So I've had a bunch of ideas for Roxas and Sora stuff but I haven't been able to write them into a big story. So I deceided to create this little compilation. It will be a collection of my drabbles, one-shots and whatever I can come up with for Roxas and Sora. It may be filled with happy, fluffy tales but also sad and dark stories. Just whatever my head wants to write. Right now, I'll leave you with a nice little fluffy one.

Note: Each Page is not connected to each other, they are their own pieces. Some might take place within the canon KH universe, some might be AU, some might just be really random and bizarre. I will make a note if I happen to write a story that is connected to an earlier Page then I will let you know. And there might be some OOC-ness but I hope to stay true to the characters as possible unless I have purposely made the characters OOC.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything, all characters are owned by Square Enix and Disney.

~* Across the Universe *~

~ Page 1 - Angel ~

Life had been pretty boring lately for the young islander Sora Leonhart. All of the kids were away on trips with their families because of the summer holidays so he didn't have anyone to play with. Sora's older brother Squall was around but he was at that age where he wouldn't be caught dead with his little brother amongst the 'cool guys', not that Sora knew though. The past couple of days had been pretty bland, not that Sora didn't have anything to do to keep himself occupied. He was a certainly an active child with an imagination that ran out of control at all times and could play any sort of game in that imaginary world that was his brain. The problem was though, he was getting bored doing the same things all of time and being by himself the latter which the five year old hated.

The day in particular seemed like it was going to be the same until he was startled off his bed by the sound of a large truck parking just outside his house. Quickly throwing on a v-cut white t-shirt and some bright green swim shorts he stormed down the stairs shoving his feet into his sandals and out into the back garden to see what all of the fuss was about. He found his mother outside, her to interested in what was going on.

"Mummy what's that?" he cheerfully asked pointing out at the large removal van.

"Oh Sora there you are I was just about to call you. We're getting some new neighbours," Raine spoke while ruffling her son's mop head of hair. Sora grunted and scurried her hand away hating it whenever someone touched his hair. Though he was excited at being told they would have a bunch of new people for him to befriend living next door to him. Locke and Celes Cole had moved out two months ago and to the young Sora it seemed like it was years away.

Another small car had arrived behind the moving van, Raine and Sora could see three people from the figureheads in the seats. They all emptied the car, picking up some belongings they had brought with them in the vehicle and for a short amount of seconds looked up at the house they were about to move into. The man seemed to have a bizarre style of hair that resembled something of a blond porcupine or hedgehog Sora had seen at school, he was wearing a simple combination of black trousers and a black t-shirt. Sora thought the woman looked very pretty with her long brown hair tied back into a ponytail that was held by a big pink ribbon, she woman a long pink dress with lots of flowers adorned to the lower section. Though it was the sight of the young boy with them that caused Sora to hide behind the protection of his mother's legs as he gripped them and looked out with a lone eye.

The boy who was at the side of his mother had blond hair in a style somewhat similar to his father's but more relaxed, his eyes were a deep cerulean blue and his skin was lighter than anyone Sora had seen before due to living on the islands. He wore a pair of dark grey shorts and a black t-shirt with a crown necklace and a pair of stripped red flip flops. Sora couldn't keep his eyes off the boy just gazing at him which alerted the boy who took a quick glance in Sora's direction causing him to try to completely conceal himself behind Raine's legs.

"And what's wrong with you? Don't pretend you're shy," she said confused at her son's actions.

Sora's head poked out and looked up at her. "Mummy? Is that an angel?" he whispered looking out for a split second to make sure he wasn't being watched and pointed to the boy.

"An angel?" she asked a bit dumb folded from the question, noticing the blush that had taken over her son's face she giggled. "Who knows Sora? Maybe he came for you,".

Sora nodded in response, staying behind the protection of his mother's legs as she walked up to greet the new family with him tip toeing behind her.

"Good morning I'm Raine Leonhart. Welcome to the neighbourhood! I stay just next door to you," she smiled offering her hand out to greet the family which was quickly taken by the lady.

"Oh thank you! My name is Aerith Strife! This is my husband Cloud and this handsome young man here is our son Roxas!" she cheerfully responded shaking Raine's hand and pointed out her family. Raine mentally slapped herself for not having the decentre to introduce her own son who was still hiding behind her.

"And this person behind me pretending to be shy is my son Sora," she laughed, lightly pushing Sora out from behind her to make his introductions . He scratched the back of his neck, keeping his head looking down on his feet.

"H-hello…name's Sora…ice to m-meet you," he stuttered, embarrassed of himself.

Aerith giggled with Cloud wrapping his arm around her waist, "He's so adorable! He even looks a bit like our Roxas doesn't he Cloud?". Cloud nodded in return and shook Raine's hand having not done it earlier.

Sora lifted his head slightly to look at the boy in front of him. Scratching the back of his neck again, he gulped down the nerves and the puddle of saliva that was forming in his mouth. "W-would you like to play with m-me?".

Roxas didn't reply he was just staring at the boy causing Sora to hang his head back down again. "Y-you don't have to-".

"I want to," Roxas softly spoke.

Sora's eyes lit up, his face plastered with what the Strife family would soon recognise at his trademark grin. Skipping on his toes he grabbed Roxas' hand and took some steps off before immediately stopping, letting go of the other's hand and rushed into the house. Raine was explaining her husband Laguna was out at his job when Sora returned about two moments later . He handed out a star shaped piece of fruit to the young blond who looked at it awkwardly having never seen anything like it before.

"Oh you're very lucky Roxas," Raine spoke, "That's a Paopu fruit, they say in legends that if two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives no matter what. Sora must like you a lot,".

"…inwerwened?" Roxas replied tongue twisting the word he had never heard before.

"It means you'll be friends forever," Aerith said, patting her son on the head.

Roxas flustered looking at the nervous Sora still holding out the fruit to him which he accepted with a small smile on his face. "Thank you," he said with his smile growing bigger seeing Sora's happy reaction to the gift. Roxas twitched his body, looking around for something until he pulled the necklace off and gave it to Sora. "This is for you,".

Sora blinked looking at the necklace, it was a small silver chain necklace with a crown that the chain had attached itself upon. He glanced up at Roxas for approval receiving a nod back from the blonde so Sora took it and placed it around his neck. "Thank you Roxas!" he gleefully cheered, glomping Roxas into a hug which the blonde returned. Both of the boys laughed as Sora took Roxas' hand and guided him to the beach with their parents over looking them.

"Well I think we'll be getting to know each other quickly," Raine said, a bit starstruck from how her son had made a new friendship so quickly. Not that she was shocked Sora was always a very friendly boy but he seemed to desperately want to make friends with the 'angel' that had moved next door to them.

"It appears so, he seems like a good kid," Cloud said watching them run after each other in the sand.

"And he was so worried about making some friends to," Aerith said placing a soft reassuring kiss on Cloud's cheek. Her son was very shy and not happy at moving so far away from their home so she was glad for him to meet someone as soon as they had arrived. "So Raine, you'll have to tell me all the stories your family have had together. Will you come in for some tea? You've got to see my flowers!".

Raine smiled accepting Aerith's offer while watching her son lose a water fight with Roxas in the blue ocean as the sun shined down on both of them.

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