Summary, Part One: Grell finally gained Sebastian's love, but what happens when William confesses to Grell that he loves him? Will he be forced to choose between the two? Complications will arise in this love triangle. Sebby/Grell, Will/Grell -Warning for future chapters-

This story is divided into two parts. The Second Part begins in chapter 15.

Fair to warn, I follow the Mangaverse, not the anime.


Such is the twisted fate of a love-stuck fool.

Today was going to be a boring one for Grell Sutcliff. There were reports to sign, files to arrange, and nails to file. And his number one priority was the current manicure he was giving himself in favor of ignoring papers. Forget the documents, these red-painted fingertips needed pampering!

It was Monday, and that meant William was out reaping souls. And if William was out reaping his assigned souls, the redheaded shinigami couldn't walk into his office and plant his little feminine rear on the nice wooden desk just to annoy his boss.

He could still go there and sit on his desk, but it wouldn't be the same.

And, well, Grell didn't do it to annoy him, per se, but to remind Will that he was alive.

That man was capable of forgetting Grell existed for convenience –and getting rid of a pounding headache–. For all his glorious worth, William found him a pain most of the time, and that depressing thought reminded Grell that his affections, no matter how friendly (or lewd) they may be, they would probably never be returned.

Oh, his unrequired love was just that, unrequired.

How is it possible he's still resisting my charms? Grell pondered for a moment as he continued to file his shining nails, heeled feet over his small desk, Unless we've known each other for so long…I'm trapped in the

Friend Zone.

Shudders ran down his spine just thinking about the words. The "Friend Zone", as he liked to name it, merely meant that the other person could only think of him as a friend, and anything more would be inappropriate or awkward. There had to be another explanation for William to reject him, but it appeared as if it was the only one at the moment, and that wasn't good. For him.

Grell worked hard and long to earn his superior's love, without results, but still. Thoughts count too. At times he would just flirt; at times he would speak from the heart…

Does Will think I'm always playing around…?

The beautiful transvestite huffed at the idea. He'd told him dozens of times that he loved him, the first few times a bit ungracefully, too. Did he think I was joking?

That last question left him thinking long and hard.

Could that be it? A misunderstanding?

After grasping the concept that William might have tricked himself into believing Grell wasn't serious, he felt almost immediately undignified, taken aback and even cheated. Most of all, he felt a pang of sadness in his heart. It served to remind him of the fact that every one of his coworkers thought this way. They all took his feelings lightly. They all took his actions lightly. Hell, everyone took him lightly, and that made the mercurial being very angry.

But before the rage could build and burst in tendrils, he was distracted and startled by the sound of a loud chime. Absentmindedly, Grell searched in his trousers and brought out his pocket watch.

Six o'clock, the time for the reaper to punch out.

All thoughts of anger forgotten, he stood and promptly left his desk for home. Along his way to exit the building however, Grell realized that William was still out reaping and, with some small consideration, headed back with a smug familiar grin over his features.

Mr. Spears, as he preferred to be addressed as, entered the Dispatch Department with an exhausted expression. He alone reaped a total of seventy-one average human souls, all of which took a total of seven hours to kick the bucket. The man was tired, his neck was sore and the grumbling in his abdomen told him he was hungry. He hadn't eaten lunch during the day, and just remembering was enough to send a spike of twists in his abdomen as punishment.

William hurried to his office despite the ache so he could finally put the stamped files in his working space. He would finish reviewing them tomorrow, right now, he needed to go home to enjoy a nice dinner.

It is keenly important to note William T. Spears hated overtime.

As he reached the door to his office with his hand, grumbling obscenities under his breath, he was caught by surprise from behind. A couple of arms wrapped around his waist in a deadlock, startling him. His reaction was all instinct. Files dropped to the floor as he summoned his Deathscythe and swiftly turned –still in the cornering embrace– and thrust it down sharply on the offender to save himself from whatever attack this was—

"W-Will, it's just m-me!" Grell squeaked out in time, the deathscythe stopping mere centimeters from his face. A single beat of cold sweat rolled down his face at the sight of the sheers and the redhead almost fainted.

Retracting the weapon, William's eyebrows furrowed. "Sutcliff, what are you doing here? It's already an hour past your shift's end," he stated gruffly, watching the pale reaper.

Grell could sense the man was irritated beyond feeling sympathy, after all he almost pierced a hole right through him. Taking a moment to clear his throat, Grell spoke in a soft careful voice. "W-well, I thought you were taking a long time, so I stayed behind to make sure you came back in one piece…" he paused looking down on the scattered papers on the marble floor, and pouted, "…sorry about that."

William pulled roughly out of the other's hug to unsummon his deathscythe and bent down on one knee to pick his work papers, "It's fine, I appreciate your consideration," came with an indifferent tone.

Truthfully the man did, even though the words came out sternly. It was hard for William to express himself openly, or show any emotion for that matter.

Feeling that his boss was in a better mood than before, Grell bent down to help him reorganize the papers back in the file. "I see you had a lot of work today," he gave Will a kind smile as he spoke calmly.

