When Rin came into the old boy's dorm on the far side of the True Cross Academy campus, the only thing on his mind was sleep. He had had an exhausting day of training at the Cram School and not even the tempting smell of Uobach's dinner could wake him up. Yukio was out on some mission, so he wasn't liable to come back till late that night. This meant for once Rin would have some peace and quiet all for himself.

Rin trudged up the stairway to the second floor where Yukio and his room was. They were the only tenants in the building, which technically meant that the two of them could have any room they wanted. But since they'd been together since birth, it was more comfortable to be in the same room together. That brought it own host of problems, but it wasn't anything Rin wasn't already used to. He threw his book bag onto his bed and yawned loudly.

Rin, you look tired… said a small voice in his head. Rin opened his sleepy eyes to see Kuro looking at him from his desk, a concerned look in the Cait Sith's eyes.

Rin yawned again. "Man…they really put me through the works today…" He reached up for the ceiling, stretching his tired body. His tail stretched itself out too. "I'm beat…"

Maybe a bath would make you feel better? Kuro suggested. You can go by yourself. I don't like water.

"Yeah, I know you don't. A bath might be just what I need. And without little brother Yukio around, I can spend as much damn time in there as I want!" Rin grinned to himself, thinking of a nice long soak in the hot water.

But Rin, you might drown if you stay in too long.

"Don't worry, I won't drown. Keep an eye out for old freckle face for me will ya?" Rin readjusted the sword on his shoulder. "I'm gonna go take a well deserved bath."

xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx

A low rasping buzzed in Yukio's ear and a garbled voice came though. "Any sign of it yet?" asked the voice.

Yukio pressed the little button on his earpiece. "Nothing on this side. Have you checked the east side of campus?"

"We're there now, but we're still sweeping the area," replied the voice. "I'll keep you posted."

The earpiece went silent and Yukio was left alone with his thoughts and the noises around him. The Dragoon Meister clicked the safety off his pistol and peered around the corner of the building he was using for cover. These buildings around here were mostly empty or used for storage. It was reported earlier in the evening that someone or something had breached the demon barriers surrounding the Academy campus. The licensed exorcists on hand had been put on alert and were out searching for the intruder now. Whatever had gotten through Pheles-san's wards was powerful and that made Yukio worry. He just wished he knew what he was up against; he hated to be ill prepared.

Yukio was jolted out of his thoughts by sudden movement to his left. In a flash his gun sparked and fired at the movement in rapid succession. The dark figure darted out from behind trash bins and leapt over Yukio's head, shadowed in the moon's light. Yukio fired more shots but it was moving so fast he couldn't tell if he'd hit it. Whatever it was it had wings and they spread out wide as it took off over the rooftops. Yukio cursed silently and bolted off after it, reloading his gun. He pressed the button of his earpiece.

"I've sighted the target and am in pursuit. I couldn't get a good look at it, but it's big."

Yukio didn't wait for a response back. He grit his teeth in frustration. He knew this path well and therefore he knew where the intruder was heading. It was heading for the old boy's dormitory. Rin was home right now and the last thing he needed was his brother getting involved and burning something again. He was still paying for that forest fire Rin had caused a few months back…

"Damn it…!" Yukio cursed again. "Nii-san…be safe!"

xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx

Rin sank down in the steamy bath water with a satisfied sigh. The hot water felt fantastic on his sore muscles. And what was more satisfying about it was he could hog the bath all he wanted since Yukio wasn't there.

"Mhmmm…" he sighed contently, sinking even further into the tub. His tail wagged happily, splashing water everywhere. "…this feels great…"

Rin was so absorbed in his bath he didn't notice a strange shape moving on the ceiling right above his head. He was busy blowing bubbled in the water when he heard something splash. Rin cracked an eye open and saw another thing fall in the water. Something was dropping from the ceiling. Rin looked up slowly and finally saw the shadow. He yelled in surprise and that surprised his bath peeper. The figure shouted and lost his grip on the ceiling tiles, falling into the bathtub with a great SPLOOSH! Water flew everywhere, drenching all in its path.

