Title: The Lion and the Mouse

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"Mom, what are..."

Regina cleared her throat as the browser disappeared from the computer screen, cutting Henry off. "Shouldn't you be doing your homework Henry."

Henry frowned as his adopted mother turned in the desk chair. "Already did it. Can I go out?"

Regina tilted her head to one side, "Excuse me?"

Henry rolled his eyes, "May I go out?"

"To Mary Margaret's?"


Regina pointed at the stairs. "Not tonight Henry."

"Mommm... just because you don't like her, it's not..."

Regina narrowed her eyes, "Upstairs young man. Now."

Henry made a face and stomped up the stairs. Regina let out a sigh and re-opened her browser, the page she had closed it on coming back up with the program. She looked at it for a second, then sighed again, shut down the entire computer. She'd lost, again. Sure, she knew that the editor of the Mirror wouldn't be a good idea, but all she wanted was Emma 'frickin' Swan out of her life and out of her son's life.

She looked up and glanced out the window where her son was making his escape. Again. She sighed again, she'd have to be the bad guy, again.

Emma bit off a swear as she opened Mary Margaret's front door. "Henry, it's... it's so past your bedtime that..." She pinched the bridge of her nose as she trailed off. "What is it?"

Henry came into the room, but Emma didn't close the door. "She's... she's planning something Emma. I don't want you to get hurt."

Emma took a controlled breath and slowly nodded. "Why do you think this Henry?"

"I was trying to sneak up on her, but then she heard me and, and clicked away to just the regular screen and I couldn't see what she was doing."

Emma rubbed at her eyes and was silent for a moment. "Maybe... maybe she was buying you a birthday present, or... or planning a surprise for you."

"She wouldn't..."


Henry frowned, "You don't believe me."

Emma got down on one knee, "Henry. I don't..." She stopped and started again, "Don't worry about me. Alright? I don't go away easily. I can deal with your Mom. Go home Henry."


Emma mussed Henry's hair. "Don't make me arrest you kiddo... New Sheriff remember?"

Henry rolled his eyes, then gave Emma a hug. "Just, be careful, okay?"

Emma winked at her birth son, "I always am kiddo. Go home. Get some sleep, have good dreams."

Regina ducked out of the way and watched as her son scampered away from Mary Margaret's. She shook her head and jumped as a throat cleared right next to her. "Would you like to come in Madam Mayor?"

Emma lounged against the corner, her arms across her chest. "Well?"

Regina shook her head, "I... no..."

Emma shrugged, "Suit yourself. Did you hear enough to realize that I'm not stalking your son?"

Regina stared at Emma. "I have power, I have beauty, I have looked out for him, loved him, raised him, his entire life. What do you have?"

Emma shook her head, "I don't know Mayor, I have no idea." She paused, "He called me the White Knight."

Regina quirked an eyebrow, "Are you planning on singing me 'A-Sitting On a Gate' now?"

Emma stared at Regina for a moment, then laughed. "How about Cledus Maggard & The Citizen's Band's timeless country classic?"

Regina frowned, "I don't... I don't know that one..."

Emma snapped and nodded, "Right, right, stuck in time..."

Regina glanced at Emma with a sideways look, "No... I don't like country. You believe the... stories my son is spinning now?"

Emma thought for a moment, "What were you searching for on the computer?"


Emma shook her head, "Whatever." She turned away.

"Thank you."

She turned back, "For what?"

Regina shook her head, "Not believing my son."

Emma smirked, "Who says that I don't believe him."

Regina frowned, "But you said."

Emma shrugged, "Grahmn thinking that Henry's telling the truth, and then suddenly dying of heart failure?"

"Then why..."

Emma took a step towards Regina, "I'm not sure. Call it my very own mouse moment."

Regina looked lost for a brief moment before a look of annoyance replaced it. "Excuse me?"

Emma sighed, "You all here are good with your Fairy Tales, Greek Myths, but not so much with your Fables. The Lion and the Mouse. There's a Lion asleep and a Mouse inadvertently wakes her up. Well, the Lioness threatens him, with everything she has, and boy does she have some teeth, of that there is no doubt. But, the mouse apologizes profusely, and the mouse tries to make the lion see that she didn't bump into the lioness on purpose, and that in the grand scheme of things, really, the mouse isn't much of a meal. Not for one as great as the Lioness. Well, the Lioness agrees, after all, there's bigger prey in the world than one little mouse, and lets the mouse go. A while later. It could be days, or weeks, or months, the mouse hears the lioness roaring. She's been caught in the web, or the net of a bigger hunter than herself. But, the mouse can help because the Lioness didn't devour her, and so the mouse chews through the net holding the lioness as only she can. And they both find themselves free."


