Owen is seen holding the $100,000 check of sweetness up in the air, smiling proudly as everyone smiles around him. Rewind.

Heather has just kicked a large razor out of Chef's hand and it is seen falling towards her hair. Rewind.

LeShawna is pushed onto Playa Des Losers with her cheetah-theme'd luggage. Rewind.

Izzy and Eva have returned to the island, each of the Final Ten contestants are all shocked and angry at Chris because of his "You can never EVER return to the island" skit said in almost every elimination. Rewind.

Beth is running to Chris to give him a huge hug on the Dock of Shame. Rewind.

So what if one thing in the first episode of Total Drama Island changed? Would only that episode be changed, or would the entire season be changed? Let's see.

All is settling, all is calm. Then a middle-age'd man we all know as Chris McLean pops up. "Yo! We're coming at you live from Camp Wawanakwa, somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario, I'm your host, Chris McLean, dropping season one of the hottest new reality show on television, right now!"

Moving to the Dock Of Shame, he continues. "Here's the deal, twenty-two campers have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp. They'll compete in challenges against each other, then have to face the judgment of their fellow campers. Every three days, one team will either win a reward, or watch one of their team members walk down the Dock of Shame, take a ride on the Boat of Losers, ha ha, and leave Total Drama Island, for good!"

The Host with the Most travels along to an area with eleven tree stumps and a bonfire, "Their fate will be decided here, at the dramatic campfire ceremonies where each week, all but one camper will receive... a marshmallow." Holding up a marshmallow, he bites into it then continues speaking.

"In the end, only one will be left standing and will be rewarded with cheesy tabloid fame and a small fortune, which let's face it: they're probably blow in a week. To survive, they'll have to battle... Black flies... Grizzly Bears... Disgusting Camp Food!"

Showing a plate with a large maggot on it, it interrupts with a "Hey Now!"

Continuing back to our lovely host, "And, each other! Every moment will be caught on one of the hundreds of camera situated all over the camp. Who will crumble under the pressure? Find out here right now on... TOTAL... DRAMA... ISLAND!"

That Catchy Theme Song We All Know And Love Begins To Play...

Dear Mom and Dad I'm doin' fine,

(Going down the cliff and into the water is shown Ezekiel, who is in a Scuba Diving suit holding a bow and arrow, aiming at some piranhas. After shooting the arrow and missing, the piranhas rush to him and bite through his breathing tube, he starts gasping for air immediately. Going above water where the breathing tube leads up to is Owen in a canoe holding the breathing tube carefully. Ezekiel's toque rushes to the surface, and Owen let's out a shriek. During this shriek bird crap lands into his mouth.)

You guys are on my mind.

(Before Owen can do anything the camera follows up to the bird, and follows for a few seconds until its in a nest with its babies. Bridgette is pointing at the bird nest admiringly with DJ by her side who's eyes light up with a twinkle. Duncan, Katie, and Sadie are all barely riding onto a bull that crashes into DJ and Bridgette, the camera follows the bull.)

You asked me what I wanted to be

(Katie and Sadie are both on opposite sides of Duncan trying to grab something from his hand that looks like a small wooden Chris head, which is then dropped into a river they're all passing by. Izzy's head comes crashing up from the water and grabs the Chris Head with her mouth, but a passing canoe with Gwen, LeShawna, and Heather shows up and Gwen knocks Izzy's head with a paddle, causing her to cough it up.)

And now I think the answer is plain to see,

(Gwen grabs the Chris head happily, but her LeShawna and Heather all start fighting over it. Tyler on a vine swings over to them to snatch the idol but epically fails and misses by a good two yards and keeps swinging. The girls are continuing to fight until Eva flips the canoe over and dives in the water for the idol.)

I wanna be famous.

I wanna live close to the sun,

(Harold is doing karate moves on a large log in front of the waterfall, while Courtney is right in front of him trying to do the same karate moves. Harold nods with approval, then Eva, Heather, Gwen, and LeShawna all fall on top of the log snapping it in two. Everyone starts falling and Harold confusingly grabs the Chris Idol. All falling to certain death to sharp rocks at the bottom of the waterfall, Tyler makes a return and manages to grab every single one of them, saving them.)

