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"OTTO! WAKE UP!" Wing yelled in my ear. I jumped out of bed startled. Wing smiled slightly "Finally, I've been trying to get you up for ten minutes."

I glared at Wing for waking me up so roughly then yawned while stretching. I quickly put my black jumpsuit on and, still rubbing the sleep from my eyes, attempted to flatten my white, spiky hair. After a couple of minutes of failed attempts I sighed and walked out of the room to join Wing, Laura, and Shelby at breakfast.

After breakfast, we all headed off to our first class of the day. Stealth and Evasion. I groaned inwardly not looking forward to being sore and in pain the rest of the day.

We entered the huge cavern and Colonel Fransisco ordered us to form a line. He walked up and down the line of intimidated Alphas. "Today," he barked "we will be testing your skill on the grappler lines. You will go from this side of the cavern to the other side." He pointed at a small rock ledge about 500 hundred feet away.

There was an audible sigh of relief. We had all done this before. "What? Too easy?" he demanded, "I guess I forgot to mention the catch." He grinned evilly at us before continuing "You will have to get to the other side while you avoid all of the bullets."

Franz gulped and said timidly, "the bullets?"

Colonel Fransisco pointed to the holes in the walls on either side of the cavern. There were hundreds. Everyone was panicked now. Then, before any more questions were asked Colonel Fransisco stopped pacing and turned to us "Who would like to go first?"

Usually Wing or Shelby would volunteer but they looked ashen. Then, since I've never really really been favored by Lady Luck much, he turned to me. "Otto, why don't you show us how it's done."

I strapped my grapplers on and made sure the knot tying the rope to my waist was tight. I glanced at Wing holding the other side of the rope and tried to swallow my fear. I took a deep breath and before I could stop and consider my possible death I jumped and shot my first grappling hook. It caught on the rock and I felt the line go taught as I sailed through the air. At the height of my swing I fired another grappling hook and released my first one. At that moment I saw a bright flash and looked to the side only to feel the wind of a bullet as it flew past my right ear.

I saw another flash of light coming from my left and angled to avoid it. Then there was another flash and another and another. I automatically moved to avoid them as I continued to the other side of the cavern. I escaped the bullets with suprising ease my mind shutting down and my body reacting on instinct.

At that moment a blinding white flash burst right in front of my vision. This flash was different from the others though. Automatically I felt an excruciating pain shoot through my skull. I cried out in pain as my vision swam blurrily. There was a ringing in my ears but I couldn't concentrate on anything but the pain burning my brain from the inside out. I was vaguely aware that I was falling and that was the last thing I remembered before I blacked out.

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