Rin bolted out of the water, prepared to face whatever idiot was stupid enough to sneak a peek at Satan's son. Rin stared at the figure face down in the water. It was another demon, but he didn't look like any of the ones Rin had seen before. This one looked more like that clown bastard or the earth freak what's-his-name…Amaimon? This demon had pointed ears and a tufted not unlike his own.

A few seconds passed and the demon didn't move. Rin left his fighting pose and cautiously stepped towards the stranger. When still he didn't move, Rin poked him with his foot. Still he didn't move. Rin's anger quickly turned to panic. This moron was gonna drown if he didn't do something quick!

Rin knelt down in the water and grabbed the demon by the arms. With a grunt (the bastard was heavier than he looked), he hoisted him up out of the water and out of the tub. He dumped him on the floor and made a grab for his boxers. He didn't need this guy waking up and seeing Rin in nothing but his birthday suit.

"Hey, buddy!" Rin said loudly, hoping his voice would wake him. "Hey! Wake up! HEY!"

Rin's verbal probing did nothing, so he knelt on the tile next to the demon. With that lax face, Rin had to admit he was awfully handsome…the demon's hair was such a shade of red it looked like it had been dyed with blood. Rin shivered a bit at the thought. Of the few demons he did know, he wouldn't put it past them to actually dye their hair with blood.

"Maybe he swallowed water…how did Yukio do that thing again…? That ressa-whatever it was…?" Rin pondered and leaned farther over the demon to get a better look at his face. Rin's face was barely a few inches from the demon's when suddenly the demon's nose twitched as if smelling something. The next thing Rin knew there was a pair of fierce lips on his attempting to devour him in a hot kiss. Rin found he couldn't break away and rather, with a horrified thought, he was enjoying it.

The door of the bathroom suddenly flew open and Rin heard rapid gunshots. The demon on the floor shot up and dodged the bullets, attaching himself to the wall. But he didn't stay there long before he slumped over and fell back to the floor.

"Rin, are you alright?" came his little brother's voice. Yukio still had his pistol aimed at the strange demon.

Rin sat on the bathroom floor in a daze. The kiss had been abruptly cut off and Rin was a bit disappointed. "Huhngh? Wha…Yukio? What are you doing here?"

"Saving your life. You idiot, don't know you know an incubus when you see one?"

"Incu-wha..?" Rin looked over his shoulder at the demon. He was struggling to stand, but his legs were shaking too much.

Yukio crossed the room, gun still poised and ready to shoot if the incubus made even the slightest move. "You there. How did you get though the barriers?" he asked sharply. "Were you sent to retrieve Rin?"

The incubus groaned and the most enormous growl echoed around the room from his stomach. "Ughhhh…so…hungry…." He whimpered a little as another growl sounded.

"Answer me!" Yukio half shouted. "Or I'll shoot you where you stand!"

"Yukio!" Rin had regained his senses and didn't approve of what was happening. "Yukio, he didn't do anything to me, I swear! He almost drowned in the tub when he fell out of the ceiling!"

"It would have been better if he had," Yukio said coldly. "Brother, you need to brush up on your demon classifications. Incubi are dangerous. He could have killed you!"

"But Yukio, look at him! Does he look like a threat to you?"

"All demons are a threat, from the lowest hobgoblin to Satan himself. As an Exorcist in training you should-,"

"Please," squeaked the incubus quietly. "Please…I'm so…hungry…"

"Yukio, don't do this, please!" pleaded Rin. "He's so weak he can't even stand!"

"He's still dangerous. Rin, you can't save every demon. It's just not possible."

"Well I'm gonna damn well try!" Rin stated defiantly. Ignoring Yukio's glaring look, Rin went to the incubus. "I'll get you something to eat. I'm a pretty good cook."

