All of the townspeople whispered to each other at the disappearance of the ragged boy. He had been gone for five years, and it had been the gossip for a while after he disappeared. As the chatter and excitement died down and the town moved on without him, Arthur was forgotten. All except when parents wanted to tell their children not to go into the forest. They were scared of images of huge beast dragging them into an eerie forest, their bones being turned into bread.

One day, a rustle was heard in the early morning, when dawns hand was wrapping itself around the town. Birds flew out of the forest, out to a land far away. They knew of what was going to happen, unlike the ditzy town people. Said airheaded town people looked up at the birds then went back to their work. They didn't care what happened with the silly birds. Time was money to them. As they started to cut down the forest, a white burst leaped from its dark leaves. It was a magnificent white horse, but it wasn't a horse. It had a sparkling white horn rested upon his head, sending off a white light one would only see in a fairy tale.

Upon his mighty back was a single rider, dressed in furs from foxes, a beacon showing how strong he was. His eyebrows, as thick as humongous furry caterpillars, sat upon his brow. Emerald eyes, shone in the light, never ceasing to give off a twinkling sparkle. A handsome chiseled face looked upon the discombobulated citizens, unsure of what to do. You could hear a pin drop in the silence. Then, the sound of the piano started as little orbs came floating around the man. As on cue, and it's so cliché, the turned and ran with their tails between their legs.

Arthur could only stare. He had hoped they could accept him, the new him, but he had failed. Sighing, he whispered for the unicorn to go back into the woods, but was stopped when a child approached him. Wearing a simple white shirt with black trousers, he looked like every other villager. All, except for the blue eyes, full of curosity and youth, but holding a wisdom that looked far beyond his age. When the boy's mouth opened, a velet voice followed. Arthur had expected the boy to freak out but instead he got a simple, take me with you. Arthur did not know the boy and had never seen him before, but he was compelled to answer the boys wishes.

Pulling the small boy upon the white beast sounded easy, but was a task that needed some effort. After getting the boy onto the horse, he steadied him. With a roaring niegh, the unicorn bolted into the foliage. After intense running and a shakeing boy, they stoped in a little clearing. Arthur jumped off the unicorn, grabbing the quivering boy into his arms. Rocking the boy back and forth, Arthur hummed a sweet tune, letting the boy drift into dreamland.

Seeing the boy was well asleep, he sent the unicorn off to do his own thing, and made a small bed for the boy. After laying him down, Arthur sat next to him and evaluated the boy. Soft blonde hair rested upon the boys head, with a small cowlick sitting right in the front. Soft, glowing skin covered his face, a little sprinle of freckles dashed upon his nose. Beautiful eyes, when they were open, had a brilliant blue hue, but closed had long lashes that brushed his cheeks. Everything about the boy made you want to hug him, even if you hated cute things.

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Meanwhile, with our favorite townspeople, news about the disappearance of the boy swept the village. But, when they realized he was just a orphan, news dies out and the newest scandle broke out. Something about this guy named Francis knocking up a bunch of girls. So, life continued on for the small village and went back to normal. Well, as normal as having a French Pedophile going around and getting girls pregnant.

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The boys eyelids fluttered open, and he looked around. He noticed that the young man with catipillar brows had his arms wrapped around him, and in the cold forest on a chilly morning, felt nice. He was jolted out of his daydream by said catipillar-brows awakening. When Arthur had awoken, he had jolted upright, and with his arms still aroung the boy, he was pulled into Arthur's lap.

Arthur now fully awake, asked the boy one question, "What is your name?"


"Well, I'm Arthur. Your new caretaker and friend. So, are you hungry, because it's time to hunt"

Alfred had never felt so content.

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