Lucifer had heard Mammon screech and break through glass but his younger brother wasn't his concern right now. He didn't really care what the moron was doing now. He was pissed off at the moment at the little upstart brat who was giving him cheek. The demon had returned to the small windowless room when Rin was still tied up. His head hung limply from his neck and his body was slack, covered in fresh bruises and scrapes from being beaten.

Lucifer kicked Rin again and the younger demon grunted in pain. His expression was cold and unforgiving. "I'm not done with you yet, so don't go passing out on me."

Rin grunted again in response but didn't raise his head. Lucifer's eyes narrowed. He reached down and grabbed Rin's chin, roughly forcing his head up.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you," he sneered. Rin kept his eyes closed. One was beginning to swell and would soon be black.

"…go fuck off," Rin said hoarsely.

Lucifer slapped Rin across the face and his head spun. If he hadn't been tied up, he'd have gone flying into the wall. A nasty looking welt left its mark on his cheek.

"If you're going to be stubborn about this," Lucifer said coldly. "Let's see how stubborn you are after I make you spill all that precious blood in you."

Rin suddenly felt something graze his freshly smacked cheek. Immediately the skin was sliced and began to bleed. Two more glanced his arm and began to bleed.

"Like them? They're my Wind Blades. After all, I am the Air King." Rin saw a concentration of air swirl around Lucifer's head and disappear as quickly as they formed. Shortly thereafter, something whizzed past him and he was bleeding in new places.

"…huh…these are nothing…but bug bites to me," Rin said. Tough as he might talk, he was losing strength fast. He'd expended a lot of energy trying to get free and getting beaten to a bloody pulp hadn't helped. Now he was bleeding, which only added to his growing anemia.

"Is that so? How bout I make them deeper then?"

Another wind blade sliced right across Rin's neck and across his shoulder. Rin gave a strangled cry of pain. These were deeper, the one on his shoulder the worse of the two. Blood soaked into his t-shirt, staining it bright crimson.

"You are nothing," Lucifer hissed. He was standing over Rin again and brought his foot down on his injured shoulder. Rin howled in agony as Lucifer dug his heel into the torn tender skin. "Nothing but putrid filthy vermin that soils the blood of my father!"

A gunshot went off and a bullet jettisoned past Lucifer's head, so close it cut some of Lucifer's blonde hair off. Lucifer didn't flinch at having been shot at and kept his foot on top of Rin.

"Let Rin go," came the deadly serious voice of Yukio, his blue green eyes narrow and gun poised for the kill.

Lucifer didn't turn to face Yukio and remained motionless. Rin struggled to look up at his brother from the floor. He couldn't see much but at that moment his little brother couldn't have looked any cooler.

"And why would I do that," Lucifer said quietly. "For a little human with a gun?"

Before Yukio could make any sort of move, Lucifer had disappeared from his place over Rin. Yukio's eyes darted around the room, trying to catch sight of the demon. He fired a few times when he did glimpse him but made no strikes. A sudden and strong gust of wind blew up and knocked Yukio back against the wall, his gun clattering to the cement floor. Lucifer reappeared from inside the wind, his clawed hand grasped tightly around Yukio's neck, lifting him up off the floor.

Yukio scratched at the hand, trying to loosen it up. Lucifer's grip only got tighter.

"No! Let him go!" Rin tried to shout but his mouth was full of blood and it came out garbled. "Leave him…alone!"

"Shut your filthy mouth!" Lucifer hissed. His features were becoming warped. He was seriously going off the deep end there. "Or I'll snap his neck right here."

"NOOO!" Rin pulled at his ropes, his wrists rubbed raw and bleeding. "Let him go!"

Lucifer threw Yukio across the room and he landed on some crates. They broken apart on impact, sending up a cloud of long settled dust. Rin kept pulling at the ropes.

"Yukio! Yukio! Answer me! Yukio!"

"I thought I told you-," Lucifer said kicking Rin's injured shoulder and getting shrieks of pain from the teenager. "to SHUT UP!"

"Arrraaagghhh!" Rin's agonized screaming echoed in the room. Lucifer kicked Rin in the head, causing his forehead to start bleeding. The blood ran down into his eyes, obscuring his vision. It didn't help either that it was already fuzzy due to his anemia and blood loss. Lucifer wasn't letting up beating on Rin, determined now it seemed to kill him. Rin couldn't do anything. Without his sword he couldn't use his power. He was helpless…and he was going to die…

From the far corner of the room one of the broken crates flew up and shattered into splinters. Lucifer stopped and looked at the new dust cloud with a bit of surprise. Amist the dirt Rin could see his brother standing, feet apart and head down.

