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At first, all Yuu could do was stare at the monitor in disbelief. Then panic spread through him.

Mino's heart had stopped.

Yuu sprang out of his stool so fast that he knocked the thing over. He ran past a startled Kisa and Yukina and sprinted down the hallway. He shouted to anyone that came across.

"A doctor! Get a doctor! Please!"

Thoughts were running through his head a mile a minute. Mino couldn't die. What would he do if he died? He'd lost Chiaki, he couldn't lose Mino now. Not before he could apologize. There would be nothing else in his life, except guilt and regret. Those were the two emotions that would probably push him towards his own suicide. Tears threatened to overflow again, but he pushed them back.

He had to find a doctor.

Eventually he stumbled upon an elderly doctor who almost looked like he should be in the hospital himself. He coughed regularly and looked like the smallest gust of wind would knock him over. If Yuu could, he'd keep looking. But this old man was the only chance Mino had.

He grabbed the man's arm.

"Doctor, Mino, the man in Room 12, his heart stopped!" Yuu shouted hysterically. His whole brain was wrapped in a panic. This couldn't be happening…

The doctor's eyes widened so far they almost popped out of his head and he walked, as quickly as his old legs could take him, to Mino's room. Yuu was right behind him. He didn't care that this doctor was elderly; at least he was a doctor! Mino couldn't die!

They finally got to the room and burst in. Kisa was there, crying again. Yukina was holding him, a few tears falling down his face as well even though Yuu was positive the man didn't even know Mino. The old man pushed the three visitors out of the room gently before closing the door and getting to work.

Yuu paced. He couldn't allow himself to sit or stand still; he'd have a mental breakdown if he did. His mind was in hysterics; his body was in a panic. His thoughts were throwing images of Mino at his head. Worry exploded in his chest.

What if Yuu never got to apologize?

After a painstakingly long time, the elderly doctor came back out of the room. Yuu almost knocked the man over as he hurried to stand right in front of him. Yuu looked desperately into the doctor's face. Would it give him good or bad news? The old man looked tired; more tired than he'd looked when Yuu had first seen him in the hallway.

Yuu's heart tightened.

Then a smile came onto the old man's face and Yuu's hopes soared.

"Mino's fine. His heart stopped, but I was able to get it started again." The doctor put his hand on Yuu's shoulder and smiled warmly. "It's a good thing you acted quickly, or we might not have been able to save him."

Yuu wanted to hug the old doctor. He felt that relieved and… happy. He could fell the stupid, giddy grin that was on his face. So he did hug the doctor. The old man looked surprised, but he gave Yuu a weak hug in return. Yuu wondered briefly if he was squeezing the old guy too hard.

But, soon enough, Kisa was also hugging the old man.

"Thank you, thank you!" Kisa was repeating over and over through his tears. The doctor awkwardly gave him a pat on the head.

Eventually the old man broke apart from Yuu and Kisa and said that he had to go check on another patient. He bid the trio farewell and told Yuu to come find him again if Mino's heart suddenly stopped again.

They all bowed deeply to the retreating doctor before going back into Mino's room.

Yuu picked his stool back up and sat down again. He took Mino's hand in his and, ignoring Kisa who was trying to dry his tears, thought.

What was he going to tell Mino if, no, when he woke up? Yuu wasn't the kind of person who'd just blurt out how he felt; not anymore. He'd changed since he first met Mino.

But Yuu knew one thing: he wasn't running anymore. He was good at denying things, but he was done with that. He'd hurt himself and Mino enough.

He was going to make sure that Mino knew that he loved him.

Yuu's eyes suddenly felt really heavy. He remembered that he hadn't slept in three days. Something in the back of his mind wondered how he'd lasted this long.

He slumped, succumbing to exhaustion.

Yuu woke up to someone hissing his name and nudging him.

He blinked his eyes open sleepily, looking up to see Kisa standing over him. He had on an emotion that almost looked like relieved disbelief. Yuu decided he didn't care and closed his eyes again. He had no idea how long he'd been sleeping, but it obviously wasn't enough.

"Yanase!" Kisa was shaking him now. "Yanase, Mino's awake!"

At that, Yuu's eyes snapped open. Forgetting instantly about his exhaustion, he pushed Kisa out of the way and leaned forward towards Mino's bed. He heard an all too familiar chuckle as Kisa and Yukina politely (Yuu guessed) exited the room.

"You look pretty cute when you're asleep, with your mouth wide open like that," Mino said teasingly. Yuu's cheeks flushed, but he was way too relieved to be angry.

He wrapped his arms around Mino's shoulders gently and pressed his nose against Mino's cheek. He could feel Mino's smile.

"Shut up, you stupid bastard!"

It was a month after Mino had been discharged and two months after his and Yuu's relationship had started.

Yuu's legs were crossed under the table, his headphones around his neck, and his pen in his hand as he lazily sketched a background.

He was working for Inoue again.

Mino had promised to eventually help Yuu become a successful manga artist, but Yuu hadn't thought up any brilliant ideas yet. It was kind of hard to focus when his boyfriend kept teasing him, let it be a nibble on the ear while he was practicing drawing main characters or Mino all out dragging Yuu out of his chair and into the bedroom.

Mino, no matter how deep down Yuu looked, really was a bastard. But he was in love with that bastard, so what could he say?

The door opened to Inoue's study and the woman herself squeaked. Yuu didn't even have to look up to know who was at the door. There was only one person Inoue was afraid of.

"Are you done with your manuscript?" Mino asked, his threatening tone once again obvious though a smile was on his face.

"N-no…" Inoue squeaked, her entire face pale as she continue drawing like crazy.

"Is the room next door empty?" Mino asked after a pause.

"Yeah…" Inoue replied, sounding confused.

"Is there a bed inside the room?"

"Yeah. Why?" At this, Inoue turned back to look at Mino in obvious confusion. Yuu, on the other hand, felt an oncoming sense of doom. He pretended not to notice as Mino walked over to the assistant's table with a creepy smile.

Yuu couldn't say he was surprised when Mino yanked him up.

"We'll be borrowing that room for a little bit. That manuscript better be done when we get back~" Mino sang.

Yuu's cheeks flushed as he complained and tried to struggle out of Mino's grasp. The man just ignored him and started dragging him into the room next door.

"Goddamn it, you bastard! Let me go!"

The remainder of Inoue's work staff pretended they couldn't hear the noises coming from the other side of the wall.

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