Everybody Dies

AN: Alright everyone. This is the last chapter… obviously since it was the last episode. I know that I have none from season seven, but that's a personal choice I made because I knew that I wanted them to leave in season six… And this is more of an epilogue than anything else… So… I hope you enjoy…

Cameron and Thirteen flew down as soon as they heard the news. They brought their friend Jamie with them so she could look after their five-month-old, Callie Lynn. A couple people commented on Thirteen's blonde hair, which was surprising considering where they were… mainly, people were surprised that Cuddy didn't show. Even though they'd been through all they had, she didn't show and it was surprising…

Thirteen held her wife close as Wilson started his speech… she felt the other blonde shaking before he even stepped up to the podium.

He looked down at his notes, "He was my friend. The thing you have to… remember, the thing you can't forget is that Gregory House saved lives. He was a healer. And-and in the end…" He trailed off and knit his brows in thought. He looked at his notes then stuffed them in his pocket, "House was an ass."

Everyone looked around at each other, the oldest, and second oldest teams started smirked despite their tears. Cameron looked up at Remy and kissed her cheek then turned back to the man at the podium.

"He mocked anyone: Patients, co-workers, his dwindling friends… Anyone who didn't measure up to his insane ideals of integrity. He claimed to be on some heroic quest for truth, but the truth is, he was a bitter jerk who liked making people miserable. And he proved that by dying selfishly, numbed by narcotics, without a thought of anyone. A betrayal of everyone who cared about him." Tears were coming from Wilson now, and most everyone as they realized that this was his anger, that he was only in the second stage of grief…

It was also in this moment that a phone started ringing.

"Phone." He said, asking whoever it was to turn it off, "A million times he needed me, and the one time that I needed him…"

The phone rang again and people started looking around.

"Oh, come on. This is a funeral. Just get it." Wilson said as it started ringing a third time. This was when he realized it was coming from him, "Well, this is embarrassing. Could've sworn I turned this off…" when he looked at the phone he muttered so people couldn't hear him, "This isn't my phone."

Then he just… stared at the phone for a few more minutes before he walked away.


Cameron didn't know why, but she knew as soon as the phone started ringing that it was House. So she got up and pulled her wife along with her. They kept their distance as they followed Wilson and Cameron almost cried in happiness as she saw House standing next to Wilson.

"Come on, Baby… let's go to our baby and go home." She said.

"You don't want to…"

"This is Wilson's time…" Cameron said seriously, "He had five months… House did this for him…" She pulled out her phone, "I'll just text Wilson's real phone…" She smirked as they caught a cab and got back to their hotel room.

'Hey Wilson. Tell him that he'll have a home with us when he needs it.' She text him.

She never got a text back, but a little over seven months later there was a familiar knock on their front door.