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Allison Cameron walked into her apartment after a long day at work…and an even longer drive home. She was analyzing everything that happened after work with House. She just knew that she was going to quit. She knew it.

She was not going to stay there after learning the reason he hired her. She threw her stuff down on her couch and walked straight to her room to change. There on the bed was her girlfriend of like….forever, Remy Hadley.

"Hey Baby." Remy said as she stood up from lying on the bed and walked over to her.

"Hi." Allison's voice was small…meak. She began shedding her clothes so that she could put on her PJs.

Remy knit her brows as she took the woman's face in her hands and stared into her eyes before hugging her. "What's wrong, Sweets?" She asked as she held her half naked girlfriend, who had been in mid-change.

"Just…" Allison looked at Remy, then changed her mind, deciding not to get into it, "Nothing." She said as she sunk into the hug. She inhaled Remy and let her breath out slowly, "You smell good." Allison said.

"Yeah?" Remy was grinning. She inhaled and coughed back out, "You smell like hospital! Bleh!" She pulled from her girlfriend.

"Remy!" Allison scrunched her nose and half swatted at the brunette.

"What? I'm just saying…maybe we should take a shower."

Allison turned to Remy and gave her a raised brow, "We?"

Remy gave Allison a look, "Yeah. I mean, maybe you might feel better after we take a shower.."

"'We?' she asked again, advancing on her girlfriend."

"'Yes.' Her girlfriend responded trying to cheer her up and get naked with her, but not actually knowing what was wrong…"

Allison smirked and took her girlfriend's hand. She led her to her bathroom and turned on the water, "I'm glad you were here tonight and not at your place." She said as she hugged her close once more.

"Mmmm, me too." Remy said as she held on to her blonde girlfriend. She looked into the mirror and gave a love pat to Allison's tushy, "Mm! You should just wear underwear all the time! Of course…I'm not sure that your team would ever help you save a life again if they got to stare at your half naked body all the time." She paused for a moment in thought, "Of course…I'm not sure how they get work done now…"

"Fuck you." Allison said as she pushed from Remy before stripping quickly and getting into the shower.

Remy was completely thrown off, "What?" She pulled at the curtain.

"NO! Don't even think about it!" Allison grabbed it and pulled it closed.

"What was that? I called you pretty!" Remy said.

"That's what's wrong!" Allison's voice cracked.

Remy scrunched her brows…she kind of laughed as she asked, confused still, "What?"

"I asked House why he really hired me, after Foreman and I found out that the reason House hired him was because he had a criminal record…"

Remy was now leaning against the small part of the wall that separated the potty from the shower and bathtub. "And he hired you..because…you're pretty?"

"He said it was like having a nice piece of art in the lobby…" Allison leaned against the tile, soapy hair on her shoulders. She peered through the crack between the wall and the curtain out at Remy.

Remy was looking at her, "So you're mad because you're pretty?"

"He said that I defied the law of nature. That because I'm pretty I shouldn't have been a doctor. He said that I could have married rich or just walked in some place and I would have been handed things. He said that because I became a doctor, that I'm damaged." She couldn't look at her anymore…and soap was getting in her eyes.

"Well…." Remy crossed her arms and sighed, "Well…" she said again, "I mean, Sweetie, you are…"

"What?" Allison asked, slightly offended, but knowing the truth.

"You are. Being with me is a gamble…you know that." Remy said.

Allison turned the water off and didn't say anything.

She quietly got out of the shower, "You are not a gamble." She said in a serious tone.

"Allison." Remy swallowed, her nostrils flared.

Allison shook her head, "You are not a gamble." She grabbed Remy's face with her wet hands and pressed their bodies together…not bothering with the fact that Remy was fully clothed and she wasn't even toweled off. She kissed Remy with a certain seriousness. "You're not a gamble." She repeated.

"You are still pretty….and damaged. You're still pretty damaged." Remy said, "No matter if I'm a gamble or not, the fact that you are in a relationship with someone that might be dying isn't the sign of a…not damaged person." Remy looked away.

"Well..." Allison pulled from her and grabbed a towel to get dried off for real. She turned around, "You're wet." She said looking at Remy.

Remy laughed, "Speak for yourself…I, my dear need more foreplay than a kiss." She crossed her arms and walked into the bedroom.

"No you don't." Allison said cockily.

Remy turned around and gave her girlfriend a look, "No I don't. And you don't need to quit your job."

Allison cocked her head, "How did you..?"

"I know you." Remy smirked, "You would leave a job for that reason…you've left a job for that reason. You don't need to. This is the first time since you've graduated that I've seen that spark in your eyes…the other spark. Not the one I put there." She said cockily, "You need this job…and I think this job needs you."

Allison swallowed and nodded, "You're probably right my little genius." Remy gave her a cocky smile then and odd stare after Allison got in bed naked, "What?" She gave Remy a look back, "You're not going to get all up on this?" She asked.

"Mhmm!" Remy jumped on top of her and the covers and kissed her girlfriend. "Baby?"

"Yes?" Allison huffed. She was half annoyed, half turned on.

"I love you." Remy said.

"Prove it." Allison challenged.

"Gladly." Remy waggled her brows.

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