Go pack your bags, 'cause I've already won,

(They all collide into the confessional, destroying most of it. Cody is shown inside the destroyed outhouse, now covering his kiwis. Noah walks along and raises an eye brow at Cody, then picks up the Idol, only to be trampled by the bull. Now only Katie and Sadie on the bull, Sadie grabs the idol and they both bicker over it until Katie, Sadie, and the Bull are all mesmerized by Justin who is shirtless.)

Everything to prove, nothing in my way,

(Justin is given the Idol, and high fives Trent and Geoff as they all begin to dance. Beth walks over with stink-fumes coming from her, causing the boys to run away in terror and drop the idol. Beth and Lindsay then hug as they now have the Idol, running into the mess hall to get Chef and Chris.)

I'll get there one day.

(Chef is cradling Chris in his arms, rocking him to sleep, until Beth and Lindsay rush in through the doors to cash in their Idol. Waking Chris up, he begins to shout at the girls until Chef places him in an empty large pot and puts the cover over it, smiling at the camera with satisfaction.)

'Cause, I wanna be famous!

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!

(Various scenes are shown of each camper having the Idol at one point until another takes it from them.)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

(They all end up on the Dock of Shame fighting over it, Chef holds up a camera and counts down from three to take a shot. Everyone keeps fighting, until right before Chef says one, they all smile and pose for one quick second and he takes the snapshot, afterwards they all keep fighting and the Dock breaks from the weight.)

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

(Everyone's soaking wet as they all get to the bonfire to get warmer, night falls as they all start whistling the theme song)

Beth is shown getting dropped off the Boat Of Losers and running up to Chris. Fast forward.

-During this fast-forward montage, everything is exactly the same as is during Not So Happy Campers Part 1 and even a little bit of the beginning of Not So Happy Campers Part 2, up until right about... now-

Chris placed the chicken hat on Courtney as she left, "Let's see, that's seven jumpers and two chickens, that leaves Eva and Sadie."

"I'm not jumping without Katie!" Sadie exclaimed, holding tightly to her BFFFL.

"We have to be on the same team, Chris! Please? Please? Can we, Chris? Can we? Can we?" The un-biological twins pleaded as Chris's eyebrows sunk deeper and deeper getting very hotheaded.

"Eva, you're the only Killer Bass left up here, do you wanna switch spots with Katie?" Chris sighed.

"Sure, that won't hold me back. These people look more brave than those other two chickens who couldn't jump." The buff gal chuckled to herself, and walked over to the Gophers.

"Here we come, Killer Bass!" Katie and Sadie squealed and jumped off the cliff.

"So, two chickens on that team. Can you guys do better?" Chris challenged.

"I KNOW we'll do better, right guys?" Eva shouted, giving a pat on the back to Noah who fell straight to the floor.

"Ha.. right.." Cody laughed nervously.

"I'm not jumping." Heather stuck her nose up in the air and started to walk away.

"Oh no no no. You ARE jumping." LeShawna shouted, grabbing onto the Queen Bee's arm.

"Um... yeah.. no. I could get my hair wet. On TV. No."

"I'm with big, dark and sassy. You're jumping." Eva butted in, with LeShawna making an awkward facial expression at the remark.

"Says who?" The raven haired girl smirked.

"Me. And my biceps, triceps, and quadceps." The tough girl sneered, making a muscle.

"Those exist?" Owen whispered to Trent who merely shrugged.

Heather's eyes bulged out at Eva's large muscular arm, "...Fine." Then with a jump, she was on her way down to the waters.

"Now. All of you better jump, because if we lose I am going to break whoever-made-us-lose's bones and they will be so useless that they'll get voted off today. That clear?" Eva snapped at the Screaming Gophers.

"Yes Ma'am!" Nine hands raised to their foreheads for a salute.


Gwen: What's that girl's deal? First time we lose, she is outta here.

Cody: I've never been big into muscular chicks, but she could boss me around whenever she wants. *He makes a clicking sound with his teeth*

Courtney: We dodged a bullet on that one, she's already broken the handle on two bathroom stalls.

Justin: *He smiles and gets very close to the camera, using the small reflection to admire himself*

Eva smiled evilly at them , then dove off the cliff. Missing the safe area just by a few feet, three sharks emerged from the waters to attack her. Grabbing one shark by its tail, the female bully bullied the sharks by playing Whack-A-Shark, but using another shark as a hammer.