William's eyes widened for an instant but quickly reverted back, too fast for Grell to notice. He very rarely got a real smile out of the redhead, it surprised him to see one now.

Smiles were just such a fitting look on Grell's face, an honest face. This one smile was small but sweet. It was…pretty.


Did I really just think that?

"Wi~ll? Are you there~?" he winced as Grell whistled too close to his ear.

"Argh! Sutcliff!" William clutched his ears, ringing with a high pitch. It was aggravating him. "You didn't need to do that!" After such a hard day of work, he needed to unwind, and noises do not relax him.

They do quite the opposite; loud noises tense him up.

"S-sorry, but it's just that you froze for about a minute there… Are you sure you're alright?" Grell asked with an apologetic look as he stood, most of the papers that fell previously now firmly grasped in his hands.

"…I'm fine, just tired." Grell offered a hand for William, who took it with a sigh and straightened up.

Judging by the amount of papers, Grell could tell William had a full day, and knowing him, the redheaded reaper was sure that his Will wanted nothing more than to go home and rest already. He understood more than anyone how troublesome and boring doing paperwork was, much more for Will, since he was the Supervisor of the Dispatch Division, meaning he had to basically recite the rules at least once a day to a newbie, revise and review all of the papers and assignments related to collected souls, and if anything went wrong, he would be fully responsible for any incompetence.

Grell took it upon himself to cheer him up sometimes, and give a little pizzazz to that boring, stressing and plain lifestyle. Well, Grell found it extremely boring and plain…he didn't really know if William liked his job, or if he felt forced to do it.

It just had to be boring.

There was a little devilish grin creeping over the redhead's face over an impulsive idea. He was still considering it when he started speaking, but it was just too perfect. He had to.

"Are you sure you're alright? You look a little feverish~." With guts no one in the department had, Grell cheerfully poked the taller man's nose, like one would to a child, before tiptoeing –with his stiletto heels, mind you– to press his forehead against William's. "You feel hot~."

There was a tch sound echoing and a push at his shoulder before William spoke again, cheeks tinted a light pink, "Shouldn't you be leaving now?"

Taking notice that his superior changed the topic, the shorter shinigami achieved what he wanted and sang with victory in his head. Grell grinned so widely, it would challenge even the Cheshire cat, that or send terrified humans running.

He always knew just how to push William's buttons; this time, he pressed the why-are-you-so-embarrassing button. There were others he could have pushed, but that was his favorite.

"So should you, love." Grell emphasized by pointing at the man, who shrugged him off by taking his papers and turned to open his office, disappearing in the dark room. Grell heard a few cabinets shuttering and soon saw William exit his office, giving him a poignant look that clearly said what are you still doing here. "Oh, fine," he rolled his eyes, "It's high time I leave anyway."

Turning on his heels, he sounded a huff and began to trot away. But, he didn't take too many steps before he stopped and said something, a bit too far and low for William to hear.


"I said I love you and I always will, Will! Idiot!" The redhead yelled as he walked out even more bristled with a wave of hands.

The words Grell said were true, even if sometimes he wished to forget those feelings. But it was evident that he would never stop loving his raven-haired superior, no matter how many years pass, or if William never returned his feelings. There would always be a place in his heart for that stupid, emotionless man.

He didn't know William did love him.

"…I know," William said in a whisper, knowing the retreating redhead wouldn't hear him. Wishing he did, though.

The idiot part wasn't necessary though…

Finally home, Grell flopped gracelessly onto his bed, the only clothing over his body being a silky robe. Red, of course. He stretched lazily on the soft bed, wrapping the cotton sheets over his body. Sleep was fast approaching, and Grell welcomed the bodily function drowsily.

He hoped to dream about a certain romantic Romeo.

Ah~, such handsome features. Such a cold, collected appearance. And most of all, such a fruitless conquest! Well…it isn't fruitless anymore~.

His only window to the darling gentleman –if he could address him like that– was his dreams, where the infatuated shinigami could see him whenever he wanted.

But even that wasn't enough, Grell needed the real thing!

To dream and to feel are two very different actions, yet they could become alike at times. While in the world of dreams, reality is masked and hidden, a confusing topic. Many times has Grell entered this state for that reason, a personal place where everything is and always will be possible. Oh, how many stories and fantasies have run through his mind while sleeping? Certainly hundreds, perhaps thousands. But sadly, a dream is just a dream, and a dream has to end sometime.

The worst part.

Still, as long as the dream lasts, it will be enjoyed to the fullest. Anything could happen, something the redhead could enjoy. And with some luck, maybe someday, a dream will come true, although it was very unlikely. But against all odds, –and the odds were astronomical– it happened to him, a dream did come true; he got what he always wanted. He fell in love, and that person loved him back. And dreaming about him would only make Grell miss him; it made him impatient; it made him want him more…

Aah, Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But he couldn't just not dream about him either.

So alluring, so enchanting, so forbidden… like a moth to a flame.

A very sexy flame.

I can't wait to see my Sebastian~!

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