried out "No snack stops this time." Tigress reminded him. Shadow couldn't help but chuckle at what she had said to him. Po took notice of that and he laughed out loud. "Snack stops." Po said sarcastically "I don't know what she is talking about" "Yeah, right" Shadow said as he began to run in the direction to where they were heading.

Spears rocketed in to the roofs like a bullet from a gun. Appearing in the mist were a pack of Wolves from left and right landing on top of the houses. Lang the chief wolf had landed near the cliff to where the village had ended. "Get all the metal you can find!" he ordered. The wolves followed orders from the Alpha and they began to search every house and robbed them of there metal. They took instruments made of metal, gongs, and bells, everything that was metal. When they were done they rendezvous with the Alpha Wolf at the cliff. Right before they were about to leave Lang had felt a rock against his head. "Who did that!" he demanded. He felt another rock again. He turned to see that it was Shadow who threw the rock at his head. Shadow was just standing there with one hand around his back, and the other hand was throwing the rock up and down.

"You guys mind telling me what you want with those souvenirs?" Shadow taunted. Lang looked at him with annoyance, when all of a sudden he saw 6 figures falling from the distance landing right behind him. Everyone in the village cheered at the sight of the six. "The Dragon Warrior!" one villager cried. "The panda?" Lang said, "That's absurd." "My fist hungrys for justice." Po had said as he lifted his hand; the group heard an unexpected sound. They all slowly turned to Po since it was coming from him. "Uh..." Po said "That was my uh... Fist." "GET THEM!" Lang ordered. All of the wolves bolted at the group. Without warning Shadow sprung into action kicking one wolf under the face than using the same wolf to throw him right at a group. Po of course got amazed at the sight of that but quickly got his head back in the game when punched a wolf in the nose.

Shadow ran right to one of the wolves and began throwing punches at them. Within seconds he had knocked them all down, but than he found himself surrounded by them. They all jumped at once to put him down, when they suddenly hit each other. Po was about to get stabbed by on of the wolves, when his own comrade attacked him. Po turned around to attack the guy but than he just fell over reveling that it was Shadow that had just saved his life. "Did you just do that?" Po had said in amazement "LOOK OUT!" Shadow had yelled as he went right through him to punch an attack from the wolf. Po and Shadow both looked at each other and they both nodded their heads. Wolves from left and right charged at them with all the weapons that they had. Shadow stopped a wolf from stabbing him in the back, and he took his duel sword.

Po and Shadow began to attack side-by-side doing double the damage. Po threw kicks as Shadow ducked Po's kicks and tripped the wolves that had tried to surprise him. Po than picked Shadow up from under is shoulders. Shadow lifted his legs knocking over two of the wolves. Shadow than jumped on top of the wolves and blocked there attacks with his swords. Shadow countered every attack that they threw at him, when he suddenly heard a howl coming from Lang. The metal that was tied up than began to be lifted into the air. "CRANE!" Po yelled, "I'M ON IT!" Crane replied. With his incredible speed he was able to catch up with the stolen metal and he cut the rope. Po ran and jumped to catch the metal that fell; following behind him was Viper, Monkey, and Tigress. Po grabbed the metal, Viper wrapped herself around his ankle, Monkey grabbed her tail, and Tigress grabbed his tell stopping them from falling from the cliff. She than threw them right back on to land.

The last of the wolves had retreated; everyone in the village cheered at their victory. But Lang however wasn't finished. He ran to the group with his hammer in the air. "I got him!" Shadow said as he ran toward him. But than suddenly caught his eye as he prepared to attack. There was something dangling on his wrist. It looked like a necklace; it had a silver lining combined with gold. The necklace had a circle and inside that circle was star. Shadow than froze knowing where that necklace came from. The next he knew he fell right on the ground by the impact of the hammer. "Chew on that kid!" Lang laughed as he retreated with the last of the metal. Shadow slowly got up when Tigress helped him. Everyone in the group went to go check on him. "Are you okay?" Viper asked in a worried tone. Shadow turned to her and he nodded his head.

"Your not hurt, are ya kid?" Mantis asked him. No words came from Shadow, as he was still frozen. "Is there, something wrong?" Tigress asked him. There was a moment of silence among them. "He was wearing it..." Shadow said, "He was wearing her pendent." They all looked at each other, wondering what he was talking, and whom he was talking about.

Hours Later, Outside of the Palace

Shadow pacing back and forth for God knows how long, as the others watched him. Shifu had come back from his meditation when he noticed that they were all watching Shadow pacing back and forth. "What's going on?" he asked. Crane turned to him, and walked towards him. "It's Shadow Master Shifu." Crane had answered, "There is something troubling him. He keeps saying that the people that had attacked the village earlier were wearing something that belonged to his friend." Shifu walks towards Shadow, and Shifu tapped him on the shoulder with his staff. Shadow looked down to see that he was standing next to him. "Is there a problem?" he asked. "Yes, there is a problem!" Shadow said "That wolf, he was wearing Sakura's pendent!" Shifu got confused for a second.

"Sakura?" Shifu asked him "My friend, my friend that was with me!" Shadow said as he started to pace back and forth again. "She was the one that was missing the person I am looking for! And there is a chance she is with whoever that wolf was!" "Calm down Shadow." Shifu said, "How did you know that the pendent had belonged to her?" "She told me herself." Shadow said "She said her mother gave it to her right before she died. But if he was wearing her pendent than that means..." Suddenly a goose that had worked for them ran to Master Shifu with an urgent message. "What is it?" Shifu asked him. "It's from Gong Men City sir" he had replied, "It's an emergency!" Reliezing this Shifu took the scroll from the goose and he opened it. He read the message and the group fell into silence. "Is something wrong?" Po asked "Are you familiar with the master of Gong Men City?" Shifu asked

"Master Thundering Rhino?"


"Son of legendary Flying Rhino?"


"And the slayer of the Valley of Woe?"

"His dead."

"... Whoa."

Everyone was in shocked even Shadow when they had heard the horrible news. "B-but that's impossible." Crane said, "Rhinos horn is impervious to any technique." Tigress assured him. "This was no technique" Shifu said, "Lord Shen has created a weapon, one that breathes fire and spits metal. Unless he is stopped, this could the end of Kung Fu."