Gwen: On second thought we may be able to use Eva's strength to an advantage.

Harold: That Eva girl is freaky. Although that shark thing was awesome! If she was *he takes out a calculator* 0.2791 kilometers to the West, she could've been shark bait!

Ezekiel: Pop you were wrong about girls! That girl just took down a shark with her bare hands, eh! How's abo'ot that for ya? Although, that doesn't make them smarter than us...

"C'mon we have a tight schedule! You can all give each other makeovers and gossip and whatever you teens do, later on! Now all of you guys, grow a pair, and jump! Girls.. do not grow a pair. But do jump!" Chris whined at the remainder of the Screaming Gophers.

"Alright alright since none of you will grow a pair, I will." Noah lazilly spoke, dropping his book into a plastic bag, and jumped off the cliff reaching the safety zone.


Trent: I think that dude was actually reading a book on how to grow things right before he jumped.

Beth, the sweet farm girl, walked up to the edge and stared down at the tiny circle of safety. "I... I can't do it. I'm sorry gu-" And with that she lost her balance and fell off the cliff, landing her team another point.

Stepping up to the plate, or edge, was now Gwen. "Well if I die.. tell my mom, she wears too much makeup." With that she took the leap of faith, and in return was rewarded with keeping her life.

"That's... five? Yeah five, that leaves Owen, Trent, Justiiiin, Lindsay, LeShawna, and the Codester. Which one of you would like to be shark bait next?" The host cackled to the point of wiping a tear off his cheek. The six remaining Gophers all stared at each other, and as if all were on the same brainwave, pushed Cody towards the cliff edge.

"Alright guys! Just have to ask me is all. I need to get my jump-start to impress the ladies." The scrawny nerd glanced at the camera and moved his eyebrows up and down real quick. He then began running to the edge, getting some speed, until one of his sandals flopped off. So Cody was falling and spinning at the same time, landing in the water face first.

Justin smiled at Chris, his teammates, and swan dived with no struggle in the process. Landing in the danger zone seemed like a big deal, but it wasn't for two reasons. It was JUSTIN, the eye-candy, where even sharks couldn't resist his smoldering stare. That, and the fact Eva beat up all the sharks so it was no danger at all anymore.

Lindsay the blonde beauty with big... eyes, nervously looked at the water from above, "I thought this was going to be a talent contest!"

"Ha.. HAHA... yeah.. heh.. No."

The dumb blonde jumped off, and began flailing in mid-air, yet managed to not die in the process of this happening. "I did it guys! Daddy and all his friends back at home are going to be SO proud of me!"

Trent eyed LeShawna and Owen, and sighed knowing he had to go next. "Well, here goes nothing.. right? See you two on the other side."

"Which one of you would like to go next? No chickens so far, if both you jump your team gets an extra reward, if one of you jumps, you'll still get some reward, but if neither of you jump, no reward." Chris explained to LeShawna and Owen.

"I dunno.. a second reward sounds cool but.. I'm not exactly a good swimmer. I don't wanna jump, that cool with you LeShawna?" Owen puppy-dog eye'd LeShawna.

"That's fine baby boy, let's just hope mama makes it out alive."


Chris: *snickering a little bit* The second reward... *he begins laughing loudly* Was cake! *He takes a large cake out from behind him and takes a few bites* This is delicious, where does Chef even make these things? I didn't order any Total Drama Bakery.

LeShawna breathed in and then out, "C'mon Shawnie, it's ONLY a thousand feet.. everyone else lived."

"You can do it LeShawna." Chris said encouragingly

"Alright, I am gonna die! I am.. I am not gonna die!" LeShawna started running then leaped off the edge of the cliff.


Tyler: That chick.. well she seemed really panicked. I kept thinking 'Man Chris is gonna get a lawsuit.'

Lindsay: Rasputia.. was that her name? *She goes on for about a minute thinking of LeShawna's name, ending at LeFawnda* She is suuuuper brave!

