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This is based off of the neutral ending where she has hope of being redeemed.

In the Name of the Father


Eleanor Lamb cried. She was sitting at the edge of the lifeboat - ironic that on a lifeboat there would be such death - with her legs over the edge and partly submersed into the ocean. She let loose a cascade of tears, her cheeks soon becoming a waterfall of emotion. Lying next to her in his large armored diving suit was her Father, known to some people as Subject Delta. Also known as Johnny Topside to even fewer people. But to her, he was Daddy. He was Father. And he was dying.

To say she was devastated with what had happened, with what was currently happening, would have been an understatement. It was difficult enough to go through losing him all those years ago, made to kill himself by Eleanor's own mother, right in front of Eleanor herself, who as a little girl had been unable to do anything except watch and cry out in horror. She shivered slightly as the memory replayed itself in her head.

Sofia Lamb. Hard to believe that the crazy woman had been her mother.

The young girl had let the twisted woman drown as the lifeboat raced to the surface away from the terrible city of Rapture, and she had felt a grim satisfaction as she thrashed about and eventually stilled, thrown off the lifeboat lifeless as she fell back down into the deep. The woman that had caused her and her Father so much pain was dead, and yet even in death she was still hurting Eleanor. The very memory of her and what she did pained Eleanor greatly, but she would learn to forget about it. At least she hoped she could.

She noticed that her Father was moving, and she turned to him with eyes wide and watery. Her gaze was filled with sorrow as she looked at him, a pitiful shadow of what he had once been.

He had propped himself up on one elbow, turned on his side so that he could face her, and he let loose one last groan as he reached out and gently touched her shoulder. And then, suddenly, he lurched forward and threw himself overboard into the depths of the ocean.

"FATHER!" she cried out in despair and she reached out with her hands in shock, a sudden urge to jump in to save him filled her, but she suppressed it. It took every ounce of her control not to go after him, to at least go to land with his body and to see him to a grave. A place where she could go and pay her respects when the times came. But he had chosen to return to Rapture. He had chosen his final resting place to be the city that had transformed him and that had now killed him. Twice.

What little control she had was relinquished as she pulled her feet up from the ocean and rolled onto her side into a fetal position. Her body was wracked with uncontrollable sobbing as she now realized how alone she was, and how final her Father's death truly was this time. She stayed like that for quite a while, curled into a ball, broken, until eventually she stopped sobbing and all her tears had been spent.

She felt numb. Completely numb. As if she would never be able to feel again. A great, gaping hole seemed to fill her chest.

Eventually, she realized that it was dark out, and it was getting chilly. A faint light glowed from inside the main cavity of the boat, emanating through the large glass windows. Up above her, the sight of the moon for the first time made her look at it in awe. It looked so beautiful, especially against the backdrop of a multitude of stars, stars which she had never seen in person until that very moment. Some of them she could name, having seen them in her books and pictures growing up. The beauty and wonder of the sky allowed her to relax and she felt oddly at peace.

After having gone through much of the day in an almost comatose state of crying and shaking, she had all but spent her emotions. In the back of her mind she knew it was a temporary peace, but she welcomed it warmly. At that moment, she thought of nothing else but the beauty of the stars and how they twinkled.


Subject Delta had heaved himself with one last mighty effort into the welcoming arms of the ocean. He could sense that he was sinking, slowly, back to where he had just recently come from. Escaped from, even. He watched as the surface receded and pulled farther and farther away. The light coming from up there slowly giving way to the cold darkness that permeated the below. And so his life began to flash before him, or at least parts of his life. He remembered very little before first waking up as a Big Daddy. But he definitely remembered seeing Eleanor for the first time and how cute and vulnerable she looked and how he had this overwhelming urge to protect her from harm.

How her playfulness and innocence had puzzled him at times, though he had gotten used to it. Her grisly task of going around collecting blood and ADAM from dead bodies. All the while keeping her safe from harm. Then that fateful incident on New Year's Eve when she was taken from him and he... died.

Then waking up again many years later to find Rapture in ruins and his daughter still at the hands of the blasted psychotic woman who had him killed. How he wished he had been the one to actually end her. Then his mind flicked to the first Little Sister he had gotten his hands on. How she was similar to Eleanor and yet how he had harvested her without first thinking on the matter. After consuming that first Little Sister for all her ADAM, he had been instantly revolted by his actions.

He realized how terrible a sight and act it was and vowed to never again do such a despicable thing. How he wished he could take that one major error in judgement back and do it right. How he wished Eleanor had not seen that. How he wished Eleanor had not consumed those Little Sisters at the end in order to save themselves. Those acts had changed her, of that she was terribly clear, but because of his actions after that first harvesting and especially up there in his final moments with her he had given her hope that she could one day maybe redeem herself. He had faith that she could.

He lost sight of the surface totally after a while, and as he continued to sink he prayed to whatever gods existed up there, if they did exist, that they watch over his daughter.


His heart wrenched at the thought of her, even as it began to slow in its beating. He did not know how long he drifted down to the depths, or whether or not the darkness that surrounded him was because he was slowly dying or from the darkness of the deeps, but he did not care. This was the end of the line. That much was true. Sure enough, his vision blurred even more and with one last mental struggle he pictured his daughter in his mind as he faded back to the darkness.


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