The incubus shook his head. "Not…that kind of food…I need…nnghhh…" The incubus doubled over, coughing in pain. His wings drooped and lay half spread on the floor.

"H-hey! What's the matter?" Rin put a hand on the incubus's shoulder, looking concerned. The incubus coughed again.

Yukio sighed, shaking his head. "Nii-san…really. You never study, do you? Fine then I'll explain it. Incubi and their female counterparts Succumbi are a class 3 type demon and rather high class one at that. They feed off the energy of humans, specifically the energy released during sex, but the other positive emotions like joy and love are just as edible to them. This one-," Yukio gestured to the incubus on the floor. "Obviously hasn't 'eaten' in weeks. He's almost at death's gate."

Rin was silent as he absorbed this new information. The incubus's breathing was getting labored and he was getting paler by the second. A cold sweat had broken out on his skin and he was shivering uncontrollably.

"So…all he needs in energy…," Rin mumbled. "I've got energy…"

"Rin, leave him. He won't last much longer. Why don't you let me put him out of his misery? Besides, even if he does live, he's an intruder and will be killed by the other Exorcists without a bat of an eye. You're too soft Rin."

"And you're like a damn granite wall!" Rin shouted angrily at his brother. "Maybe it's because I'm a demon and you're not and that's why you can't understand why I try so hard to save them, I don't know. But you're being a real pain in the ass! If you let him die, I won't forgive you for as long as I live, which may be a very long time."

Rin firmly set his jaw and glared fiercely at his little brother. Yukio stared back with just as much determination. He could see it in Rin's eyes that he wasn't about to let it go. Yukio sighed heavily and put his pistol back in its holster.

"If you want him to live, you'd better give him some energy." Yukio said flatly. "A kiss or two should do it, but don't get carried away. As weak as he is, he might drain you completely without thinking."

Yukio turned his back on his brother so as not to see the stupid smile on his face. He walked out of the bathroom, feeling drained and irritated and frustrated all at the same time. Rin may have won this battle, but the war was far from over. If that incubus made even the slightest move on Rin, Yukio'd be on his ass faster than a soot sprite on a dark soul. Rin was everything to Yukio.

Yukio turned down the hallway towards their bedroom and prepared to make a report for Pheles-san. Someone had to know of his brother's stupidity and Pheles-san was just that person.

xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx

"So, let me get this straight, Mr. Okumura," Mephisto said, leaning back in his wingback chair. "You found the intruder, but you did not dispose of him because your brother asked you not to? My my, are we getting soft, Mr. Merciless Demon Hunter?"

"Hardly," Yukio replied dryly. "I'm merely assessing the situation. If he becomes a threat, I will take care of it."

"Is that so? Well, I can't say that I'm very happy a class three demon managed to squeeze past my barriers..."

"Pheles-san, if I may. I had all of your wards and barriers checked. None of them are damaged but some gave the appearance of being tripped without actually tripping them. Someone went to great lengths to make this demon appear to be an intruder but he may have been invited in by someone with keys."

"Hmm…I don't like the sound of that…" Mephisto's voice took a serious tone. "I'm already in hot water from the Vatican for harboring the son of Satan, I don't need this getting out. Mr. Okumura I'd like you to watch this incubus and report to me if you find anything. Perhaps we can learn who let him in."

"Yes sir." Yukio turned to leave, but Mephisto's voice drew him back.

"By the way, you seem a bit on edge today, Mr. Okumura. Afraid you'll have competition for your brother's affections?"

Yukio slowly turned his head to look at Mephisto. "I have no idea what you're talking about. If you'll excuse me, Pheles-san…"

Yukio left the room and quietly shut the office door behind him. Mephisto smiled and turned to the large windows behind him. "Hmm…this is getting interesting. I daresay this will be quite entertaining. Who will be chosen, I wonder…?"