Chris: *giggling to himself* Get this, before any of the campers got here, Chef and I placed dozens of bombs at the bottom of the safety zone circle, so whoever was the last jumper, we would detonate the bombs RIGHT before they hit the water, giving it a huge tidal wave crash effect. It would have gone a lot better if Owen jumped, it'd seem more realistic. Do I care... *He's using his best poker-face but begins to grin* No.

As soon as LeShawna reached the water, a large mushroom-cloud shaped tidal wave whooshed up in the air, going almost as high up to where Chris was. The wave wiped everyone off their feet, knocked over the boat, some people lost their bathing suits, etc.

"Woah.." Was the only word uttered afterwards, which was repeated by Geoff very calmly.

"And the Screaming Gophers win!" The intercom shouted, as everyone on the Screaming Gophers cheered.

"...The first half of the challenge!" The intercom buzzed out the words.

"But you said we were getting a reward!" Beth squeaked to the intercom.

"Yes.. a reward to help you with the other part of the challenge! Duh, even Ezekiel could figure that out, Beth."

Everyone glanced at Ezekiel, who was picking his nose nonchalantly.

"Your reward is.. pull carts! If you all haven't noticed, there's some nifty crates near by each team. In these crates are awesome schematics and tools and parts to make a killer hot tub, the pull carts for the Gophers will make it easier to bring their crates to their cabins and begin working on their hot tub. McLean over and out" Chris's voice crackled out, as Chef sky-dived out of no-where and dropped off three pull carts.

While the Gophers put three of their four crates in each pull cart, Eva handled the last one and they all began to sing a merry tune on their way to their cabin.

"Okay everyone, they have a head start, This is not good! We need to think strategy, otherwise we'll lose." Courtney began leading the team.

"Just relax princess, don't overthink it." Duncan chirped in.

"Excuse me, but they're already making progress. We're still here, and by the time we get there they'll be finished. If you want to be voted out, then I guess we can 'just relax'" The CIT countered back, causing a few 'ooooh's at Duncan.

"But.. you didn't jump, eh. You and DJ would have cost us the win." Zeke pointed out, which made Courtney's eyes bulge out.

"Izzy thinks we should just open the crates up here, then everyone takes supplies back to the cabins!" Izzy ejected, diving onto Courtney's back.

"She has a point, Chris didn't say we can't open them up here. And the supplies aren't all that heavy I bet." Bridgette said.

"Yeah! I gotta agree with crazy girl." Tyler chirped in.

"Us too!" Katie and Sadie squealed together.

"Okay okay fine. But how are we going to open up the crates, Izzy?" Courtney asked, raising an eyebrow at the orange-haired girl.

"Well, I left my explosives back at the underground home I was staying in. And my samurai swords fell off the boat when I arrived.." Izzy began talking more and more.


Harold: Did she say samurai swords? I think I'm in love..

Duncan: I don't know what's up Courtney's butt, but I'm gonna find out.

DJ: Man I haven't had a speaking role in forever!

"And that's how we won the war against the chupacabras! Oh yeah but anyways, we could open the crates with our teeth." Izzy finished, shrugging.

"Why didn't you say that earlier? We just lost like five minutes." DJ raised a brow.

"Oh DJ you crack me up!" Izzy said flipping over onto his back.

"Let's get this party started, and kick some Gopher butt! Then we can party some more in our new hot tub!" Geoff cheered, and they all began working at the crates with their chompers.

Meanwhile the Gophers lost one wheel to a pull cart, so while one person dragged it, Cody and Beth tried to hold up the pull cart on the missing-wheel side. It was slow but steady for them.

"We can do this, either way we'll get there before the Bass, right?" Cody said.

"You jinxed it!" Eva hollered, as a few of the Killer Bass started running past the Gophers, with a bunch of hot tub supplies.

"I.. I didn't mean to!" Cody squeaked.

"Let's just hurry up guys, we can do this." Trent said, as everyone began running a bit, with the rest of the Killer Bass on their tails.

Moments later, everyone was at their cabins, and surprisingly the Bass now had a head start. All of their supplies were out of their crates, and they were getting to work before the Gophers.

"Well, looks like the tables have turned! Who will win? Let's watch" Chris shouted into a megaphone, sipping a fruity drink while receiving a massage from Chef.

Ezekiel and Geoff were hammering together parts of their hot tub, while Gwen and Eva were ripping out supplies. Katie and Sadie began holding onto Tyler a lot, and he smiled until he tripped on a blade of grass.

