Greetings everyone! Allenfairytail here! The idea of making a Final Fantasy XI/Regular Show Crossover has been stuck in my head for a while, but always try to ignored it. Well, my brain said's that it was a good idea and so... here i am!

This story would be a little "different". The game will be coming and entering Mordecai and Rigby's world, instead the other way around, where their world and everyone gets sucks in. However, ALL the stuff in the games, including the races will be present in their world. Although the "classes" or job it STRICTLY exclusive for Final Fantasy XI, so there anything outside of this game, it won't present in this story, in oder to keep the story balance. HOWEVER, I'm adding the class "Freelancer" from Final Fantasy III (and the DS remake), but this is ONLY for those who haven't chose a class or job professtion, which the main chracters from Regular Show will start out in this class. This will be an "open world" just like in the game. And it will have "adventurous, epic battles, romances and strong bonds." All at the same time have "funny moments and comedy in the mix".

Lastly, I'm accepting oc's as well. ORIGINALLY, i wasn't going to do oc's... but I wanted my oc to be in it, so they (and yes, I said they, as in two of my oc's) can fill the "mentor" role towards the main characters in the story and guide them through their adventure and passing their knowledge on how the society works, since they're in "New" Vana' diel. Also, your oc's can tag along with main chracters and such.

That's about it! OH! One more thing, for those who want their oc's to be in the story. Email me (or leave me a review, or both, to make things easier) everything that decribes your oc; such as appearance, eye color, hair color (if you may), weight, height, race, personailty, any jobs (or classes) that your oc's have experienced and display the level of the classes that have taken and tell me which class (or job professtion) that they're best (or have the most experience, or highest level) at. Plus, your oc friends, rivals, enimies and love interest and lastly, your oc's history. OH! Also, your oc's relatives.

Anyway, that's about it! Happy reading to you all!