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Seto's Secret

By Sailor Pheonix1997

Kisara snuck a peek into the library and sighed when no one was around. She tip-toed in, pulled her puzzle box out from her purse and took a seat on the couch. She pulled out two small pieces and started trying to fit them together. The moonlight shone through a small gap in the curtains before her, lighting the silver pieces in her hands almost like soft nightlights as they fit together perfectly.

"I got it!" she squealed as she clutched the pieces to her chest. They made a sort of loop that she could fit a rope through to wear the puzzle like a necklace. She picked up another piece and bent slightly over her work, too engrossed in what she was doing to notice someone else walking into the room.

Kisara straightened up just in time for Seto's head to land in her lap. She pulled in a quick breath before relaxing.

"He'll realize he's on me soon enough," she thought to herself. But Seto didn't move in the least. She felt his arm just behind her and the rest of him was spread over the couch. Kisara put down her puzzle as her mind screamed at her to shove the boy off but her body responded differently. She turned him over and gently ran her fingers through his bangs. "What am I doing? Bad body! Stop that!" But she found that the more she did it, the more she liked it. Seto's face was calm and peaceful instead of the hard and mask-like one she'd seen earlier that day.

She smiled a little then noticed a small, brown rope around his neck. She pulled on the cord and revealed a small pendant made of silver with a football-shaped piece of sapphire or lapis lazuli, she couldn't tell, near the bottom. She replaced it under his shirt and rested her hand on his chest as Hobson walked in with a textbook.

"Is that for Seto?" she asked harshly. Hobson nodded. "Well then. When's his next lesson?"

"In one hour miss."

"Then come and wake him up when he's got five or ten minutes left. It's almost eleven at night and the poor boy's tired. Let him rest, at least for a while. You can leave his textbook here if you so desire. If he wakes up before you get back, I'll have him take a look at it." Hobson placed the book next to Kisara's puzzle box and silently left the room. "Some people." She returned her attention to Seto. "Why would anyone want to push you this hard? You're just a kid. Not even Roland or Rachel push me that hard. They always make sure I have plenty of time a day to be me."

After a while she returned to working on her puzzle.

Seto's eyes opened slightly when the gentle touch stopped. Instead of the small girl in a blue dress he knew he should've seen, he saw a young woman – possibly in her early or mid-twenties – with long white hair, dressed in white linen and a silver falcon headdress, holding a small bundle in her arms. He blinked and the image faded, allowing the white-haired girl he'd seen that morning to be seen working on something in her hands that looked suspiciously like a large oval with the corners cut off and a part going down on the side.

Then he realized he was in her lap. He jerked himself up, making the poor girl jump in surprise and drop the silver puzzle on the floor where it broke into its original pieces.

"I thought you were asleep!" she said with a hand to her chest.

"Almost," he said but he didn't look at her. He kept his face away from her in order to hide the deep flush of red that now colored his cheeks.

"You scared me is all," she said as she bent down and picked up her puzzle pieces. Seto still didn't even look in her general direction. "Hobson dropped off a textbook for you but came in a few minutes ago he came back saying your tutor called in sick so your lesson's been postponed until further notice." Seto looked at the table and picked up the textbook, accidentally knocking over her puzzle box on the floor and on her head. "You're not very coordinated, are you?" she giggled, rubbing her head where the box had hit her. Seto bent down and started putting the pieces away.

"Sorry. I just… have to make sure I don't fall behind," he said. Kisara stopped picking up the pieces and looked at his face, now a normal shade, and almost lost herself in the depths of his blue eyes. He moved his head so his bangs fell in between her eyes and his and she gave herself a shake.

"Fall behind? But you already know so much. All that stuff about proteins and neutreins and elecriens-"

"You mean protons, neutrons and electrons?" Kisara started chuckling and Seto joined in a little.

"Yea, that. I didn't understand a word of it today when you were studying. And I'm in an elite girls' school."

"Where do you plan to go after elementary school?"

"Rachel said I would be going to Domino Middle School and then I'll be trying to get into Domino High school. I hope they let me in." Seto's hand continued moving on its own accord, despite him being slightly caught up in Kisara's eyes as she stared at her tiny, bare feet in slight embarrassment.

"As long as you don't mix up protons, neutrons and electrons with proteins, neutreins and electreins, I think you'll be fine." The two started laughing again just before Seto's hand came to a stop over Kisara's. The two stopped laughing and stared at their hands before snatching their hands back and turning so their backs faced each other. Seto pretended to be interested in the buttons on his cuff while Kisara ran her fingers through a few strands of hair and her cheeks turned every possible shade of red.

They remained like that until Rachel walked into the room with a tired smile on her face.

"Kisara. Time to go dear." Kisara jumped up and placed her puzzle box, including all its pieces, into her purse.

"Good evening Seto. I will see you tomorrow," she said as she spun on her heel and walked over to her step-mother. Seto nodded his reply, still feigning fascination in his cuffs as Kisara left the room.

"Good night Seto. We'll see you tomorrow."

"Have a good night Miss Rachel," Seto said as he stood up and picked up his textbook again. Rachel closed the door as Seto opened his book and found that it opened to the middle where the rest of the book was carved out for a secret compartment with a note and a few brown, gold and black cards inside. "Mokuba," he whispered.

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