"Let's do this." Courtney fiercely said, as she began marching away, Gwen and LeShawna hesitantly following.

The two girls stared behind them, looking at Chris and Chef whimper on the ground.

"Uh, shouldn't we go help them?" Gwen suggested with LeShawna slightly nodding in agreement.

The C.I.T turned around, "I don't see why we should, they're not going to help us."

"Yeah, but they might get mutated again, and we can check around the campsite for anything helpful."


LeShawna and Gwen were barely lifting Chef up, while Courtney lifted Chris with ease, and brought the two into the Medical Tent. There, they saw ten other campers, woozily laying in the gurneys, while others were drooling a bit.

"There's only ten people here." Gwen pointed out.

Courtney and LeShawna seemed confused, "Yeah? And?"

"Well, there's seventeen people left on the island, and including us, there's thirteen campers here. There's four missing..."

The ghetto girl began counting each person, and soon enough came to the conclusion that Eva, Owen, Lindsay, and Ezekiel were missing.

"Pshhh, all we have to worry about is Eva and Owen, and only Owen because he's heavy. Lindsay and Ezekiel will be easy." Courtney grinned, rubbing the gas canister gun nonchalantly.

"I dunno, that homeschool fella seems like he'd be a real problem if he were t'be mutated or somethin'." LeShawna pointed out, and went over to check on Justin, who's face had bumps covering most of it.

"Woah, look at this! It's some of the Confessional's recorded footage!" The goth girl exclaimed, and the two other girls rushed over to look at the footage.


Tyler: *nonchalantly peeing, with his back to the toilet, suddenly movement in the toilet bowl catches his attention* What the.. Agh! Oh crap! Get off! Get off! *Tyler turns around, and the squid creature is attached to his.. family jewels as Tyler screams in agony, running out the Confessional*

Noah: I don't know what you're trying to pull this time, McLean, but I don't like it. I'm almost positive you, or one of your slave interns, washed my colors with my whites. Didn't your mother ever teach you anything about washing laundry? The nerve of some people...

Izzy: Earlier I saw Harold, and he was reaaaally clammy, so we began smooching it up a bit, and now all of a sudden I feel.. *Her skin suddenly turns very pale, her eyes look almost dead, and she begins drooling*

Noah: And don't even get me started on the food. Chef shouldn't even be allowed to be called Chef. My dog could make better food than him, and my dog only has three legs. Come to think of it, no one knows Chef's real name, so I'm assuming it's something lame or something he's embarrassed of, so he sticks to "Chef" even though he's not even a "Chef", it's thi-

Owen: *outside of the Confessional* Noah! Noah open up, buddy! They're chasing me!

Noah: No, I'm doing my weekly venting. Besides, whatever's chasing you, would still be able to get us in here. And, I'm not sure if both of us can fit in here. Sorry, "pal".

Owen: Oh, it's okay! See ya later, pal!

"Noah's such a wimp." Courtney muttered, "He wasted like half the Confessional's battery, so there's barely any footage left."

"Know what I realized?" LeShawna wondered aloud, "How Noah's video is split into two different sections, since Izzy's part be in between two of the same confessional bits, so don't that mean someone already edited this footage?"

"A little too much knowledge can be... a bad thing." Screeched a shadowy figure. The three girls quickly turned around, only to see a dart lunge into Gwen's neck.

The figure stepped into light, and revealed itself to be Scumbag Steve, or possibly Good Guy Greg, the intern.

"Mmm... Me Gusta. Me Gusta MUCHO!" The giant ran toward the girls, who quickly evaded outside of the Medical Tent. Gwen ripped the dart out of her neck, and fell to her knees.

"I.. I'm not feeling too well, guys.. That dart.. really knocked me.. ou..t..." The pale girl woozily fell to the floor, as LeShawna and Courtney watched in horror as the large intern dragged her away from the scene at a fast pace.

"LeShawna.. that.. didn't just happen.. right?"

"Oh, it did, girl. It did." The ghetto girl sorrowfully said.


Eva: Everyone here's been laying low. Haven't seen anyone, 'cept homeschool, who was running on top of some trees like a wimpy chimpanzee. He looked really green.

Courtney and LeShawna reached Chris and Chef's quarters.