Lindsay looked over at Tyler's smile from the twins, and frowned a bit.

"C'mon girl, I'm sure everything will be just fine. We need you for the challenge." LeShawna said and Lindsay smiled a bit, following her.

Harold and Izzy were gathering water from the lake, but were also secretly keeping an eye out for Izzy's samurai swords that could show up at any second.

Heather and Beth soon got into an argument, ending with Heather pushing Beth. Beth fell over and broke the small structure Owen and Trent began making for the hot tub.

After a few more minutes of pleasure and pains for both teams, Chris called the challenge to an end. "Now let's see each of the teams' hot tubs."

Walking over to the Bass, there was a nice hot tub set up, the nails were steady, the water was slightly warm, and a shoe surfaced to the top.

Next, the Gophers hot tub was a little rickety, the nails seemed safe enough, the water was nice and hot, and no shoes surfaced up.

"I'm.. going to have to give the win to the... Killer Bass! They had a huge come back, their water might be a little lame but they can still fix that, the Screaming Gophers, what can I say? I'll see you guys tonight at the first ever elimination of the show!"


Gwen: Hm, who do I vote for. The nasty princess girl who is always spoiled and doesn't even need the cash, or Beth who ruined our hot tub structure?

LeShawna: Eva is one buff and tough girl, but when someone calls me sassy.. Oooh Shawnie don't take that.

Eva: That Cody is a little Jinxer!

Lindsay: Ava told me Cody said I looked like a girl who could be on Tween Magazine, and we all know I could at least get on People's Magazine!

Trent: I gotta go with.. Beth. Owen and I put some hard work into that hot tub and she just went and broke it.

"All of you have cast your votes. Now let me explain the rules. This," Chris explained while holding up a marshmallow, "Is a tasty treat on camping trips. But here, it resembles life. If I do not call your name to receive a marshmallow, you are out of here, unless I say otherwise. Now.. The first marshmallow of the season goes to... LeShawna."

LeShawna smiled at everyone as she poked a stick into a marshmallow on Chris's platter.


The guitar guy happily received his marshmallow, then smiled at Gwen.

"Lindsay, and Noah"

The brain and the blonde both exchanged looks, and got their tasty treats of victory.

"Gwen.. Owen.. Justin.."

The Goth, Big guy, and eye candy, each got up with sighs of relief.

"Now, you four all got votes. Heather, Cody, Beth, and Eva. The one with the least votes... is Heather."

Everyone gasped as the Queen Bee smirked and took her marshmallow.

"Eva, you were a total hothead today. Cody, you're a jinx. Beth, you lost the win. The second last marshmallow is to go to... Eva."

"That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Eva hooted and hollered, "Oh, sorry." She then kept quiet.

"And now, the Final Marshmallow of the night goes to..." Cody and Beth stared at each other nervously.

Everyone leaned in for suspense, and the bottom two campers swallowed what felt like their own hearts.

"The final Marshmallow of the night goes to..." Chris repeated




























... Beth."

"Yes!" Eva cheered, and Cody looked down at the ground.

"Well... the Dock of Shame for me, right?" Cody whimpered.

"Yup! And the Boat of Losers, Loser!" Chris cackled, leading Cody to the loser boat, and it began sailing away.

"Now who wants to hear something awesome?" The host giggled.

"What?" Each camper pondered.

"I lied! Cody's not out! I so fooled you all! Look at the color in each of your faces drain! Beth's really out, tomorrow the Boat will be back to drop Cody off, and pick Beth up. I got all you! Haha." Chris began laughing some more, as everyone blinked in confusement.

"Stay tuned for next time on... TOTAL... DRAMA... ISLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!" Chris boomed on the dock.

Author Note: Well everyone I hope you enjoyed reading this, I know I enjoyed writing it. This seems like a good start for what I hope to be a cool story. See you all around, later!


Gwen: Heather

LeShawna: Eva

Eva: Cody

Lindsay: Cody

Trent: Beth

Owen: Beth

Beth: Cody

Heather: Beth

Cody: Eva

Noah: Heather

Justin: Beth

Beth - 4

Cody - 3

Eva - 2

Heather - 2