His scarlet eyes bore into me, his black hair caressed his pale skin. The corners of his lips lifted, the raven spoke frankly, "If you would excuse me my Lord, I must make breakfast." Amused by his defenseless little master he waited for Ciel's bliss to slip away.

"Quickly then."

"If you would let go of me sir." Ciel's face turned red as he took his eyes off of the face he was adoring, and quickly let go of his butler and fell to the floor suddenly, surprised he squeezed his eyes closed in pain.

"Are you alright my lord?"

"Would you go make breakfast!" Ciel shouted at his servant, taking his pain out on his highly able butler, who simply stood up and walked out of Ciel's room.

"Don't be stupid!" Ciel scolded himself, "Do not cry, stop being weak, you can handle it" He sealed his eyes tightly holding back water in his eyes. What if Sebastian saw him like this, surely he would lose all respect from him. He wasn't a child, and shouldn't be perceived as such. The 13 year old boy thought as he stood up with a pressure relieved from his rear. He ran his hand back and forth over the bruise hoping to ease the pain. The sun was peeking over the horizon of the estate, being only four in the morning he tried to dress himself, as Sebastian was preparing food. Ciel unbuttoned his sleeping shirt and let it fall onto the floor. He put on his socks with ease, after two minutes his socks were on. Quite proud of himself he went to his plain white shirt, which was laid out, along with the rest of his clothing for Sebastian to dress him. I'll show him, I'm not a child. After the socks, everything went downhill; he kept buttoning his shirt wrong about five times, then he couldn't see the knot on the back of his eye patch, it kept falling off. Then he just gave up, half dressed, with his shirt half way tucked in, and his shoes untied, as well as his neck ribbon being uneven. He finally yelled, "Sebastian!" His frustration took the best of him. The butler calmly walked through the door calmly with fresh tea and a raspberry scone.

"You're terribly impatient my lord, you couldn't even wait for me to dress you and now look what a mess you've gotten into." Ciel's pout resembled one of a child, "You can't even dress yourself, what are we to do."

"Would you dress me already!" That very instant he screamed Sebastian had everything but his underclothes on the floor beneath him, starting the process all over from the beginning he put on the master's shirt quickly, without messing up the buttons, putting on his socks, shorts, vest, overcoat and shoes neatly and evenly. He evenly tied the ribbon around his neck.

"You can't even tie a knot."

"I have much more to worry about than tying knots."

"How have you been doing this? I never imagined a demon buttoning my shirts, and tying my clothes. How are you so skilled?"

"I'm simply one hell of a butler."

The End