Inside the McLean and Hatchet trailer, the place looked like someone entered and began throwing anything they could find.

"This looks.. out of the ordinary.." Courtney began, brushing her hair out of her mocha face as she picked up a document.

"It's talking about that squid thing. Blah blah blah, 'those who are infected without treatment progressively get worse and worse, and requires more treatment than before to be cured, but even with the treatment it could take up to a month before they are noticeably healing..' Blah blah, 'The creature to cause these rare and unique symptoms is known as the Atramentum venenum, or 'Ink poison', or also it's common name The Squimby, for its similar symptoms described as zombie-like actions.'"

"Hold up, you mean to tell me that Chris bought a dangerous, rare animal for a challenge that could end in lawsuits, and possibly a few deaths, or the challenge to go completely wrong and we all get infected by that squid-billy thing?" The bootylicious girl fronted, clearly angered.

As if part of a horror movie, the two females heard a hissing sound. Turning around, Courtney saw the green squid lurched on top of the trailer's window.

LeShawna grabbed a broken lamp, "Oh hell naw, you messin' with the wrong girl!", and with a swing, knocked the Squimby out of the window. "What you doin' girl? Ruuun!" LeShawna screamed to Courtney, and booked it.

Courtney grabbed the document she previously had, along with a few of the papers scattered around it taht she believed to be part of the document, and ran out of the trailer.

"You know Eva, why do you always seem so mad?" A jolly voice ringed inside Eva's ears.

The brick house clenched her teeth, "Why do you always seem too happy? Nobody here even likes you that much!"

Owen blinked, "Yeah I guess that's true, but I like to think positive no matter how negative the situation, you know?"

"No, I don't know, Owen. I don't know."

The tubby boy smiled, but then frowned, "Well, why don't you know? Do you get bullied? Is that why you're so mad?"

"No. They don't bully me anymore. Not after I snapped the kid's legs. Now they respect me."

"But, it's not really respect if they're afraid of you, is it?"

Eva clenched her teeth again, as a vein popped from the side of her head, "Listen, Owen. You're a... nice guy. But you don't need to know about my life, so let me be angry."

After moments of walking with tension in the air, Owen broke the barrier once more.

"Is it because you're kinda manly?"

Eva turned and immediately lifted Owen up by his throat, something even the strongest people Owen knew couldn't do.

"You don't talk about my appearance or personality, understood?"

Owen, scared, nodded immediately. Eva let him down.

Eva sighed, "My dad's a drunk. Used to be famous in our town as the best kick boxer, could take on anyone in the county. But he let himself go, he's pathetic. One day he held me down as he screamed stupid slurs. Never seen him since. But when I do, I'm gonna snap his beer gutted body in two."

The blonde lad sniffed a tear away, and gently hugged Eva. The female bully uncomfortably stood there at first, but eventually hugged Owen back, smiling a bit.

"Can we stop running yet?" Courtney asked, "I haven't ran this much since gymnastics, or maybe when I went to camp as a CIT.."

LeShawna slowed down, panting and gasping for air, "Yeah, sure, let's take a quick break."

"This canister gun thing, doesn't have much fuel left."

"Well the only people left are Eva, Owen, Lindsay, and Ezekiel, right? We should try and find them soon, since the document thing said the symptoms get worse. It saves fuel the faster we find 'em."

"You two aren't going anywhere.."

"C'mon man, let them be!"

The two turned to see both Scumbag Steve and Good guy Greg the interns staring them down.

"You mean there's two of them? I thought Chris just called them two different names!" LeShawna groaned.

"Well actually there's thr-" Good guy Greg began speaking, only to be slapped by his brother.

"Don't tell them! Alright, you two can't win, Chris assigned us to make sure you don't solve anything about this challenge out!" The more evil brother screeched.

Courtney laughed, "You mean to tell me, you're gonna stop us? Please, I've taken enough fighting classes to knock both you out while baking a chocolate souffle."

Steve raised an eyebrow, "Alright that was a weird hypothetical scenario you just put us in, but you don't stand a chance! Get 'em, Greg."

Greg winced, "I.. I don't wanna!" The more heroic brother tackled the other, then got up immediately, "Oh man, I'm sorry, bro!"

"You idiot! Wait.. where'd they go? Look what you did!"

