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I'm Not a Child

A Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler Fan fiction By Lexi

The voices echoed in his head, the laughing, the smiling, how could they smile when they were so empty, do they not know what's going to happen? It's going to burn, all of it; Nothing will be left, they won't be able to smile, or laugh, or be together like this, never again, it would all become ashes soon, and he, he would be left alone. He was merely a boy, to take over everything; fulfill his soul less purpose, alone. He was just a child, barely eleven. He was just a young boy.

Sweat beaded down the slender young lord's pale white skin. He was the head of the Phantomhive's, and he knew that the Phantomhive's had created many enemies on their quest to expansion. One of those enemies, surely, was the reason his mansion, his house, and his family were engulfed in flames. His own blood burned before him, and his father sat there, in his arm chair, not moving an inch, bits and pieces of his parents were sewn together, thick leather thread bound the two's skin, they would be together always. The very ring that he had on his nightstand lay on his father's finger. His father turned to him and smiled, but not his own, not entirely his own. Vincent's left face was sewn to his wife's right face; they smiled, despite the obviously painful leather thread binding them together. His mother's blue, sweet eyes looked at him kindly; his father looked at him with a look of pride. Smiling together the flames swallowed his parents; the fire singed everything round him. His mouth dropped in horror, he wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, but no voice came out, not a sound. "No!" Ciel finally screamed. The young lord's eyes opened and he jumped up and breathed heavily.

"Another bad dream my lord?" Ciel calmed down quickly and shot a disapproving glance at Sebastian, who was holding a candelabra, and had been by his side while he slept. As were his orders nonetheless, he spoke firmly.

"That's ridiculous! The head of the Phantomhive family does not have 'bad dreams'. Dreaming is pointless; sleep is rest for the mind and nothing more." Sebastian was not convinced but humored the young lord. Ciel, threatened by the silence spoke firmly once more, "Do not make a habit of watching me sleep."

"You asked me to my lord." Sebastian said with a small bow. His scarlet eyes sliced Ciel's expression, which now was set in a shocked open mouthed stare, "Would you like to be left all alone next time?" Sebastian said, striking a chord with the youth.

"Was that my order?" Ciel fired back at the raven.

"No, my lord." The demon bowed in apology as the corners of his lips curved up in a devilish smile, for he knew a nightmare was just what happened, the same one that has happened over, and over, and over. He turned and reached for the handle of the door with his gloved hand thinking of his dignified master curling up in a ball having a nightmare, the thought nearly made him chuckle.

"Sebastian!" Ciel's wavering voice called.

"Yes my lord?"

"Where's my tea!"

"Why young master, if you hadn't been –pardon me- so worried about your silly little dream you would've notice your earl grey on your nightstand." The rain intensified the silence. "Now, if you'll excuse me I need to prepare for breakfast."

"Shouldn't it be ready?"

"It's nearly three my lord, I wasn't expecting you to awake so easily."

"Alright, you may go." The raven fled the room, his tailcoat following close behind. How did he know so well what happened to him? Yes, he was practically soul less but that didn't stop the nightmares and the sweat. The lightning flashed behind him, fire. The small male shuddered. He laid his head on his pillow, and tried to sleep.

All you could see was fire, burning, hell. Ciel saw the faces of the one's he loved burn away and break. Elizabeth's blonde curls turned a bold black against her pale skin, sullying her beauty. His combined parent's faces turn to ash. Ciel was forced to watch, forced to observe their pained faces, to hear they're hideous screams.

Then a sudden crash frightened him and shocked him to the point of falling out of bed onto the purple rug beneath him. The demon came just in time to catch his head before it hit the floor.

"You're late."

"I'm terribly sorry master."

"Unacceptable you know." He continued with his raven only inches away from him. Sebastian was still cradling him gently.

"You mustn't lie about things like this, it's childish."

"I'm not a child." Ciel said as he placed his hands behind the servant's neck.

"But you are my lord."

"No I'm not, my nightmares are none of your affairs-how did you know about my dreams?"

"If I didn't my master, what kind of butler would I be?"

"A child's butler." Ciel remarked once again.

"Indeed my lord." Sebastian agreed with Ciel, he had grown much, achieved the role of an adult in society despite his size.

"Sebastian, will you stay by my side?"

"As in our contract."

"When you take my soul please, don't make it hurt."

"I would never want to hurt you my lord."

"Even when taking my soul?"

"Even then."

"Stay by my side, until the moment you should take my soul."

"As you say." Ciel left himself defenseless and hugged Sebastian; Ciel savored the moment in Sebastian's awe. Sebastian wrapped his arms around the slender young man.

"I'm not a child." Ciel whispered into the demon's ear.

"You shouldn't leave yourself defenseless like this, I'm holding back."

"Hold back, what exactly?"


"You're quite the secret keeper." Ciel said looking into those same scarlet red eyes that always seemed to protect him. A devilish smile crept onto the raven's face.

"Now if I couldn't keep a secret, what kind of butler would I be?"

The End

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