A small one shot of Knuckle hatching, I don't know id Lara-le and Locke ( knux's parents) are OOC? I tried to keep them with in charcter but that all up to you

By the way Echidnas are mammals that lay eggs, in case you didn't know.

It has been a week since Lara-le laid her egg, she and her husband Locke kept their unhatched child on a heating pad and a heated blanket.

Lara who sat in a rocking chair and felt better after laying her egg. Before she was pretty moody and poor Locke had to hide when she was in her moods.

The mother to be rocked in her chair and was knitting up a pair of green socks, the father to be gave his wife an odd look, Lara looked up at her husband

" what?" she snapped.

" Green?" he pointed at the sock color, Lara-le looked at the sock then back at her husband

" what?" she said " i think its a nice color for our child"

" you mean son" Locke corrected her. Lara slammed her kitting needles on the table next to her, Locke knew this was going to happen, the two have been arguing about names and the gender of their unhatched child, some times he would win and then there were days Lara would win.

" what make you think it's a boy?" she asked

" I just know these things" Locke said " our son will be smart, strong and a great guardian" Lara got up from the rocking chair, walking over to her husband she started to twiddle his white beard with her fingers

" or our daughter" she poked him on the nose

" son" Locked started to argue

" daughter" Lara-le snapped back

" Son" Locke kept saying

" Daughter" Lara was now irritated

" SON!" Locke growled

"DAUGHTER!" Lara screamed, suddenly a sound was coming from the egg, bother parents dropped the argument and went over to the egg, today might be the day their child hatches. Lara pulled back the heated blanket and the egg was moving. a bump appeared on the egg and soon the crown of it cracked, bother parents forgetting their constant fighting over the past week were know holding hands and looking at each other with love as the prepare the new part of there lives.

The top of the egg cracked into a ring and soon a little nose and eyes were seen, as soon as the parents breathed the face dove back into it egg. Lara-le couldn't help it she was about to lean over and help her child but Locked blocked her with his arm

" no" he said " let it try on its own". Lara pouted but didn't want to fight again, soon the egg rocked and it turned around clock wised the top part of the egg fell off and landed on the floor, at the other end a foot kicked right out, the the other foot kicked soon a head poked out from the egg looking at the parents upside down. the baby wanted to free it's hands and with that the rest of the egg broke in half, their laying on a broken egg shell was a little baby boy.

" aw come here sweetie" Lara-le cooed and picked up her newly hatched son, Locke didn't move for he was speechless, he constant arguing over the child gender and he won the battle.

" Locke" Lara called, Locke looked down at his newly hatched son who was looking up at him" what shall we name our son?". Locket lean over to his son getting a better look, he noticed that the baby has spiked on it's knuckles, never in his life has he seen this, could it be f a side effect fro the master emerald?. Suddenly the baby boy took his right hand and punched his father on the nose. Locked reacting drew back and tripped over the electric cord for the heating pad and fell on his back.

" his name will be Knuckles" Locke said sheepishly.


Cute wasn't it?