Both females evacuated.

"Don't you feel a bit better, now that you let that out?" Owen gingerly remarked.

"Sure, just don't tell anyone or I'm cracking your skull."


The two Gophers were still walking at a slow pace, when a green blur circled them.

"Ezekiel." Eva clenched her teeth, and ran to the blur.

The creature, who was actually Ezekiel, hissed at Eva and jumped at her.

"Ha! You got infected too. Not surprised, you've always been a weakling." Eva hollered, and kicked the homeschooled boy in the jaw.

"Ow. That hurt, eh." He raspily spoke, and scratched through Eva's knee socks, drawing blood.

Eva's eyes bulged out, "Crap! You.. you infected me, or something!" The tough girl put Ezekiel in a headlock, and began punching him, "You. Do. Not. Infect. Me. Ever. Again!" The final blow knocked Ezekiel out.

Eva began walking away, and Owen lifted the unconscience prairie boy off the ground, carrying him.

"Chris, Chris, wake up."

"Huh? Are we going back to your place or mine to have s-"

"Chris! Wake up you horny lil' bastard."

Chris fluttered his sleepy eyes open, seeing Chef standing up in front of him, "What the hell, Chef! That dream was gonna be awesome! What do you want?"

The cook chuckled, but stopped immediately, "Steve and Greg got the goth girl, but big, loud, and sassy and miss CIT got away."

"What? I don't pay them to have catchy names or to shout memes!" McLean hollered, buttoning his shirt up.

The burly man looked confused, "What we doin'?"

"What do you think? We're gonna make sure this challenge is over soon! These girls are too tough! Wait wait, what is that?"

"What's what?"

"It says there's five conscious people on our campgrounds on this monitor, excluding interns. Two are Courtney and LeShawna, and two should be Lindsay and Ezekiel. Who's the other one?"

Chef shrugged, "Owen and Eva are missin' too."

"That means there'd be six people though! Maybe someone got knocked out.. Hold on." Chris began pushing lots of levers and pushing buttons at the desk where he was sitting, "There, I changed the paths in this forest so whoever's out there is gonna come to the other people's paths."

Chef raised his eyebrow, "You can do that?"

"Yeah, man. A good portion of that forest is mechanical. I could change all those paths for my own convenience if I wanted to. Let's see how those campers like that!" The host screamed at the monitor, clearly frustrated.

After some more time of walking, Courtney and LeShawna crossed paths with Eva, Owen, and Ezekiel.

"Woah, woah! Don'tchu know that boy's infected!" LeShawna hollered, as Courtney pointed the canister gun at Owen and Ezekiel.

"Yeah, I could tell by him charging us, and scratching me." Eva mockingly replied.

"You got scratched? You could get infected." Courtney tightened her grip on the gun.

Owen frowned, "Come on! Get along everybody, we're all together and can help one another now!"

"He's right, let's all get along and help out. Courtney, spray Zeke." LeShawna hollered out.

Eva clenched her teeth, "Why don't you spray me too then?"

"Cause we're not sure if you're going to get infected or not. We can't waste the cure." Courtney pointed out, while spraying Ezekiel, Owen sneezing from the fumes.

"I see butterflies." Owen giggled.

Eva coughed, and Courtney flinched staring straight at Eva, holding the trigger of the gun.

"Calm down! I'll be fine for now." Eva harshly said.

The group suddenly heard a gurgling sound, and turned to see the worst sight they've seen in a while.

Once a beautiful blonde, Lindsay hobbled over with crackled green skin, and white stringy hair. The teen hissed and dived toward Courtney, knocking the gun out of the mocha girl's hand.

LeShawna quickly charged at Lindsay, only to hear a hissing sound above her. The Squimby launched over LeShawna and right onto Owen, who began screaming like a delusional boy.

Courtney was busy punching Lindsay out of her way, and tried running to help Owen, only to get tripped by Lindsay's dirty hands.

Eva attempted to karate chop the squid off of Owen, but as soon as her hand hit the squid, she also was mutated into one of the creatures. She grabbed onto the squid instead, and threw it at LeShawna.

Owen screamed in horror as Eva tackled him to the ground, and began clawing at his shirt.

"I've always wanted a girl to be trying to rip off my clothes, but not like this!"