"I said…to let my brother go."

Yukio then did something neither of them were expecting. He charged headlong at Lucifier, hands up like they were deadly daggers. His speed was surprising and Lucifer was taken a bit aback by it. He was barely able to dodge Yukio's attack. Yukio rebounded immediately and made another swing. He was moving so fast…and was that…? Rin's blurry vision could have just been fooling him but he swore he saw something blue flashing around his brother.

It was all Lucifer could do to keep Yukio at bay. The boy had lost his glasses somewhere in the pile of splintered wood, but they weren't needed. His fierce teal colored eyes had sparks of red in them and each time they made contact with Lucifer's blue ones he swore he felt the burning flames of his father.

What the hell is this?! Lucifer thought to himself as he dodged another punch. I'm dancing around like a rabbit, running away from a little human! Damn it, why is he so fast?!

Lucifer didn't dodge quite fast enough and got a scratch on his cheek. Once again the burning sensation caught on his skin and made it tingle with a dull throbbing pain. His long coat flared as he staggered and Rin's sword fell out and skid across the floor. Lucifer put a hand to his scrape. "…you actually managed to cut me."

Yukio was in no state to reply. His eyes were ablaze with fury and flames, set in mode to protect his brother at all costs from those that would seek to harm him. He repositioned his stance, ready to make another strike.

"Y-yukio…stop…please…" Rin's low voice came up in the quiet of the room. He was barely holding onto to consciousness. It was all he could do to sit upright and look at his brother. "That's enough…Yukio…"

The fire in Yukio's eyes flickered and he seemed to regain some sense. He shook his head and looked down at Rin, confused. "…Rin? W-what…?"

Lucifer took Yukio's distraction as an opportunity to strike back. He lunged at Yukio but was stopped in mid-strike. His clawlike nails were mere inches from Yukio's heart. He was frozen in place.

"Well now…that could have been messy," Mephisto said plainly. His umbrella was raised and pointed at Lucifer, who stood stock still in an attacking pose.

Yukio had come out of his stupor and took a few steps back from the frozen demon. "What did you do to him?"

"I merely stopped his time," Mephisto replied. "He'll remain this way until I unseal him. Which won't happen anytime soon. Though I must say, if it weren't for you Yukio I wouldn't have been able to sneak up and cast my magic. Thank you for that."

Mephisto tipped his top hat to Yukio, who just gave him an odd look. His attention was quickly drawn to Rin, who'd finally passed out on the floor. He quickly went to his brother and untied the ropes. They were unsurprisingly worn from Rin's struggling. Seeing how badly beaten and cut up Rin was made Yukio's blood pressure rise in anger. But it was more important at the moment was getting Rin to safety and cleaning him up.

Yukio lifted his brother up with surprising strength. For some reason his adrenaline was really pumping so Rin's weight didn't feel like much.

"Oh, Yukio, don't forget this," Mephisto held up Rin's sword and tossed it at the younger brother. "The boy'd forget his head if it wasn't attached."

"What are you going to do with him?" Yukio asked, nodding his head towards Lucifer.

Mephisto sighed. "I'm sending him and my other brother back to Gehenna of course. But I'm going to have to call for some back up to do it. I don't relish extended contact with more of my brothers."

"There are more of you?!"

Mephisto scoffed. "Of course there are, don't be stupid. But nevermind that, go take care of your brother. Lucifer really did a number on him and it would probably be best to treat those right away."

Yukio nodded and didn't press anymore questions. His head was already swimming with too much information from the last couple hours of mayhem. Cael had disappeared somewhere shortly after entering the building with Yukio but he could care less where the incubus had gone. Rin was his top priority.

As Yukio carried Rin out of the room and soon out of the building, Mephisto glanced at his elder brother. He waved his umbrella and Lucifer unfroze, face planting onto the dirty concrete.

Lucifer spit dirt from his mouth. "I really hate it when you do that."

"Have you cooled that brazen head of yours yet?" Mephisto asked. "I'm not in the mood for bull shit right now."

