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Well, anyway here you go~

Yuu tried to stay calm. He knew that causing a scene and shouting to the world that he was gay wasn't the best idea; even if he didn't mind the attention. But it was hard to stay calm when a certain Yoshiyuki Hatori kept stealing his first love right from under his nose.

Yuu closed his eyes and tried to focus his thoughts on what he was going to say as he stood in front of the Emerald workspace. Calm yourself. You're just going to threat Hatori a little, maybe punch him, and leave. Don't shout your feelings to the rooftops…

The only reason Yuu had found Emerald easy enough was all thanks to Chiaki. Yuu had just mentioned in passing that he'd always wanted to see the office where Chiaki got published and Chiaki had started spouting out all the information he knew. Without even realizing that Yuu might have other motives like, say, beat up his boyfriend. Yuu felt bad for thinking it, but it was a good thing Chiaki was so dense sometimes.

Yuu decided he was done standing in the middle of the doorway. He took a deep breath and walked into the Emerald division of Marukawa Shoten. He opened his mouth to ask about Hatori, but nothing came out as his eyes widened in shock at the scene before him.

The pink and frilly interior Yuu had suspected to walk into was far from what he was seeing now. Papers were scattered everywhere, malfunctioning laptops were smoking as the burned under piles of paper, people were collapsed or scribbling frantically on papers…

To put it simply, the office was dying. Yuu knew how bad it got near a deadline, being an assistant, but this was ridiculous. Chiaki hadn't told him about this.

Yuu gulped and picked his way through paper, broken laptops, and dead bodies. The only ones he could see that were still doing something (he tried to ignore their bloodshot eyes) were a shouting man with short black hair and glasses, and a man with brown hair who was still working though his eyes appeared to be closed. Hatori was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly a ruler whizzed by Yuu's face and he flinched back instinctively. The ruler hit its mark on a collapsed brown haired man who jumped up and started working again. Yuu looked back to find the shouting man had been the cause of the projectile.

The man's bloodshot eyes met Yuu's and then snapped back to his work. It seemed that the man really didn't care if Yuu was there or not, so Yuu started picking his way around the table again.

When he finally made it to the opposite side of the huge desk, he almost stepped on a body that lay face down on the floor. He nudged the man lightly with the toe of his boot; rolling him until he was lying face up. Yuu's eyebrow twitched as he recognized the man to be Hatori. He really didn't feel any sympathy for the man, but Yuu figured it would be useless to yell at a dead body.

Yuu sighed, since the whole point of coming here had been to yell at Hatori, and picked his way to the door. He almost made it when the man with his eyes closed stood up and crashed right into Yuu. The man's stack of paper went flying and the two fell to the floor; Yuu trapped on his stomach underneath this stranger.

"Sorry…" the man muttered before drowsiness caught up to him and his breath on Yuu's neck slowed. Well, that was just great. Yuu was trapped under a collapsed man inside a warzone.

"Damn, I should've never come here in the first place!" Yuu thought angrily. Yuu heaved upwards, but collapsed men didn't budge easily. The man's arms relaxed, pinning Yuu's arms down and he growled.

"Mino! Mino! Dammit Mino, get up and back to work!" The man with glasses was now shouting at the stranger on top of Yuu. Well, at least Yuu knew the man's name now.

Mino was responsive, except for his head falling into the crook of Yuu's neck. Shivers ran up Yuu's spine and he wondered what exactly he'd done to deserve being stuck here like this. Suddenly, a ruler hit him in the head and Yuu's anger blew up at the man with glasses.

"You friggin' missed, dipshit!"

The man just glared at him with bloodshot eyes and proceeded to ignore him. He was making no move to assist Yuu from getting out from under Mino. Yuu sighed and hit his head on the floor repeatedly.

He might as well get comfortable since it didn't look like he'd be leaving anytime soon.

Yuu awoke to someone shaking his shoulder. He groaned and rolled over; curling into a ball in hopes whoever it was would leave him alone.

"Chiaki, go away," Yuu growled when the shaking continued. Someone chuckled, that was obviously not Chiaki, and Yuu's eyes flew open.

He was lying on the floor on top of a pile of papers. The person who had woke him was of course Mino and not Chiaki. Yuu blinked in confusion, not remembering where he'd met the man. When his memory returned, Yuu grimaced.

"Finally awake, grumpy pants?" Mino smiled down at Yuu in a way that kind of freaked him out. Mino held out his hand to help Yuu stand, and Yuu took it uncertainly.

"I wanted to apologize for collapsing on you last night," Mino commented as he walked over and cleared his desk. Yuu had no choice but to follow him; since he was talking to him and Yuu's manners weren't that bad. "Last night was rather… hectic."

"I'd say," Yuu snorted, slowly scooting away from Mino, figuring he was done. Hatori's desk was right next to Mino's, and Yuu could see the man standing and straightening himself out. He'd finally get his chance to yell at Hatori. But, again, before he could open his mouth, Mino grabbed his arm with an iron grip.

"If you don't mind, I'd like to treat you to breakfast in apology for yesterday," Mino said, grinning a way that made Yuu feel like he'd end up dead in a hole somewhere if he refused. But Yuu really didn't care, since he had nothing to lose, and Mino was still a complete stranger; even if they'd slept on the floor together.

"Sorry, I kind of have a job today..." Yuu tried to refuse but Mino, with his iron grip still attached to Yuu's arm, led Yuu out of the office without listening to the man's refusal.

Yuu tried to complain and pull his arm away; but with Mino, that kind of thing was impossible.

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