Courtney was now in an intense battle with Lindsay, who was guarding the canister gun.

Lindsay somersaulted toward Courtney, only to get knocked to the ground. Courtney ran to the gun, seconds away from grabbing it, only for the once beautiful teen to grab Courtney, dragging her away.

LeShawna caught the squid, who was now flipping out and hissing as it tried lurching onto the ghetto girl's face.

"Oh hell nah, you need a good ole fashion spankin'!" LeShawna sat on a near tree stump, placed the squid over her knee, and began spanking it, it replying with shrills and screams of terror.

"Yeah! You don't like it when you get punished, do ya? What did Mama tell you, you can't go mutating campers without being spanked! Let this be a lesson to you!" LeShawna stopped, only for the squid to angrily latch itself onto her face.

The CIT finally kicked Lindsay, the face, and rushed to the canister gun. Getting it, she triggered at Lindsay, and Lindsay began getting sprayed, falling to her knees, coughing.

Courtney then aimed at Eva, who used her impressive kick boxing skills to knock the gun out of Courtney's hand.

The female bully then pinned Courtney down on the ground, and began growling.

Courtney retaliated with spitting into Eva's face, who screeched and fell to the ground. The only survivor got the gun once more, and sprayed Eva, who fell weak on the ground. Courtney then sprayed LeShawna and Owen as well, curing them before infected.

The squid, who also got sprayed when near LeShawna, seemed to scream when it came in contact with the fumes of the gas, and it quickly fled in terror.

"I believe we have a winner!" Courtney heard over her panting, and she looked up to see Chris jetpacking toward her.

"Are.. are you kidd... are you kidding me, Chris?"

"Nope! You were the last one to survive, so you'll be fine." The host cackled, almost not caring.

Courtney laid her head down on the table of the Mess Hall, while Chris explained to the few almost healed campers what happened.

"That.. may be the most ridiculous challenge ever." Duncan remarked.

"I'm glad you think so, Duncan! It's yet to be the most ridiculous challenge you'll all face, though." Chris grinned.

"Don't forget it was extremely dangerous." Noah sighed, staring at his wound on his arm.

"Also, won't be the most dangerous you'll see."

"It was also really scary..." Sadie sobbed, while Katie hugged her.

"Or that."

"What about most used of unique creatures to harm us in any way or form?" Cody questioned, tilting his head in wonder.

"Ha! You never manage to prove your worthiness Cody, but no, or that." The host giggled.

"How aboo-" Ezekiel began talking, only to get cut off.

"OR. THAT! And who said you could talk, Ezekiel?" Chris scolded, pointing a finger at Ezekiel.

"Gee, no need to be rude." The prairie boy whimpered.

The handsome host winked, "Anyways, this challenge is going to end a bit differently. No votes, no nothing. I get to choose who's eliminated!"

"How is that fair?" Bridgette questioned, glaring at the host.

"Uh, you're not allowed to talk either, Bridgette. That's how it's fair."

Tyler got up and grabbed Chris by the collar, "Listen man, don't insult the girl!"

Chris laughed, then immediately put on a serious face, "Tyler, if you ever touch my very expensive clothes again, I might have to kick you off the show."

The jock frowned, then whispered to Chris, "I know, man. I'm just tryin' to act tough in front of everyone. No harm done?"

"No harm done, dude." Was what was whispered back.


Justin: What's with Chris today? He's acting like a huge dick lately.

Harold: *He's slightly drooling* I.. need.. to... *He wipes the drool away* prepare for the zombie apocalypse better!

Eva: Sure, the tiniest wound can hurt the greatest warriors, but that scratch was really powerful!

Owen: *He's giggling* A girl ripped off my clothes.

Izzy: Izzy might have lost this time, but oh ho ho, next time Izzy will be prepared! Izzy will succeed, Izzy will beat Chef at checkers!

LeShawna: You know, that little squid better not forgot my name, he better go tell all his little squid friends or whatever, not to mess with the Shawnie! You mess with the Shawnie, you gone get spanked.

Eva walked out the Mess Hall, only to be bumped by Owen.

"Hey!" Owen grinned at her, only for her to raise her eyebrow up at him.


"Well, I was just wondering, uh, maybe you'd like to..."