Emma smiled again, "Fables have to be adjusted for the times, right?"

"You're saying that you're on my side?"

Emma shook her head, "No Madam Mayor, I'm saying that this is the real world. There are no sides."

Regina kept needling, "And if this is a cursed town, and we all Fairy Tale characters? If I am the Evil Queen, and you're the White Knight as my son thinks."

Emma shook her head, "I'm not."

"But, if it is true. What then? I get, turned to stone? Blown away on the wind, killed?"

Emma nodded, "That's what you were looking for. You were looking for stories, myths, fables, fairy tales with happy endings for the 'evil ones'." Emma paused, "Did you find any?" Regina shook her head. Emma took one step, then another towards Regina and put her hand on Regina's cheek, "Perhaps then, you need to make one."

She closed the distance to the Mayor. "Do you want to write your own story Regina?"

Regina's hands came up to push Emma away, but they didn't get to the pushing part as Emma met Regina's lips and the dark haired woman gasped, pulling away. "What... what was that?"

Emma touched her fingers to her lips. Then pushing Regina against the wall, kissed her again. falling into the feeling. She tangled her hand in Regina's short hair and felt as Regina pulled her closer. Then she pushed Emma away so hard that the blonde woman crashed against the far wall, and fell to the ground.

Mary Margaret must have been up and heard the bang, because before even a minute could go by, she was kneeling down next to Emma. "Hey, hey, look at me."

Emma just groaned and Mary Margaret whirled and put a finger in the middle of Regina's chest. "She's not your PUNCHING bag Mayor, I don't give a damn who you are."

Regina cleared her throat, "This is not your concern."

Mary took a step closer to Regina, "She's my..."

Regina raised an eyebrow, "Your what? Your... your... spit it out."



Regina pinned Emma with a look. "Excuse me?"

Emma held onto her left side as she slowly stood with the wall as help. "I figured it out. Figured it all out." Emma laughed then shook her head. "Our... your... crazy, crazy son was crazy smart he was..." The smile dropped off Emma's face. "Now, I'm going to back to sleep because I have a long day of looking out for, well, nothing and trying to placate it's cousin boring tomorrow as Sheriff.

Regina pushed Mary Margaret aside as if she weighed nothing and put a hand against Emma's ribs, making the blonde gasp with pain. "Tell me."

Emma smiled even as it felt as though her ribs were being crushed to dust, and gave a stunned Regina the briefest of kisses. "Not yet."

Regina took her hand off Emma's side and put it on her chest, right over the blonde's heart. "Just because we are in the real world my dear, not in the enchanted world doesn't mean I can't take your heart out through your chest this moment."

"You can't take my heart Regina..." Emma didn't smile as she spoke the next words so only Regina could hear, "Not to mention that your son would never forgive you Madam Mayor."

They stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity. Neither even blinked. It was Mary Margaret who tried to pull them apart, but had no luck. "Regina, go home. Emma- inside."

They didn't move though. "There are meaner and scarier things in Storybrooke than you Regina Mills."

Regina finally took a step back, and her hand from Emma. "For now. But after..."

Emma smirked again, "Ah, that's what the Red Dragon says the whole entire book. I'm gonna eat you... she never does."

Regina frowned, but after shooting Emma one last scathing look, she turned on her heel, Emma could practically see the non-existant dress swirling around her, and left Mary Margaret and Emma alone.

Mary Margaret put an arm under Emma as the blonde nearly sank to the ground. "Are you insane Emma?"

Emma smiled, "Nah, for the first time in, what, months, everything finally makes sense." Emma shook her head, "Everything made sense."

"Oh, that's great. It all makes sense to you, are you going to illuminate the rest of us as well?"

"Not yet, no."

Mary Margaret let Emma go a little higher away from the couch than she needed to, and Emma winced as she hit it. "And what exactly was that kiss about?"

"Mmm... yeah, that..."