"Hmph, I was only playing with him."

"Does playing involve an attempt to kill? Lucifer, they are my charges. I won't have you breaking my things."

Lucifer got up and dusted his coat off. "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever. Blame Mammon for this. He's the one who took the boy."

"Oh Mammon's already been punished, don't worry. But I want you both gone from my Academy, brother. I've already called for them to come pick you up."

xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx

For some reason, the abandoned building the two demons had taken Rin wasn't very far from their dorm. Yukio wondered if that meant anything, but it was more likely that they had picked that building simply because it was close by and empty. Yukio had half dragged the unconscious body of his brother up the two flights of stairs and deposited him on their dorm room floor. His doctor's training was kicking in at this point and he started to clean Rin up. But as he was getting the antiseptic ready he noticed that most of the cuts were healed up.

Lucky bastard Yukio thought bitterly. Well I supposed I should still clean up his neck and shoulder.

Yukio peeled off Rin's blood soaked t-shirt with a bit of difficulty, exposing his wounds. There really wasn't even much to do there either; Rin's demonic powers were already hard at work fixing him up. Yukio could actually see the skin repairing itself. He stared, watching in jealously at Rin's body healed itself. What use was he to Rin then if he could just fix himself?

Yukio leaned over his brother and put his head on Rin's chest. He could hear the gentle beat of Rin's heart, proof that he was alive and well. Yukio lay there listening to his proof of life.

Are we really worth it? he wondered. Are we worth being alive, if all we are are toys to the greater powers around us?

Yukio turned his head to the other side so now he was looking at Rin's sleeping face. Why does it always come to this? His eyes began to water and he sat up to rub it away. Tears would be no good here. Yukio reached out and brushed away Rin's blue black bangs. Like this, his brother looked so vulnerable, so innocent. Sleep was probably the only peace Rin was afforded for being what he was.

"Why does it always turn out like this?" Yukio wondered aloud. "I'm the one…who's supposed to protect you…and yet…"

Something brushed the top of Yukio's head. Rin had woken up and he was stroking Yukio's hair. Yukio unconsciously blushed at the intimate contact.

"…you heard me…didn't you?" he asked quietly.

"Yeah, I did."

Yukio turned away, letting his personal disappointment show. "I nearly lost you, Rin. I don't know…what I would have done if that had happened."

"Yukio…" Rin sat up, bruises and cuts vaporized thanks to his accelerated healing ability. "I did nearly die back there. But I held on because I couldn't leave you behind."

Rin pulled his brother into a hug, his thinner arms wrapping around Yukio. He squeezed him a bit and kissed his forehead. "I tolerated the pain because I love you too much to let you go."

"But this is wrong…it's not fair Rin. It's just not fair."

"Heh…yeah it's not. But you know what I think?"

Yukio didn't move from his place in Rin's arms and just breathed in more of his scent. "What do you think, Rin?"

Yukio heard a smile in Rin's voice as he spoke. "I think that this is God's way of saying…that it's ok. It's ok that we were born. It's ok that we love each other like this. Because our punishment is our existence itself."

Yukio couldn't help himself. He giggled a bit at Rin's statement. "Wow. That's pretty deep, especially for you Rin."

Rin's cheeks flushed. "W-Well excuse me for trying to comfort you!"

"Hehehe…no it's fine. You did alright…for a stubborn teenager who's head over heels."

"Hmph…then what does that make you?"

Yukio wiggled out of Rin's arms to look up at him and peck him on the cheek. "It makes me a just as stubborn teenager who's head over heels for the same reasons."

xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx

"Really now…I don't understand why I needed to come all the way up here to retrieve them. Couldn't you have just sent them back the conventional way?"

The speaker was a slender man with long blood red hair and pointed ears. He was dressed almost as flamboyantly as Mephisto standing next to him.

"You know very well that if I summoned a Gate the entire Vatican'd be on my ass like flies to honey. You're better at these sort of things Asmodeus."

Asmodeus sighed heavily. "I'm forever cleaning up Mammon's messes. It does get tiresome after awhile. And he even got Lucifer involved…honestly that boy will not learn."

Mephisto grinned at his brother. "That's why you're so good at this now."

"Hmm…I wonder sometimes…" Asmodeus gave Mephisto a bit of a glare but the other demon pretended not to notice. "By the way, where are my boys? You know I'm not happy they were cohered into this escapade."

