The N.O. Police are after us... again. Their mutts are charging at us...also again. Chase is running next to me, we split from the other group and are fleeing the rest of the N.O. I turn around and start casting spells at them trying to slow them down. Chase is freaking out. When i turned to start running again Chase turns around and his red streak starts to glow bright red and he holds his hands up, aims them at the N.O and flames erupt from them. I watch in awe, and open a portal to Garfunkel's. We stepped into it and fell. This was obviously not Chase's first time traveling through a portal because he was screaming and holding my sides as if his life depended on it. We 'landed' in front of Garfunkel's and went a few steps to the left and opened a door to the subterranean fortress of the New Rebellion Headquarters. We walked down a few halls and proceeded down the stairs to the mess hall. I went to the Rebellion's offices and sat down for a few minutes, then went back to the mess hall. I saw Chase sitting down at a table eating, and i got the sick idea that i would go up behind him and scare him.

"Hey there Fire Fingers" i said coming up behind him during the almost too perfect mouthful of food.

"Holy- damn it Nick." He lost his mouthful as he said that. I was literally dying of laughter, then i regained my composure and also sat down.

"How do you like it here away from the Brave New World Center? You like it here?"

"Actually its a lot more fun here than it was over there, and yes i love it here." Chase replied. "And it calm and peaceful aside from all the explosions." After he had said that an explosion went off outside.

"I know how ya feel." I said and as i said that, Jesse burst through the doors.

"Nick, you're gonna want to see this." Jesse said

"Sorry Chase, can I get a rain check?" I asked.

"Sure go" he said and his fingers grazed just below my shoulder blades; i tensed up and chuckled. I then left out the doors.


I smiled as he left. I had the guilty pleasure of seeing him tense up after i had grazed my fingers just below his shoulder blades. I tried to finish eating, but I couldn't; Nick burst through the doors.

"Everyone get out and go to your specified evacuation stations." He came over to me, grabbed my arm and led me down several halls to an exit with a van outside of it. "Get in." he ordered and I listened.

"What the heck is going on?" I demanded to know.

"N.O. Is on it's way. We suspect that there is an informant among us." He said. "Anyways we're going to an old friends place thats about 20 miles north of here." He gave the order for all drivers to move out and scatter to draw out the N.O Police.

I got a slight nap, even though the roads were rocky as heck. I woke up and looked over at Nick. His Jet Black and Purple hair was shining in the moonlight of the late evening.

"Awwwwwwwwww crap!" He excalimed.

"What?" I asked innocently.

" They found us." he said bleakly, terror in his voice.

"How did they find us?"

"The Informant."