"Save it, I don't date people." Eva calmly said.

"Oh no no! Just, I don't know. Wanna hang out sometime?" The chubby guy smiled a cheesy smile at her.

Eva scoffed, then grinned, "Sure, why not."

Owen smiled, "Yes! So it's a date! I mean, it's not a date! It's more of a hangout, two people just hanging out. Heh."


"Hey, uh, listen, maybe we can get together after the season or something?" Cody clicked his tongue.

"Uh.." Noah looked at Cody awkwardly.

"What? What's wrong with this?" Cody frowned.

"Just, the whole fact that you..."

"It's not weird!"

"It kinda is."

"There's a lot of people who are like this!"

"Not me."

"All I'm doing is asking.."

"But like this?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's so.. weak, is all."

"All I'm doing is pretending to ask Gwen out, but using the mirror for practice!"

Noah chuckled, "Whatever, man. Still kinda weird."

"Y'know, I kinda feel bad." Tyler sighed, staring at Bridgette.

"What do you mean?" Bridgette stopped rubbing Tyler's back.

"Just, y'know, I stole you from Geoff, then instead of him trying to take you back, he leaves for me, it just makes me feel dirty."

The surfer girl frowned, then smiled, "Well, he did kinda help Justin freeze you in that superhero challenge. Plus, he left for you because he wanted to. He wants us to be together." Bridgette tried kissing Tyler, but he backed up a little.

"Still.. Guilt's eating me up, Bridge. I don't like it." Bridgette scrunched her nose up in anger, and got up to leave, Tyler watched in confusion, "What?"

In the medical tent, Chris stared down three contestants.

"Let's see. Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay.

Gwen, she's a rebel and her romances with a few contestants does bring up the ratings, but her constant rebelliousness towards any and everything I do does get really annoying..

"Ezekiel, nobody likes him, he provides little to no source of ratings going higher, he's fodder, homeschooled, not even cool, okay maybe that was harsh, but..

Lindsay, she's pretty and her, uh, y'know, give us high ratings, she's cute as a button, gorgeous, beautiful, but then again now she's currently gross and green skinned and crackly and... yeah..

Chef, I have to say, in all my rigging of this show, never once have I faced a greater obstacle, than choosing who I dislike most out of these three campers, let alone every camper ever. It gives me the power to kick off anyone who I despise, but also kick off someone who gives the show terrible ratings, or for any reason I just wanna kick 'em off for."

"Oh, my, macaroni. Just choose someone already! I don't gotta hear you whinin' bout this. Where's my pay cheque for this week too!"

"Not now Chef, I have an important decision to make. Hm... which one... which one. Alright, I came to a conclusion, I think I'm gonna choose... ravioli for dinner tonight. Now, which camper to boot off..."

At the lake, LeShawna stared as Harold and Izzy snorkeled in the water. For some reason she felt pain, and for some reason she felt jealous, and most of all, she felt confused.

"Hey. What's up?" A voice spoke behind LeShawna.

It was Duncan.

"What'd you want, punk?"

"Hey hey, I don't need sass. I just saw you lookin' over there and can tell you like that dweeb."

The ghetto girl clenched her teeth, "Look, you might not like him, but I do. So at least be nice to him when ya talkin' to me, got it?"

The green haired guy laughed, "You look, I don't have to listen to you. But I will, I just don't see what you see in him. There's way better guys here than him."

LeShawna fake laughed, "Oh yeah? Like who?"

"Like me." Duncan wiggled his unibrow before stealing a smooch off of LeShawna's luscious lips. LeShawna responded by pushing him into the water. The splashes caused Harold and Izzy to stare for a moment, then go back to snorkeling.

"Boy, you sick. I saw you flirtin' with Court the other day. I ain't like that. And you best change your ways unless you want me to tell her."

The punk laughed, "You think I care? You gonna snitch on me? Whatever, Court's one thing but you're another. Whatever I get, I get. That's all."

"Nah. Nah, nah, nah. You frontin'. She my girl, and that's what I'm sticking to."

"Okay, if you ever change your mind, just let me know." Duncan winked, before getting up and walking away, water dripping from his clothes.

LeShawna shook her head, "Ain't nobody gonna get a freebie off Shawnie. These luscious lumps gonna stay mine."