"I didn't shanghai anyone, dear brother. Don't worry. Azriel and Cael will be going back with you as well."

"Oi, do you really have to go this far?" asked Lucifer from a short distance away. He and Mammon were standing inside a magic circle. Lucifer was looking mighty irritated.

"As long as you're on my turf, you're going to play by my rules," Mephisto replied. "Besides, this is a good spot to conjure up a Gate."

Lucifer muttered something nasty but didn't make any further comments. Standing a bit of a way from Mephisto and Asmodeus were Rin, Yukio, Cael and Azriel. None of them looked worse for wear. Cael was currently hugging Rin and Yukio and bawling like an idiot while his brother just rolled his eyes.

"I am soooooo sorry for the all the trouble I've caused you two!" Cael sniffed thickly through almost comical streams of tears. "I wish I could make it up to you!"

"Oh good god, you are pathetic," Azriel drawled. "Stop sniveling and let's go home already. I'm sick of his place."

"Cael, it's really ok," Rin said calmly, trying to gently push him off. "You actually helped us out a lot, whether you admit it or not. Thanks to you, we'd never have sorted things out."

"Really? You mean it?" Cael's teary red eyes brightened and he let go, smiling happily. Azriel made a disgusted noise and grabbed Cael's collar.

"Alright already, quit smothering them. Honestly I wonder if you're really a demon at all. It's time to go."

"Buuuttttt I'm not done!" Cael whined. Azriel tugged a little harder and finally Cael gave in. "Ok ok, I'm going. Master Rin, Master Yukio, you'll come see us off then?"

The four of them walked over to the adults. Mephisto gave them a bit of a nod but Asmodeus just stared at Rin and Yukio. It was a rather uncomfortable stare, like he was trying to look into their souls. The two of them tried not to notice.

"Hmmm…so you two are the reason this whole mess started huh?" Asmodeus' voice was smooth but gentle. He sighed and scratched his head. "Well I suppose I can see why. You two are a rather fine pair to behold."

Yukio blushed a little and tried to subtly catch Rin's hand. Asmodeus noticed but just smiled. He knew these things better than anyone else. Some things were better left to let the silence say it all. Asmodeus clapped his hands together.

"Alright then. If we're all ready…Boys are you all set?"

Azriel rolled his eyes. "Yeah whatever Pops…"

Asmodeus shook his head at his son and turned to the larger circle that was drawn in the dirt. He mumbled a few words and it began to glow. The wind picked up and really started to roar. It got so harsh that Rin and Yukio had to cover their eyes. When it died down, all the demons were gone save for Mephisto. The demon shook out his top hat and replaced it on his head.

"I got to hand it to that Asmodeus…he really knows how to make an exit."

"So that's it then?" Yukio asked Mephisto. "Is all this really over?"

"It is indeed, my little Meister. I…hope you won't think any more ill of me for this."

Rin narrowed his eyes at the clowny demon. "I don't know. You put us through some real hell this time around."

"Yeah," Yukio agreed. "We'll have to think of a good punishment for you."

Mephisto chuckled. "Well then, I will await your judgment with earnest anticipation. If you please…"

Mephisto vanished in a puff of pink smoke and the two of them were left to themselves. The twins exchanged a couple glances before starting off back towards the school. As they walked their hands were entwined. Up in a tree, Mephisto watched his young charges walk off to who knows where. He smiled a bit. It hadn't been the outcome he wanted, but he was still pleased none the less.

"Those two made it off pretty good, dontcha think?"

Mephisto looked to his right with a bit of surprise. "Cael? What are you doing here? I thought you-,"

"Went back to Gehenna? Yeah I was going to. But I decided to stick around a while." Cael grinned at his uncle. "It's so much fun here in Assiah."

"You little devil…" Mephisto smirked.

Cael shrugged, flipping his wings and still grinning. "What can I say? I am a demon after all." He looked over the trees to Rin and Yukio walking hand in hand, smiling at each other and laughing. "Those two are really something special, aren't they Uncle?"

Mephisto nodded. "Yes they are, Cael. They are indeed."

xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx xxxXXxxx

Well that's just about it folks. But is this really the end? Not quite yet I think. I hope you enjoyed my first Blue Exorcist fanfic. I've got a couple more for this series planned out. As always reviews are appreciated!