The way she figured it, there couldn't of been any more than seven years between the two of them, not that age mattered to her anyways, but she just didn't want him to play the 'I'm too old for you' card again.

'No way there could be any more years between us. He was 18 when he joined the Marine Corps. About 10 years is what he would of spent in it since he had Kelly only a couple of years after he and Shannon were married, which they tied the knot after he graduated boot camp. He lost Kelly when she had only been eight years old at the time. He joined NIS just soon after and the past anniversary of their death had been the eighteenth. That would make him forty-six. I on the other hand started college at 18, spending nine ears there, and then twelve at NCIS. I am thirty-nine. 46 minus 39 is 7. Seven years difference.'

She even did the basic math by hand to double check her thoughts.

'If he doesn't want to go out with me, fine, but I would at least like to know the reason behind it. The real one since I know he can't play age difference again

'Or maybe he doesn't want to go out with me and was just looking for an easy way out, but something deep inside of me doesn't believe that.'

"Now the hard part is getting him to talk about it," Abby said to herself in the confidence that her lab equipment wouldn't say anything.

"Get who to talk about what?" Tony questioned as he walked into her lab, surprising her.

"Tony! Umm… nothing. Just talking to myself."

Tony could tell he had caught her off guard and decided he would just roll with it.

"Then who are you thinking about and what do you want them to talk about?" Tony asked curiously.

'Oh god, he is definitely poking his nose in where it doesn't belong, but he is my friend and I have never lied to Tony…' she thought to herself.

"Okay Tony. Fine, I will tell you. I was thinking about Gibbs."

"Well okay. What do you want him to talk about?"

She took some time before she answered the question.

"Why he refuses to go on a date with me," there, it was out.

Tony was shocked.

"You mean you and the boss man aren't dating?"


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