Justin sat in the Mess Hall, being complimented (and annoyed) by Katie and Sadie.

"You know, Justin. If you ever want to, like, I don't know, date and have my kids you can so do it!" Sadie squeaked.

"Woah, he's having my babies, not yours!" Katie screeched, poking her unbiological twin in the nose.

"No, he's having my babies. You got to date the last guy, Katie!"

The skinnier of the two laughed, "Maybe it's because I don't have as much meat on my body as you do!"

The male model "ooh'd!" at this, in a burn fashion. Sadie frowned, "Teen Month Magazine said it was more seductive to guys when there's more meat on a girl's body and you know it!"

"I know nothing!" Katie remarked.

"Clearly not!"

Justin grinned at the camera as it zoomed in on the argument, before it began zooming in on his face, and slowly the sounds of Katie and Sadie arguing began fading, as Justin's theme song began playing in the background.

"Hello campers, this ceremony is a tad bit different than previous ones. All of you are up for eliminations! That's right, all of you! Of course, it's obvious who is getting marshmallows, but it's my secret to who's getting eliminated. Let's find out my secret, shall we?" Chris explained, holding a platter of sixteen, pure white marshmallows.

"Now, it's obvious Courtney get's a marshmallow, she won the challenge after all..."

The champion smiled as her treat was tossed gently toward her, catching it and celebrating it silently.

"LeShawna and Eva also get it for being runner up champions."

The two females cheered as they caught their immunities mid-air.

"What? What about me? Eva got mutated before I did!" Owen screeched, as Eva glared at him.

"Oh yeah, can't forget that big mass that's making that tree stump beg for mercy. Owen also gets a marshmallow."

Owen winced at the remark, but the marshmallow landed safely into his mouth. He looked over to Eva, who gave him a thumbs up.

"Twelve left, thirteen of you. Next to receive this blissful trinket of safetihood.. Duncan."

The punk turned to LeShawna, winked, and caught the marshmallow without looking. LeShawna stared daggers into him.

"Haha, I feel the tension, Duncan bro, I feel the tension. Next up, Bridgette, Noah, aaaaaaand.. Izzy."

Tyler hugged Bridgette, while Noah and Izzy both smiled at one another.

"Eight, Seven. Harold is also safe, surprisingly."

Harold "Hey!"'d before getting knocked in the chest with the marshmallow.

"Oh, cannot forget Justin, Katie, and Sadie, nice fight earlier by the way girls, and Justin, hot bod... and face... and soul."

"Gwen, Lindsay, Cody, and Ezekiel. You all.. well you all were picked for possible candidates to be eliminated. Now while I think this is wrong on levels I can't discuss, Ezekiel is safe. Apparently fans do like him."

The homeschooled teen looked confused, but happily smiled as the marshmallow landed in his lap.

"Next... Cody..." Chris sighed, "I really wanted a guy to leave, but the quarter landed on heads.."

"Now, both of you are skilled in your own departments, Gwen, brains, Lindsay, looks, not so much vice versa. However, I am picking one of you to eliminate for the better of the show, but here we go...

The person, who's leaving, in about ten seconds, is...































































...Lindsay. It pains me to say this. I really liked you, thought if you played your cards right you could win. But, with that nasty scaliness to your skin, and that green tint, people are not gonna wanna look at you. Plus, you were the one mutated for the longest, so it's gonna take some time for you to fully recover. Lucky for you, you're being sent home to recover, paid by us!"

Lindsay, still a bit affected by the infection, smiled and clapped her hands slowly, growling her way to the Boat of Losers, luggage being carried by Chef.


Noah: Another thing I can't stand? Owen's noxious fumes. I swear, one day I'm going to die by them. I'm not sure if he's born that way, or if all that cheese and other junk he eats contributes, or even causes it. Either way, it's unhealthy. Oh, who can forget Katie and Sadie, and how long they take in the bathroom. Do they always synchronize their bladders? I also wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they do other... things in there. I'm not judging, I'm just saying. *The battery slowly starts blinking red, and starts staticing out until dead, Noah's words still heard in the background*


Chris: Lindsay

Lindsay: 1

Elimination Order: Beth, DJ, Trent, Heather, Geoff, Lindsay, (16 remaining)